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  1. FPP issue with gun raising!

    Jesus christ, you're all taking this out of context. If you replicate what happens in game the outcome would be the same, this game is not a simulator to replicate a humans thought process. There is nothing wrong with the gun raising up, it's the player who needs to identify how close they are. Count me out of replies, I made my points. I did not come to argue
  2. Issues Opening/Starting the Game

    Have you deleted all the local files? e.g. c:\user\<name>\appdata\local\tslgame Delete that folder^
  3. FPP issue with gun raising!

    the issue the op is stating is you cant shoot out of windows looking down at say a 45 degree angle as the gun raises up, IRL this wouldnt be an issue as you would alter your stance or rest the gun on the ledge. i do belive this is an issue that needs addressing one day its not a pressing issue as their are work arounds. Inside I've never seen an issue, OP was talking about shooting from outside.
  4. FPP issue with gun raising!

    Fair enough, I've never touched these games bar CS, but again that's different. It doesn't actively raise the weapon because of what you're up against, it just basically ignores the fact that you are rubbing up against something. There's nothing wrong with how the gun raises up to show that you are too close to an obstacle. If the ever introduce bullet penetration then this problem would be non existent, but it's It's current state I've never had an issue or died because of this.
  5. regarding coloured crosshairs/group

    It's colourblind mode > Protanopia
  6. FPP issue with gun raising!

    I'm not being a troll at all, I explained why it happened, that it also happens in 3PP. Being able to see something does not mean you can shoot if there is an obstacle between the weapon and your target. This is because of the camera angle, I don't know of any game which actually raises the gun?? You either end of spraying a wall/object or the player makes a simple decision to step back. The guy was too close no matter what it is. It's common sense.
  7. FPP issue with gun raising!

    Well yes but you have to understand that the camera is positioned in your head, the gun is significantly lower than your head. Just like if you were right up against a wall just because you see over it doesn't mean you can shoot. Take a step back before shooting or try to position yourself further back to begin with.
  8. FPP issue with gun raising!

    This also happens in 3rd person, it would also happen IRL. Your camera is at your eyes not your weapon, you can't exactly poke the weapon through the wall. Can you try to refrain yourself from constantly complaining and try to enjoy the game or take a short break, sometimes this helps and brings back the enjoyment As you said in your last topic 'Be back in a few months kiddo'. Clearly you just either want attention and people to react in some way.
  9. How exactly do you crouch jump in this game?

    It does just take practice to do it frequently or as Precision said there's now a way to do it 100% with the secondary keybinds being available. Follow these steps while in your control settings: Click on Jump bind and set to shift + space Click on Crouch bind and set to shift + space while holding both. (keep holding) Release space while still holding shift Click on another binding (now you can release shift) Click okay or apply to save your setting
  10. Issues Opening/Starting the Game

    The video is private, you need to make it unlisted.
  11. This has been suggested several times and I'm sure it'll be on their list as they've just recently and the ability to have 2 keybinds per action. Let's just wait and see if it's added. I myself would like to see this as it's my preferred way to ADS.
  12. being 3p Peeked is infuriating.

    I didn't say it wasn't, the point is he made a massive post about how bad his experiences have been which is probably because he's not a great player. After the entire rant he says he's done with the game, and a few days later here he is again doing the exact same thing. If it's that bad change the game-mode. eg. stop playing 3pp bs and try 1pp. Or.... Give up and take a long break.
  13. being 3p Peeked is infuriating.

    On Saturday you posted you were done? Now you're still playing 3PP and complaining? Switch to FPP it's a much better experience even in it's current state.