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  1. This game is great but the main issue is the audio. Way too loud at times, especially gun fire and for the plane and vehicles, i'm literally unable to hear my own voice when those are being played. And yes you could say turn down the volume, but then i'm incapable of hearing footsteps and gunfire in the background.
  2. Clean up and smoothen out textures

    I love this game but the what puts me off about it most times are the textures. Looking at them can be painful to the eyes and would love it if they got cleaned up and altered for a more pleasent experience.
  3. Network Lag Detected Issue

    Me and my friend had the network lag detected issue around the same time as each other, we both completely froze multiple times.
  4. Night / Weather

    It would be awesome if you added night mode and made it random like you do with rain etc. I think in night mode the moons light should give you a good view of your surroundings but not amazing like it would be for day time. For equipment I think everything should be the same but every scope you get for your gun it should be equipped with night vision, for permanent night vision there should be night vision goggles which are rare and need to be looted out of a crate. For these crates I feel when falling it should have a very bright flare attached to it that is lit until the crate has been looted or is outside the play zone making it so the person who's looting the crate is exposed. There should be a new weapon added with this which is obviously a flare, just to make it easier for you to spot people in battles (replaces pistol slot) I feel it should be common but not as common as a pistol so not everyonea has one.
  5. When looking at your statistics I find it hard to read anything due to the text being slightly hidden away because of the textures and colour in the background. I would like for you to add a black border surrounding the menu making it easier for you to read the text.
  6. From my experience of using equipment like stuns and grenades, I've noticed when using something like a grenade your character keeps his hands empty carrying no weapon or anything. I'd like there to be an update where they change this so when you use a stun or a grenade it should automatically swap to your primary weapon.