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  1. Whats with all the Asians in NA servers?

    How will region locking work precisely? My regular squad team is cross-continant with half from EU and half from NA and as such we cycle between servers. Would we be unable to play as a squad if it was brought in?
  2. Has delay increased for anyone else?

    Aye I spotted that, been playing soley on EU.
  3. Several months ago the game was patched and I started a thread entitled "The new patch has made me better at combat!" or something to that effect. The reason was that the delay between my actions; opening doors, picking up items etc and most importantly enemies registering damage, had greatly diminished. Before that patch I'd sometimes felt like I was half a second behind other players in combat. Once that major patch was released that delay was removed and my combat ability instantly improved greatly. I was away on holiday for the first week of the 09/09 patch release so am a bit late to the party in terms of commenting, so apologies for that. In my first game of said patch something happened that hadn't for a good while, I got in to combat with someone, point blanked them with the shotgun, massive blood spray and he then killed me having recorded no damage, which instantly raised suspicions. Since then this has happened two more times and the delay between button presses and interactions with items/doors is noticeably higher again, usually 1/2 or 3/4 of a second I'd say. Has anyone else experienced this? I'd rather not go back to enforced crappiness (although I have still managed to win one). Additional note: Everything else seems fine, rendering times are much higher and view distance seems improved with little or no frame rate drop so it's not a disaster or anything.
  4. And the new gun is...

    Ahhh no worries chief.
  5. And the new gun is...

    Which other thread? I got it from the Battlegrounds PUBG Facebook page...
  6. That pic looks beautiful. Looking forward to it!
  7. Tactics problem 2: Eco round

    C, I always head to the least populated area to find unlooted buildings if I'm without a rifle.
  8. Finally got my WWCD!

    Congrats dude!
  9. How many times have you won?

    10 solo, 6 duo and 3 squad, which probably fairly reflects the amount I play each.
  10. Ban the jump crouch key binding

    Unrelated to getting in through windows but I've come across a couple of players recently who seem to be constantly spamming between jump and crouch at a super high speed during a firefight. Couldn't work out of this was hacks to mess with hitboxes (It certainly wasn't helping the chap I was fighting with aiming but it made him harder to hit) or if it was someone spamming keys. Guess it could be this?
  11. Congratulations on 10 million sold PUBG copies

    Very deserved, I'm incredibly addicted to this game. Whenever my friends recommend me something else I'm like "I'll check it out when I can stop playing PUBG". Been saying that since April...
  12. afk boosting article on pcgamer

    The other day we had a squad game and there were only 30 people left by second circle with loads dying outside area. I have no visual proof but I suspected this.
  13. If Battlegrounds were real, would you do it?

    Yeah if I could pick my squad then maybe. In terms of solo I can't drive, have never fired a gun and probably can't sprint for kilometers at a time so I doubt it would be a good idea.