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  1. PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews PC 1.0 Update #6 20 FEBRUARY - MEPHIEKIM Hello players, In December 2017, we announced that we were considering introducing a maximum ping limit to improve the game environment for our players. This update has been delayed as the team’s resources were focused on cheat blocking and prevention. PUBG is now introducing an experimental method that we hope will get even better results than the one we were considering before. Unlike the method considered earlier, we are going to divide the matching pool depending on ping. This means that the users with lower pings will be prioritized during matchmaking. The team is expecting to improve the overall play experience by splitting the matching pool rather than restricting connection depending on ping. Preparations are underway to test this method in some regions, with first trials planned to start this week. Specific dates will be shared when ready. Early this year, development of some of the major features and systems was delayed as our focus shifted towards tightening our anti-cheat effort. Also, due to other reasons, we have not been able to show you the team’s development roadmap for 2018. We would like to ask for our players’ generous understanding that despite the team’s eagerness to share what we have been planning and working on, the timing had to be changed. We do have a lot of exciting things that we want to share with you, including new content to provide more extensive battle royale experiences as well as improvements and modifications to create a deeper and more realistic gameplay. In March, the team will reveal what you can expect from us in the first half of 2018 in terms of our development and new content plans which, by the way, include a new map. The current test server patch is mostly aimed at further optimizing the gameplay and fixing several significant bugs. More optimizations and fixes are being worked on and will be shared with you when they are ready. Please refer to the patch notes below for details and leave any feedback you may have on our forum[forums.playbattlegrounds.com] After the updates made to the test build are proven to be stable, they will be applied to the live servers as well. We will announce the timeline for the live server update soon. Your enjoyment of PUBG remains our number one priority. We will continue to put our best effort to improve and maintain the fair play environment, optimize the game and provide you with new content. World Replaced some fences in Miramar to unbreakable fences or walls in order to optimize the client. Gameplay When the player is riding in the airplane, they will no longer be able to see the inside of the airplane. This is to improve the early game client and server performance Other players will be visible once they jump out of the airplane When riding the airplane, you can check the number of remaining passengers via the new UI element at the bottom left of the screen Replays When reporting someone through the replay system, we now receive a 1 minute replay file centered on the point of your report It is impossible to report through a replay file which has been created longer than a week ago It is impossible to report the same player multiple times in the same replay file Bug Fixes Fixed the issue where the player would die from falling when vaulting and climbing Fixed the issue where after reconnecting to the game, the player would get a glitched view when using ADS on their weapon Fixed the issue where the player didn’t receive any damage after entering a vehicle from a prone position and then exiting while the vehicle was moving Fixed the issue where after entering the vehicle (passenger seat) from prone position and using heal/boost items, the player was shown using the items in prone position instead of sitting down Misc. Made changes to prevent the reduced heal/boost time cheat Thank you, The PUBG Development & Community Team
  2. There's definitely some kind of matchmaking because every single season there's a steadily increasing difficulty curve at my end. I'd say it could be chance if it was a couple of seasons but it's been every one.
  3. If you could only choose one.....

    Yup, m416. For choice of upgrades I'd say compensator, tac stock and vert forgrip
  4. Cheating Discussion

    Maybe just need to work out how to turn mine down then. Think mine record in native 1440p
  5. Cheating Discussion

    I'll second this actually. Decided to report my first cheater outside of the in-game report system yesterday after a squad game where we saw the guy insta-heal and boost, as well as watch people through walls. The form system is confusing, it took ages to find and as the OP says you have to set up another account. When you type "player cheating" into the subject box, underneath it comes up with what seems like auto-fill options saying "Report a player that is cheating", but you click on it and it takes you to the FAQ to tell you to do what you're already doing and you have to start the form over again, sigh. Also 20mb is not enough of a file size to send decent video evidence. I had to record tiny 3 second videos of the specific times he insta-healed just so they'd fit the limited file size.
  6. It's not exactly a major surprise that player numbers are going to decrease from the multiple record-breaking, super hyped peak it managed to reach. 3mil concurrent players was epic and likely unsustainable anyway as new players who joined at peak media profile decide maybe it's not a long-term option for them and those who were hooked on it since EA might be starting to get fatigue. But to declare it dying or dead when it still has at least 3x the number of concurrent players as the next most popular steam game (a game which I remember people saying it had no hope of overtaking when it was rising up the charts to begin with) is ridiculous. The game still has a vast player base and until matchmaking starts becoming an issue I think it's safe to say that's everything's fine. I'm pretty sure the core of players in this game will be strong for a long while yet.
  7. Let us prone on small inclines

    I'm not sure what the specific angle the ground has to be at is to allow you to prone, but you can certainly lie down on steeper slopes than the game allows. This just got me killed so i'd like to vote for sorting out proning please.
  8. How to kill campers

    For the 100th time - there is no camping in this game. Camping is choosing to ignore the objective of the game by staying in one place. As the objective of the game is to survive until the end, players will always move from the blue or have the choice of staying put if they're already in a safe location, which is perfectly legitimate. If someone camps and lets the blue overtake them then they die. There are no campers in this game, just people surviving in cover.
  9. Changes that matter most #2

    What sort of good interaction do you see yourself having with several tonnes of high explosive being dropped from the sky?
  10. This game is awesome

    It's just so good. No shooter I've played has so many heart-in-throat, cardiac arrest inducing moments of tension. Yes there's bugs and flaws but by God it's fun.
  11. New map

    Personally I'm super excited about new maps. Can't wait for the next!
  12. Tommy gun ironsights

    I never use the iron or dot sights on SMG's unless I'm usingh a UMP as a stand-in rifle. Just holding down right mouse is good enough for CQC.
  13. Cheating Discussion

    I'm in the same boat dude, maybe seen one cheater in all my 600+ hours and I was ranked in the top 1500 EU last season. Honestly I think there's a fair bit of over-exaggeration going on. That or me and my friends are incredibly fortunate for no obvious reason.
  14. Water Depth Meter

    I dunno, the depth meter is only useful as yet because of this place in this map, and it doesn't give anyone an advantage it just cancels out an unfortunate side effect of there being depth now. I don't think there's any use introducing an item no-one will pick up just for this.
  15. Water Depth Meter

    I mentioned this before in the test server chat when I first noticed the water had been made deep but figure it's worth another punt. In particular when you're out in the middle of the gap between the military and main islands on Erangel you can't see any sides and you really have no idea how deep you are. I find myself constantly resurfacing accidentally because I didn't know I was so close to the surface or struggling to reach the surface in time before my breath runs out. A depth meter of some kind would be useful and remove this small annoyance from the game. Thanks!