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  1. I never use SMG's in ADS, you gain a second on anyone who does and it's not really necessary, so i'm looking forward to trying the laser sight more. Had it a few times but been mostly getting distance kills lately. I love the mutant but will keep it on single shot because im not fond of the randomness of burst, almost no bullet drop over distance either. I always run with my AR on single shot. If someone appears close youve got a chance fast tapping but if someone gets you at distance you're boned on auto.
  2. So I was playing Sanhok today and I was by the central waterway that runs through the island, on the small cliffs near bootcamp, and I noticed the water noise was super loud. It makes huge great crashing noises like waves on a beach - but it's basically a still river. The sound doesn't match up to the actual environment it could do with being changed so something more chilled out. Cheers!
  3. OldManBoom

    4FUN - Whats people's 'bogey' weapon?

    Any sort of melee weapon. It's like swinging a bloody seal around the way the character makes a big awkward lunge.
  4. It runs better than it ever has and I suffer very few technical issues now. Not seen a hacker for months, not seen lag and only a tiny bit of desync. IMO Bluehole are delivering as promised and we'll done to them.
  5. Is it not equally difficult to see out of the blue zone and into the safe zone? Haven't played it yet so don't know, bit if it's easier to see one way than the other, especially that way, it could be a problem.
  6. OldManBoom


    I've said it in a few threads and I'll say it again - there is no camping in PUBG. Camping is when you ignore the objectives of the game and stay in one place. In this game the object is survival. Staying in place is a legitimate tactic unless the blue is coming, and if you camp in the blue then you're both stupid and dead. There are no campers in pubg, just people taking cover in buildings.
  7. I really like Sanhok but sometimes I quite like being more spread out from enemies early game. Sometimes you just want a more chilled first half of the game, y'know?
  8. Yes. I play all maps, all are good in their own way.
  9. Not sure what you're referring to here. What I said was a reply about my original comment:
  10. I just use SMG's in close quarters. I always go DMR/AR and SMG.
  11. I almost never use rifles full auto so fully disagree.
  12. OldManBoom

    Pubg Psychology

    Neveeeeerrrrr!!!! 😁
  13. OldManBoom

    Pubg Psychology

    I agree with your expectation/enjoyment negative correlation. When I first started I was absolute crap but I loved every second. I remember the first time I survived zig-zagging through a wheat field while being sniper at from some unknown location behind and just being immensely satisfied I made it out alive. These days I have a k/d of 2.80 (last I looked) and am generally in or around the top 500 tpp EU, and it's much harder to satisfy my desire to do well. I can get 4 kills and come 3rd but if I feel I did poorly in the fight that led to my death I'll sometimes still kick myself despite this clearly being a good result, or amazing by my old standards. It's very strange. Not that I've slowed down playing. Closing in on 1000 hours and I'm still all over this game like an increasingly efficient rash.
  14. Pretty sure they instituted this ages ago?