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  1. natznatz2

    Dear Bluehole

    yeah, some more range would be cool. Doesn´t have to be the op real life range but a bit more would definitely make them more viable
  2. oh boi I would love to see something like the ropes in R6 to enter buildings
  3. natznatz2

    Put Level 3 helmet back in

    I feel like they reduced the loot in general, hot drops are not really high loot - high risk spots anymore
  4. natznatz2

    Why I DON'T want region lock

    let´s just wait and see how it affects desync. It might be worth it
  5. natznatz2


    pubg actually cost me about - 30 dollars because of all the stuff I sold on the steam market
  6. it´s insane that you need 100 teamkill reports to actually get banned, even if you send pubg a video that perfectly shows that someone teamkilled you without any self-defence reasons and without it beeing an accident. Like, how should this make a difference? People will not stop teamkilling when you don´t show them the consequences. I would be more for a system that when you report them with video evidence, they instantly get banned for 3 days. When they do it again a week. And if the video shows that there where more guys trying to kill you, like in the case below, they should definitely get banned too even though they didn´t do the final hit I just don´t understand it. Like in this case: I sent the video to the pubg customer support and reported them in game but nothing has happened.
  7. natznatz2

    Hardcore Mode

    higher damage and no ui (compass would be like in arma)
  8. natznatz2

    Flare Gun FPP doesn't work.

    when have you tried playing? Works just fine for me
  9. wtf? they are doing all of that and additional things that we´ve asked for
  10. idk looting part of the game. There have to be bad and good items so you are motivated to search for better stuff. In deathmatch games where you can choose the equip you want everything has to be perfectly balanced but in a br game there should be some items that are objectively better but to some extend I like the idea
  11. natznatz2

    Footsteps Audio, Rolloff

    or in war mode when people land behind you without making any noise
  12. first of all it would be nice if all skins where ordered by type (head, eyes, torso) with paragraphs in between and among those paragraphs the skins should be ordered by rarity. Now it´s just a mess with random skins at the top, some at the bottom and in between an attempt to sort some of them by type but it´s all blurring together. The bigger problem is though, that when you try to equip a skin, most of the times it doesn´t work on the first try, so you click it again. Then it suddenly equips to instantly unequip again. Then you try it again, it works, you equip an other skin, it works but the old one disapears... it´s a mess
  13. yeah it´s the same on both sides but it´s advantageous for the players outside the zone since their entire focus is on the other side of the blue and they can coose the angle and time they move in and most probably engage. Also it´s a lot less risky running in the circle now because no one can see you which should not be the case. If you don´t make it in time you should be at a major disadvantage and not only -1 HP/sec. You should really look out to stay inside the safe zone, that´s the basis concept of the game. This update does the exact opposite. It encourages players to stay outside the zone to circle around or cross fields safely. This has nothing to do with video settings, it´s terrible to see through with all settings
  14. natznatz2

    So.... TPP

    dude you don´t have to start another argument about that from out of nowhere
  15. - scuba gear and under water guns would be cool if they added a big tropical map with lots of small islands but for now I don´t think it really has a place - explosive barrels and tear gas, hell yeah nice idea - c4 and flares will probably come at some time this year. C4 was datamined and there will be an event mode soon that should test if it´s a good idea to bring flares in the main game