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  1. Im not raging brother. Is just my perspective
  2. I agree that all the problems you listed are a part of the game right now and if i was going to bet i'd say these problems will not be fixed with the next patch (1.0). Thats my thought anyway. Edit: They've never promissed to fix any of these things tho, so we really can't expect it to be all fixed within launch. But that would be the optimal thing to do.
  3. Vehicle Driving Feedback

    Oh and the way motobikes land after high jumps is terrible, sometimes it kicks on the ground like a ball and then goes out of control
  4. Vehicle Driving Feedback

    Update regarding MANEUVERABILITY / PHYSICS / SOUND : - Buggy: please do adjustments on the sound level as soon as possible for the driver/passenger. The handling feels awesome, speed on hills flawless, acceleration is on point as well. Just try for yourselfes driving a buggy in a a red field on 1pp and test it to see how disturbing it is for your hearing. (and this goes for the UAZ aswell.) - Dacia: best vehicle in the game, i think it needs a little bit of a ''nerf'' in its maneuverability at high speeds. Sound its ok in this one, though i think it could use a bit of adjustment on the acceleration to lower levels. - UAZ: awesome vehicles for high hills situations, love it. I just hate when im going at 90km/h and the front of the vehicle hits a tiny weird part of the terrain that is elevated in a weird angle aswell and the vehicle suddently stops with me taking loads of damage, this is more a terrain issue and this vehicle seems so suffer more than other's because of its desing. In resume... i think it could use a little more work on its suspension, maybe elevating this vehicle's ''body'' would be more accurrate, and make it so it can cross small river's corridors as well. - BOAT: physic is good. Sound is loud. Could use more variation in therms of design. Still waiting for that sweet jet ski. Thanks for giving us this oportunity for feedback.
  5. Todays issues

    I agree with all of your points, but i'd like to add that when cheater's become a public thing that's being talked all over the places well, a redlight should pop up on their offices and they need people in charge of things to deal with this faster then how it is now. I have almost 700 hours in the game and yet i have only encountered 3 cheaters in this whole time, but i see these numbers increasing lately and that worries me as a player that this game may die as others did. Everytime i've reported these cheaters i've never got an answer from bluehole, it seems like there's no one in charge of this... lol.
  6. Todays issues

    So lets compare it to real life, when an atleet takes steroids, who's job is to prevent it? The organizers who have a team ready to deal with those issues OR other participants? Now, that's a nice example of cheating. Robing, stealing, killing... you can't compare that to a guy playing a videogame. Next time you wanna form an opinion about something, think before typing it. I don't think the report function helps in cases of cheating, eventually they will all be banned when the anti cheats updates. Report in game only helps if a good amount of people report the same person, they sure as hell don't look/read every single reports simply because its not possible. If you report someone for cheating it only makes the ban quicker IF A LOT of people did the same as you. So, yea report function is there, scares a little amount of the pus** ass illegal tool users. But, for the most part it doesn't do anything that an up to date anti cheat canno't do! Wich is what we all need right now instead of having to come into forums to post our frustration with an slow paced development wich made a ton of money.
  7. Todays issues

    Oh yeah, let's compare real life with video games. Grow up
  8. Todays issues

    Today i was ran over by a freak on NA using some tool to make his car roll around in the speed of light without making any sounds either. It was fun today. ps. Never even reported him. This is not my job or any player's job. Bluehole should be the ones taking care of security issues, not their clients. I would call battleye and tell their service sucks blueballs right now, it's a shame im not involved in this money boat.
  9. im therms of game development, yes... thats a pretty huge ass, i mean... yes

    That was not the point, whatever

    Pisses me off to see tournaments being executed while the game is in ALPHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. Where are those crying babies that everytime you say something isn't right they scream ALPHAAAA. Where are they now to go against these practices that do not make sense??
  12. Seem's like the memory is being over used after the 3rd or 4rth game. I'm curious to know if this is in fact a part of whats intended by the ''game'' or if the problem lies on me exclusively even tho i know of many people having the same issue. Is it an obligation to have more then 8gb's of ram and 6 of video in order to avoid this?

    To reproduce it, stand close to an object/tree/wall, right click in third person (aim) and move your mose looking at the background plain. Do not state false things if your're not sure of what's being discussed. People talk about post processing thinking that is the same thing as bloom, or blur. I see so many topics discussing this "PP" thing and people mixing all of their potatoes.