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  1. TheBeardAndTheBlonde DUO Stream

    Watch TheBeard (Husband) and TheBlonde (Wife) play some duos with a doublel facecam stream! https://www.twitch.tv/thebeardandtheblonde
  2. Hey, kent1 is streaming squads on twitch! He will be doing a PUBG Key giveaway at 850 followers, he's done like 7 keys already, so show him some support! https://www.twitch.tv/realkent1
  3. Live On Twitch Forum?

    How do I get access to access that forum? I wanna advertise my friends PUBG twitch he does daily pubg streams and plans on giving away some keys, he's already given away 6 keys I think.
  4. Your first win

    dont have a screneie but i was so happy, i had 1 kill and my squad carried me
  5. ive been having this problem so ofteen its so annoying
  6. Night / Weather

    i think they are working on a snow one right now
  7. 5 Tips to Win More Games

    wow these actually helped me a lot thanks
  8. The next big patch, what do you want?

    motorbike less death rate tbh, i die too many times lol
  9. What is your definition of camping?

    sittinng in one spot all game with a shotgun to watch the stairs
  10. Arrow In Head = No Vision?

    Hey guys, I'm just a fellow player playing PUBG and on Thursday I was playing a squad game on the update (amazing update btw.) I got shot in the head with a crossbow but my teammate revived me. I tried to scope in with my 4X SCOPE on the SKS but the whole thing was basically blocked, and then I realized it was because of the arrow in my head. The arrow was in my head the whole game and I couldn't use the 4X scope, but 8x was fine. Not sure if this is a glitch, but just letting people know! Thanks for reading