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  1. Let's build a Firewall between China and the rest of the world!
  2. Cheat

    Just played my first match after the new patch in the hope that cheater's would be gone for a couple of days, was wrong. got knocked by one and my friend got me up, the cheater flanked closer with his bike trying to get a cheeky pixel on us, i cooked a grenade and managed to kill the dumb fuck just to die in the next fight to another CHINESE using 200% fire rate akm aimbot (fuongchan666666666). Now im gonna alert my whole discord with consists of 50+ players to stop playing untill ping lock is added. I was top 1 duo this season btw and had to stop grinding due to the chinese overflow of cheaters.
  3. https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/01/the-rarest-new-pubg-items-show-up-once-every-80-years-on-average/ I'm not the one who wrote it, im just sharing this interesting point of view. I hope something is done with this extreme low drop rates, i really can't spend 80 years playing to get a biker jacket ts ts
  4. I think i speak for the majority of the American people when i say im pissed off tired of this so called: ''culture of cheating'' - Brendan Greene Not all people from America are angels that don't cheat. But it's 95% more endurable due to less people cheating (proved fact and there's charts to back it up). Also it's an amount to much smaller that the anticheat can actually catch up with the demand. But in the chinese case its obvious that the anticheat and even the report tool are not enough to supress the avalanche of thiefs that are robbing other customer's money by taking away what they bought originally.
  5. O jogo não está dando BP

    estou com 12 ou 13 wins, não ganhei BP em nenhuma
  6. Desert Map sucks

    New map is awesome.

    I just wanna play the new map =D
  8. BattleCoins not being rewarded

    UPDATE: So i just confirmed, the only BattlePoints that are not being Rewarded are the ones that come from WON matches. After winning 5 matches between Yesterday and today i can confirm that. Everytime i get any position thats not 1st I get the reward with no issue.
  9. BattleCoins not being rewarded

    Won two chicken dinners today, one in solo (1200bp) another in duo (900bp), neither one was rewarded to me, all of my friends are reporting the same issue as well. =S
  10. BattleCoins not being rewarded

    Would i be creating this topic if this didn't actually happened just 5 minutes ago literally? lol I just wanna farm some coins for now, if there is a glitch with it going on at the moment i would like to hear it if that's the case. I play everything on low, and steam also degrades the quality of the image even more.
  11. Anyone else having the same problem? Just won my first 1.0 chicken dinner but didn't received any BP... Come on guys?
  12. Keep in mind that this is just a suggestion. I'm one of those player's who plays for the ranks, i always wanna see how high i get each season and im pretty competitive. But i also like to play just for the laughs sometimes and i just would like to be able to play a map that im not confortable without having to worry about my rank. I don't wanna see another game mode appearing to split the community even more and make queue times too long and specially with ping lock coming. I think this would be a pretty good solution for casuals and competitive players. Also i don't want to buy an account just to play for fun and have another to be serious with, this is not an easy solution for the problem i'm raising. I love Miramar, but i honestly think i doensn't fit into a ''ranked'' scenario just yet for reasons i don't intend to discuss, just keep in mind that i've played over 50 hours on the test server since the map came out and even though im pretty competitive i still can't take this map seriously, its FUN but its not on the right spot for competitiveness imo. I'm also taking in account that the dev's have announced already that we will be able to choose between Erangel and Miramar whenever we want to, but that does not change the fact that rank will be affected by both simoutaniously. What you think? Any Thoughts?
  13. Im not raging brother. Is just my perspective
  14. I agree that all the problems you listed are a part of the game right now and if i was going to bet i'd say these problems will not be fixed with the next patch (1.0). Thats my thought anyway. Edit: They've never promissed to fix any of these things tho, so we really can't expect it to be all fixed within launch. But that would be the optimal thing to do.