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  1. Basically, I'm looking for a duo partner that is decent aim-wise and tactically sound and generally, can teamplay well. I need a fellow tryhard basically. I'm down for squads as well, provided it's gonna be organized and such. Essentially I'm not interested in casual stuff at this very moment. Any country works, as long as we can properly communicate in English pretty much.
  2. I think I've added everyone I could find.
  3. Can't find you.
  4. Added and added.
  5. Greetings.

    I'm just another dude, with delusions of being extremely skilled, avoiding any slash all mistakes I make, praise myself for any mediocre play I make, and always blame any death on my bad graphics card, i.e. an old sturdy GTX 650 Ti. That 'bout sums it up. I'm 21 though, surely I'll mature any moment now? Oh well. P.S. If anyone is from Serbia, Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, y'know, our little neck of the woods, hit me up. P.S.S. Was top 100, couldn't play the game due to some obligations, now I'm 29,349. I just thought you should know, I was top 100. It won't help you in life knowing this piece of information, but nevertheless, you should know it. And praise me for it. P.S.S.S. (<--- If that's even a thing) You can hit me up even if you're not from one of the glorious countries listed above. Hit me up with some of that sweet western paypal money I mean, ha-ha-ha. Friendship too is welcome, I guess. Also food. Also, if I didn't mention it by now, I'm really good at the game.
  6. Just to be clear though, we're obviously gonna make friends and be chill, but focused and tryhard nevertheless. I'm just a competitive dude and enjoy playing the game in a competitive matter rather then a casual one!
  7. Greetings.

    That sparks a question.. What kind of ping do people from NA get on EU and vice versa? I remember playing Planetside 2 on NA servers and it was super playable, like barely any lag at all, albeit on the East Coast only.