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  1. Erangel Lights

    the light bulbs have been in the game for months.
  2. Any plans on ever removing red zone?

    i hope in the future there will be some kind of paid servers where tournament settings would be enforced (no red zone, no clothes). i would gladly pay to play matches with less RNG and less annoyance from the red zone.
  3. Idea. Winners Crate?

    i like the idea. to avoid cheaters going for these items, just make them not tradable on the market.
  4. until you can hire a 12 year old that will play a few hours and accurately reproduce the landing bugs that cause damage to the player.
  5. just pointing out the mentality your were showing in the OP. if you can't defeat them, join them. that's what you were talking about.
  6. so, you created a thread to say you will start cheating? go ahead kid.
  7. i bought the game when they announced it was going to have first person only mode. i think they need to open the servers and let people decide what they will play. i'm also sure there are loads of people playing duos on NA because they simply have no choice.
  8. Say What?

    that guy was shot in the chest with a shotgun, wearing no armor, from a distance of 1 meter. you can't say that's acceptable mechanics.
  9. Say What?

    well, it's pretty sad to see people defending that this was a shot in the arm. you clearly have no idea what a shooting game should be.
  10. suppose you're searching for a specific player and you press PAGE UP a few times. if you miss the player and have to go back, PAGE DOWN does not change it in the correct order. i'm not sure if it's skipping one player or going in the wrong direction in the list, but it is not working.
  11. ok, but after you press F, the camera becomes disconnected from the character (free camera). you are then able to use WASD and QE to move it freely around the map. if i just move the mouse, nothing happens. if i hold right mouse button and drag, i can adjust it a bit (sensitivity is way too low, btw). but as soon as i release the mouse button and try to click and hold again, the camera reverts back to a random player view. then i have to start again by pressing F for free camera mode.
  12. ok, but did you read my question? how do i rotate the camera?
  13. btw, someone told me to close the timeline (J) before trying to use the free camera, but still i get snapped to a random player view.