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  1. For times when you're running to the edge of the safe zone, think you've found cover going by the map and the little indicator above it but you actually end up losing a big chunk of health and you need to leave your cover because its actually in the blue. A faint green line on the ground showing where the blue will stop would help so much in knowing what will be safe and what isn't. Realistic? No, but neither is a floating wall of electricity.
  2. If your zeroing is set to 100m, wouldn't that be expected?
  3. General Vehicle Issues, Bugs and Unpredictable Physics

    Ran over a guy with the motorbike + sidecar and did not get credited the kill. Kill feed said he died from falling.
  4. I like that. Squads would have to be put on the same plane though.
  5. Overhauling the Game-play

    That's not just an overhaul, that's a completely different game. Some kind of zero-RNG mode, similar to what you described, for customs might be popular but for the main game - no.
  6. Alone in the last circle (Duo FPP)

    Perhaps they managed to get under the ground? If you manage to do that you're forced to be in water so they would not have been able to heal, I believe.
  7. I really dislike the aiming system in this. I'm very much a fan of hip-fire/ADS with nothing inbetween.
  8. Full auto bug

    The first time I've had it, patch notes said it was fixed in monthly update 4 so made new thread. Date Seen: 04/08/2017 Server: Live Server Error Message: None Other Information: Was firing a Micro-Uzi which I had just reloaded (had an extended mag, stock and I think flash hider as attachments). Mowed down three guys, but when I reloaded to shoot the final fourth guy the gun fired only 1 bullet and stopped. By the time I realised and released the LMB to depress it again the guy killed me. It was definitely on full-auto. I stared at the words "FULL AUTO" for a good while when on the death screen. The gun had 33 bullets left in the mag; the single one fired before the bug and one I managed to get out before my death. Troubleshooting Attempted: I was not able to see if releasing and depressing the button would fix it as I was dead by then. Launch Options: None System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Graphics Card: AMD R9 290X CPU: i5 4690K @3.5GHz Ram: 32GB
  9. Melee Weapons & combat dIscussion

    It is a shame that there are so many melee weapons spawning and, except the pan, they don't have a place in the game after the first 2 minutes. Kind of like pistols, actually. I've wondered if they could add utility items which would take the melee weapon slot in the inventory. Like a rope that has a use time and allows you to get down from roofs quickly and safely.
  10. I hate campers as much as you do but a health boost? Come on. Fact is, camping is a safe and effective way to get further in games. That will likely change when first person comes in as people won't be able to hide their characters and gather information with the camera at the same time. Wait for first person (should be soon) and the campers' biggest advantage will be gone. For now, always keep a shotgun, bait them, hold all the frag grenades you can carry.
  11. Since that change where circles are now less likely to spawn in the center of the previous, I feel the latter ones are really too harsh if you get bad luck. If you have to run to the other end, and the circle edge closes fastest behind you, chances are you will have to take some blue damage. They damage you so much that you barely have enough time to heal before you have to run again. If you get that twice in a row, you'll die. It wouldn't be that much of a deal if the circle closed at a fair speed no matter the distance, but it doesn't. It would be fairer if when the distance to safety goes against you, the closing speed did not also. tl;dr late circle rng too harsh
  12. There's already plenty of RNG in this, so how about having a little bit more? Have a chance of random (but obviously eligible) attachments spawning pre-equipped to weapons. I can see this having one main effect: - Slightly lowering the average amount of time spent looting in the early game, allowing more time per match for fighting. Although I don't think this would be by much as people will then make a point to look at every weapon they pass to see if they can take its attachment(s). E.g. have a Kar without a scope? Check the UMP you passed to see if it spawned with a 4x. Although there is one big problem, and that is the current inventory screen does not show if weapons on the ground have attachments. Perhaps have an icon on the side of the weapon's inventory screen 'tile' for any attachments it might have? My other suggestion is for a laser rangefinder attachment. Something like this: I'm not sure what slot it would occupy, but it would make zeroing much more useful, especially for shooting at long range. (Perhaps if there's a fog/mist map in the future, the laser would be visible and would give your location away (also if the target were to look in the direction they'd see it 'flash'))
  13. Date Seen: 23/07/2017 Server: Live Error Message: No error message Other Information: First time its happened. I had just killed and looted a guy and went to the wall of the apartments to heal and it just happened. Taking a couple steps away from the building and it went away. Has not returned since in several hours of play. Troubleshooting Attempted: None Launch Options: -malloc=system -USEAVAILABLECORES System Specifications: Operating System: Windows 10 64-bit Graphics Card: AMD R9 290X CPU: Intel i5 4690K@3.5GHz Ram: 32GB Edit: not sure if right place for this, might be UI bug? Initial thought was a graphics bug
  14. Team Killing Penalties

    A system that works pretty well in another game I used to play (World of Tanks), is when a team killer does enough team damage above a certain threshold, their name turns a different colour (in WoT they turn blue), it gets logged by the server and then others can kill them without worry of being banned.
  15. The slowed the last 2 circles, if I remember correctly. I'm ok with those, but there is one (3rd one in?) which I think is far too fast and too damaging.