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  1. GingerinoTV Youtube - New videos every day!

    Thank you so much snipe!! Im so happy for every little bit of support! I will keep up with tons of content for you guys!!!
  2. GingerinoTV Youtube - New videos every day!

    On my channel i speak ger/eng. Depends on the viewership :-)
  3. Here is my channel! Have fun and i appreciate every subscribe!
  4. Number of alive people does not work properly

    That proves something went wrong with the "alive-counter" like in my game ->
  5. 1on1 and i got shot from a third Oo

    On my last game i got into the 1on1 situation in the last circle. I didnt know exactly where my opponent was so i decided to grab the position without waiting. I jumped into a buggy drove to a big stone. I jumped out and got shot from out of the white circle. After couple hits i saw him on the hill to my left. He didnt kill me and i got behind the stone. i saw him in 3rd person "aborting" his try to kill me and he went back on his hill. In that second i immediately start medding and then i got shot from behind! IT WAS NOT the guy in front of me on the other side of this big stone. So wtf? Was there an issue with the "alive counter"? I cant understand what happened there but i got vision all the time on my opponent on the hill with 3rd perspective look and he didnt kill me! End screen tells me i got 2nd. I dont know what you can do but this is the game, in my opinion something went wrong with the counter or smth like that: