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  1. Failed reward crate

    PS: Why are you being extra? Wanna add fire to the flames? Contradicting your own words, when people are merely stating facts.
  2. This has not been really helpful to me and there is no one out there to come and help the people who are victims of this kinds of bugs and problems, i have not even played a game after this bug as i refuse to make myself work double the effort for what i have already done. I hope that this bug/problem can be fixed as soon as possible if not i have just wasted my money on a game that does not even care about customer feedbacks and services.
  3. Failed reward crate

    Now i have to play more games just to get back my 700BP reward crate? This is not making any sense, i spent 700 on a crate and i'm left with 274 BP & now i have to earn back the god damn 1st pioneer crate again? Why isn't it replaced or compensated to me?
  4. Failed reward crate

    My issue here is that I had already bought my first crate, which cost 700 BP, from the reward shop. When i opened the crate, the server stated "Failed to open reward crate", so now I have ZERO crates in my inventory AND my BP of 700 is GONE ENTIRELY. I WANT MY BP OR MY CRATE TO BE REPLACED, I AM NOT GOING TO WASTE MY TIME TRYING TO GET 1400 BP FOR MY 2nd CRATE IF I CANT EVEN GET MY 1st CRATE.