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  1. Inaccurate Killcam

    Not a massive issue as such and glad the killcam is there, but it's totally out of sync from what I can tell. Every time I've viewed it whilst I've been moving the person shooting me looks to have missed terribly, for example earlier I was trying to get away in a dacia and the killcam showed my killer shooting behind my vehicle as I sped away from him horizontally. Like I say, glad it's there but hoping it's just an issue with the killcam and it needs syncing.
  2. So in general I like this patch, I like the sounds better, I think the visuals are an improvement and it runs really smooth for me. There's a lot of bugs though, as testified by the bug page. Sort those out and I'm happy
  3. Third game we played just now everyone was booted out of the plane as soon as it came over land and after that the lag was horrible for ages. Managed to escape 100 people dropping in the same general area but we both got kicked out by "host closed connection" shortly after that. Other issues: My friends weapons from previous games were still appearing in his inventory even though he didn't have them, and when he found new weapons the images just stacked over the top of each other so that by the 3rd game his rifle in the inventory showed a mix of 3 other guns. The bomb sound seems to be very loud from very far away, i think this is a bug because sometimes the bombs seemed a reasonable volume and then would become loud for no reason. Also sometimes the bomb noise would happen suddenly for 5 seconds even though there were no bombs. Kept hearing a strange popping noise when driving in a buggy, although that may have been a side effect of the bomb sound glitch as they were happening at the same time.
  4. The water is DEEP! And other feedback

    Nice, Cheers!
  5. Almost cacked my pants when I got in the water and it was actually deep! I'm glad that's been done but I feel the game could do with a depth marker as when you're way out between the islands it's hard to tell how far you are from the surface and almost led to some health loss when coming up for air on my part. Other feedback from the one cheeky game I got chance to play on my lunchbreak: I think it looks and sounds ace. I like the graphical improvements, the game ran very smoothly, the bombs sound much better (though I was never that close to them), the vehicles sound great and all in all I feel it's much improved. Some people have said the game looks blurrier. I was looking out for this and thought maybe i detected a slight difference but not enough to complain in the wake of the overall feel. In the top right kill-feed my game doesn't display the gun icon for the weapon that killed someone, it just says "Jeff killed Bob with P1911" like it always did but in a new place with a new font. I didn't get a killcam or any option of one? I may have clicked away too quickly so will look out for this later. Will play more later but so far - love it!
  6. I don't see the problem with a killcam after you and all your team is dead. How can it be a bad idea if it won't have any impact on the game and it's what people want?
  7. Is playing stealthy still viable?

    In the last season I was inside or around the top 300 EU for most of it and I had somewhere in the region of a 50/60% top 10 rate. I'm not trying to boast, I actually think I was ranked too highly considering my crappy K/D score and general rubbishness at mid-long range combat. And no, I've played 400 hours of this game, I don't have an internal highlights reel. You'll know when you made the right decisions when you're not dead.
  8. Is playing stealthy still viable?

    For me it's a smarts game. It's not about action or stealth necessarily, it's about choosing the wisest course of action for the situation you find yourself in, whatever those situations or actions may be. I know I'm not the best at combat but i end up well ranked because my decision making is pretty good.
  9. Motorcycle Auto-Eject

    They just need to work out when to auto-eject. The other day I lost control but brought it almost to a standing stop balancing on the front wheel but it threw me off for no reason and killed me anyway. Very frustrating.
  10. Can we remove the vector?

    Wrong. IMO with an extended mag it's the best smg. Will kill anything in no time at all.
  11. "Host Closed Connection"

    Ah that would make sense, I've recently turned on Windows firewall. Cheers dude!
  12. "Host Closed Connection"

    Haha, I was in the last 7. It was really annoying and felt like a massive waste of time. Hopefully they'll fix it soon.
  13. "Host Closed Connection"

    8 left, all hunky dory, suddenly game freezes and comes up with "Host closed connection". Followed by "The previous round is over" straight away in the lobby. Never had that before. Bit frustrating like.
  14. Request for Desert Map!

    We don't really have many "ville"s. More like Aimbotton or Aimbotsford i think.
  15. Request for Desert Map!

    Haha! I was about to predict Towny McTownface.