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  1. OldManBoom

    What is better fpp or tpp

    There's no better or worse, and the amount of toxicity between the two camps that i often see expressed on servers in threads like this is actually incredibly frustrating. Play what you prefer, that's all.
  2. Aye, all maps all the time. Well, I might select just Sanhok a few times to get used to it but mostly all maps all the time.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/games/578080/announcements/detail/3077529424436480685 Personally I'm not fussed about map selection, but I know a lot of you are. Just excited to get my hands on Sanhok on live servers.
  4. OldManBoom

    Fix the Friggin Bikes

    They DO need to fix the bike, but not in the way I think you mean. They need to fix: That it doesn't shut up when it stops That it does a front-end wheeley when you break for some unknown reason and That it sometimes spawns sticking up on it's front wheel
  5. OldManBoom

    Remove the Redzone. Now.

    850+ hours played, died to the redzone 4 times, 2 of which were when I was inside a building in the early days of that glitch. No idea how you guys are dying so often.
  6. UMP deffo better at close range but over 40/50 metres you better hope you've got an AR or DMR to hand.
  7. OldManBoom

    Let My Death Be A Lesson To You

    Haha! Oh wow. To be fair if you get on the motorbike when it's moving around parked it normally chills out.
  8. So I'm curious as to what you all mostly go for since the weapon re-balance. I was always Rifle + SMG previously but now I'll always ditch my rifle for any of the 7.62 DMR's. What about you? (Possibly got carried away with the options but I figured it should fit everyone)
  9. OldManBoom

    Give the driver 3rd person

    Agreed, driving in first person is a nightmare.
  10. OldManBoom

    UMP9 Op?

    Yeah, I can't vote as these are the answers I'd choose: 1) No 2) Good in different circumstances (try taking someone with an AR out over 30/40 metres with a UMP) 3) Neither
  11. OldManBoom

    Vector or AR, which do you pickup?

    Vector all the way if it was upgraded. My fav setup atm is sks or slr and smg. You might struggle slightly in close-mid firefights but you'll win every close and long encounter if your aims good.
  12. Has anyone else been having issues since the last patch with servers that get to around 70 players and seem to forget to add more people? Everyone eventually abandons it and just connects to another. Also I was in one last night that got to 95 players but just never started and everyone had to abandon it. I don't think it's a player level thing (EU TPP peak time) as there's always other servers full of players. It's not common enough to be annoying but it's definitely happening more at my end.
  13. First one that springs to mind is when I was playing squad with 3 mates. Went afk to go to the toilet, came back and my whole team had been rushed and killed. I managed to kill the whole attacking 4-man squad with the Blam Blam (DP-28) and went on to win the squad game on own with 11 kills. Coolest thing I ever did. Another was when the game crashed on landing, by the time it had reloaded all I had time to do was walk into a building and hear someone coming. They heard me and were looking for me, but I may down behind a stack of mattresses and they didn't find me. Had to swim across to military island with nothing but a pistol and ended up coming 3rd. Surviving against the odds is always fun!
  14. Good job dude! I remember my first, it's an awesome feeling.