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  1. ...the need of more helmets 3? I'm sure some of you guys share the same opinion on this subject wich makes reference to the fact that in the last 10 minutes of every match you can hear the sound of ''Kar's'', and other weapons that one shot to the head when using a lvl 2 helm/or less. Either you mr. Punknown lower the drop rate of this gun's per match or increase the ammount of lvl 3 helmets for us. I Believe a game more engaged in automatic rifles and dmr's gives more the feeling of a fair fight then how it stands right now. On another note i think the most optimal resolution to this would be just lowering the ammount of spawns for the kar really, the other ones that one shot a lvl 2 are on drops, wich is pretty nice as it stands. Specially when you think that a helmet lvl 3 brakes trough out the game and guns don't, you see why there's so many kar's in comparisons to people with a lvl 3 helmet.
  2. Black squares on scopes With picture

    My godness this glitch is annoying as f**********k
  3. Even on very low the effect gets triggered.
  4. Background Blur - Can it be Optional?

    Thanks for that ill be using it in the future. But to give another feedback on the topic... my problem is actually the ''BLOOM'' effect, wich was added in the last updade (i just didn't remembered the correct name at the time i wrote this). We need the option to disable it, since its a very early version i guess is ok to endure it for now. But on the other hand, the option for us to disable it would have been nice to have by now.
  5. i fucking hate bloom... give us the option to disable it before releasing it into the wild
  6. Background Blur - Can it be Optional?

    Reshade has no influence over this, neither am i using it. To reproduce this, go close to a geometry object, three, wall, etc... right click to aim in third person with your aim focusing on the nearest object in front of your character.
  7. There goes the screenshot of what im refering to. Please make it as an option as this seems to be more of a cinematic/imersive option, if you wanna make your game a bit of both competitive and immersive i think you should give us the option to choose how to play it mr. Playerunknown. Thanks in advance and congratulations on the game.
  8. Result of first Invitational

    I agree 100% with everything you said. That dude that won deserved it, and i think that was good for the game in general and especially for the developers to see how bad the game is right now for solo esports events. I mean, where is the skill in hiding in the blue 90% of the time in every single match. It almost turns the game in a medkit looter simulator because thats all 'EVERMORE' needed to win the prize really. Imho the second circle and the others that follow just need to be more punishing, thats all really... The circle needs to have a bigger purpose, right now its just incentivating this style that we've all think is not fiting for a game that wants to be competitive. I don't want anyone to think that im here to hate the game or anything, i in fact love this game and i think it has all the potential to become what it wants to, i just want to reinforce the idea that what we all saw today in the solo invetational was not fun to watch, neither seemed fair to the other participants. I feel bad for guys like Break who won a match killing 11 guys, or even N1nja who got killed by EVERMORE who was coming from the blue.
  9. Result of first Invitational

    I can't creat this on ''General Discussion'' so i'll post it here. I just came here to post how frustrating it was to watch a guy who stood in the gas ALL THREE of the matches and won in first place!! Please make it so the 2° gas becomes 10x more lethal! I hope you guys take this as an "experiment" for future competitive events and improve the "META" so it doensn't seem like the guy who won didn't deserve it.
  10. Everyone starts in the same place currently, there is no disavantages for newcomers, everyone has been one someday. Just play some matches ffs, this is early alpha. Why should they bother investing time NOW in such a useless feature? Whats unbearable for me is people who wants stuff being pushed in the game before the game is fully optimized. My opinion,
  11. Shotung reload ?

    I'm yet to understand how it works as well. And as you said, its only when you need the most.
  12. try this and tell me if it works step1. download any program that locks your frames, ex: rivatunner, dxtory, etc... step2. set your program to lock you at 60 frames (test it and see how it goes) step3. reduce screen scale in game options from 100% to 90% (test it, if the problem persists lower it to 80% and give another shot) bare in mind that i use this -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 -lowmemory -d3d10 on the launch parameters on steam. P.s: this commands will make your frames stay the same whenever you open your invetory without any drops. But if you're frames are forever staying in half after the problem occurs for the first time, then the steps above should fix it without this command. And then again, game still unoptimized as hell. We need to keep asking more from the developing team on this matter until it runs at 60 stable at all times on the minimun requirement specs as the game was marketed for. I hope this was helpfull, let me know later. Bye
  13. Post your FPS results here!

    The point is... when you set a min spec for a game, whoever buys it is expecting to run it at a minimal grade of acceptable performance wich for pc's should be a stable 60 frames. If someone with a high value pc can't even maintain 60 all the time then its obvious that the answer to all frame issue questions is: the game needs optimization. On the very opposite from what you said, i know exactly what i bought and i have faith in this development team, but at the same time i hate to see patches beeing tested on the new test servers just for 1 day before getting released and screwing a lot of other things, hell... just look at the amount of people complaining about this latest patch not leading up to what was expected. Bottom line is... game is unoptmized atm and people should stop trying to blame amd or intel for not doing their job and ask more from the company who is developing the game. It seems like they put minimun required specs without even testing it on those to see how the game will perform and then later on they come and say: "heeey guys we just did a patch for those with low specs now, we haven't quite tested it but look will be live tomorrow yeeey get excited yeeey". It pisses me off to see a topic like this, people trying to compare rigs when the real problem is in the hands of the developers, sure there could be some exceptional cpu's or gpu's that would face some more intense issues but this is not the case here, real fact is... game is unoptimized and people should be asking more from the developers on that all the time untill it gets fixed and not trying to find alternative fixes or blaming. Its so fking frustrating to see it. Look guys, its not your hardware... its the game! Just put that on your launch parameters: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system -sm4 -lowmemory -d3d10 . And lower your settings, Im playing with an fx 8350, r9 290x. getting 85 - 100 frames. But, and that is a big but... after like 5 mins in a game, fps cuts on half and stays capped forever at 45 maximun and 20 minimun. The solution i found to that was to set a 60 frame cap using any kind of software that does it, and lowering screen scale to anything below 100%. I have played so many unoptimized games in my life, but i've never seen one as bad as this one, memory leaks, infinite load screens, drops to 20 framerates whilts in towns, texture not loading properly wich makes you sit there like a retarded waiting for the game to actually present itself to you. Wow this is turning into a big post, anyways... the game has payed itself for me already anyways with the amount of fun that i had so far. So i really wanna keep my expectations low for now in a way that i not get disapointed in the future in case the developers fuck it up. Sorry for the long post and the bad english, not my native language, i hope this has been a helpfull post for all the vets and newbs as well. And i also hope i have not offended any of you. See you in the next patch, bye.
  14. Post your FPS results here!

    Bad framerate is still a HUGE problem wich needs to be fixed obviously, otherwise this topic wouldn't even exist. Those who say people need to upgrade their pc's to play it are very wrong. When you see someone with a 1080ti and an i7770k getting only 80 frames out of town, well... something is very off