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  1. mart1n1

    Lagging out!!!!

    that does not make any difference.
  2. i understand these will only be fixed at launch.
  3. mart1n1

    invisible walls

    bullets won't go into the building... https://clips.twitch.tv/SmallTiredCoyoteGrammarKing
  4. mart1n1

    invisible walls

    bullets won't go into the building... https://clips.twitch.tv/SmallTiredCoyoteGrammarKing
  5. mart1n1

    INvisible Doors

    this is happening a lot. these large warehouses is where i notice it the most. https://clips.twitch.tv/SmallTiredCoyoteGrammarKing edit: maybe not the issue you reported.
  6. mart1n1

    Sound Issues: stuttering, lobbies, loss of, etc.

    just had this happen to me.
  7. mart1n1

    Discussion: September Update

    Doesn't make much difference, people will still abuse it by using autohotkey macros or something like that.
  8. mart1n1

    Discussion: September Update

    yeah, there's usually no wind when weather is foggy.
  9. mart1n1

    Discussion: September Update

    dear devs, what will you do when the new maps get released? because what you describe here as the reason for not giving us FPP now will be the same for not giving us more maps... you will have to split the player base. sorry, but what you are saying is just nonsense if you plan to let all regions play all maps.
  10. No problem. It's the best decision, no doubt about it! Is there an ETA for FPP servers in all regions? Playing in NA servers is a bit tough for us outside the US. Thanks for being clear about your road map!
  11. so, we're getting taller in 1pp... that's good!
  12. mart1n1

    ver melhor oponentes

    eu recomendo otimizar sua configuração pra obter melhor performance, ao invés de qualidade. nas opções gráficas do jogo, use tudo no mínimo... procure no google sobre como otimizar as configurações da sua placa de video também... isso faz diferença. eu uso apenas o anti-aliasing no ultra, pois o serrilhado me incomoda muito. FPS baixo certamente reduz a sua capacidade de perceber com clareza o que está acontecendo ao redor. no mais, pratique bastante em áreas abertas e não fique trancado em banheiros esperando o tempo passar.
  13. mart1n1

    Hit registration issues

    i always take blood from targets with the m4, m16, ak, scar, kar98k. with the m24 and awm, it's 90% chance of nothing happening. try those weapons in the lobby for a few times. you'll see what i'm talking about. the shots just go through the target.
  14. mart1n1

    Hit registration issues

    i'm almost sure that is a bug in some sniper rifles. i see that the M24 and the AWM simply do not draw blood of the target most of the time.