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  1. CPU and GPU overheating and causing shutdowns

    Not sure if you implemented an intentional change to fix this or not, but since the last patch, temperature has been far more stable. It is now holding steady in the 80s. A bit higher than my norm, but no longer triggering thermal shutdown. Just wanted to give a heads up. Edit: Additionally, the main menu is down to high 60s- low 70s which is the lowest it has been since I bought the game and spectating is now no worse than playing normally.
  2. PBUG making my pc restart random time

    If it's restarting with no warning, that really makes me think it's a heat problem, or worst case scenario, some sort of hardware problem. I use a little program called Open Hardware Monitor to watch my CPU and GPU temperatures. If you have dual monitors, might be worth giving it a try and using it to keep an eye on your CPU/GPU temps. Even if this doesn't turn out to be related to heat, that will at least let you rule out heat related issues as a problem.
  3. CPU and GPU overheating and causing shutdowns

    Thank you kindly. This is easily one of the most enjoyable games I've found for playing with friends in awhile! Would love to be able to play more than match or two without having to give my PC a breather before coming back
  4. Bug Description: Game is taxing processor and, to a lesser extent, the GPU resulting in a temperature related shutdown to prevent damage to hardware components. Even on lowest settings, the only improvement that is seen is a slightly extended amount of play time before thermal shutdown is triggered. In my individual case, CPU is triggering thermal shutdown, but based on rates of temperature increase, GPU would also do so, but is cooling itself slightly better than my CPU manages. Date Seen: 4-9-17 through 4-20-17 Server: NA - Production Server Troubleshooting Attempted: All settings except for draw distance were reduced to lowest settings, computer was opened up and compressed air was used to remove all dust, verified that all fans were spinning properly, installed a temperature monitor and monitored while using other programs to attempt to rule out possible hardware failure, computer was reseated to attempt to improve airflow, box fan was used to attempt to draw off excess heat, MSI Afterburner and Speedfan were installed and configured to set fans to maximum RPM prior to loading the game. None of them suceeded in preventing overheating to the point of thermal shutdown. This is the only application I have run into in the years since building this machine that has taxed my hardware to thermal shutdown. Other Information: The worst temperature spikes appear to occur in the initial lobby area prior to the game starting(seriously, get rid of it. It serves no point and needlessly stresses machines) and after dying while in spectator mode. Launch Options: No launch options are being used System Specifications: See attachments, I can provide further information if requested.