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  1. no 8x on m16

    and no backpack. you have to choose what to leave behind. lol
  2. exactly. take the last change on the test servers to the starting plane... it is way quieter than it was before... after all, why would you make communication between people even worse at parachuting time? and people thought it was good for months until this simple change. of course, this is early access, but a sound engineer, at some point, will have to figure out how to balance features so that they are not disturbing to players and still fulfill their purpose.
  3. no, i really like rain matches, but i just can't handle that constant annoyance. don't you get a sense of relief once the rain stops at the end of the match? to me, it's like i'm getting out of a torture session or something.
  4. yeah, that can also be worked on... maybe provide controls to lower or increase each squad teammate volume. these things just need some small tweaks, it's not like they should make rain quiet... just a little less annoying, as it's a constant thing going on in your ears.
  5. but even so... it's not really the volume that causes me to feel dizzy and sometimes even pain. it's the constant sound. i tried lowering the volume to a point where i thought it was acceptable, but then i can barely hear other sounds.
  6. would you consider lowering the volume? the way it is now, i have no other choice than to dodge every single one.
  7. 8x can't used on M16

    does not make any sense to remove it from just one AR. even less sense because the M16 is the best AR to snipe.
  8. i hope you're wrong, because having useless pickable items on the ground is just nonsense.
  9. I love the sounds

    yeah, sounds are awesome. thanks for lowering the volume of the starting plane and redoing the cars to better sounds and acceptable levels, bluehole. the red zone, as much as i hate it and think it should not be in the game, sounds great! the best part is that it's not just distortion on my ears anymore. what are the sounds that come before the bombing? it sounds like alien spaceships releasing the bombs??
  10. Bring back crouch jumping

    i don't have a problem with crouch jump staying in the game. but it needs a keybind to level the playing field with the cheaters using macros. in the end, it doesn't make any sense to allow crouch jumping after vaulting comes.
  11. i'm not sure if this is the same issue i was having. try lowering the AA to low or off. that fixes it for now.
  12. but you can install it on a s12k. makes sense, devs.
  13. looks like good progress was made. but it's desync land for me. not fun.
  14. 4x and 8x scopes

    People don't like change. But you will adapt.
  15. That's the first step towards killing third person.. Yay!!