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  1. Will my laptop run this game correctly?

    You can always purchase the game try it out and get a refund if you've played less than 2 hours. Best way to test out your system.
  2. 2xW for sprint

    What would be the purpose of this? You can already manually sprint or toggle sprint/auto-run
  3. How about that toggle ADS?

    This has been the case for a long time, hence why at some stage they blocked the editing of ini files. You should just stick to what the ingame settings allows you to change.
  4. How about that toggle ADS?

    You have to be careful modifying .ini files, this can get you banned.
  5. Background Blur - Can it be Optional?

    This was done as a temporary bug fix, in the fog weather you can see further by opening your inventory. They essentially did this for a quick band-aid fix. I'm sure it'll be reverted once that it gets fixed.
  6. Is Crouch Jump considered an exploit, script, or hack?

    It's never been stated as an exploit, hence why tons of people have the double bind or do it by simply pressing both keys.
  7. Is Crouch Jump considered an exploit, script, or hack?

    It's not a bannable offense so, No. It's a game mechanic, you can do it legit or via an in-game bind.
  8. New weapons, equipment and better balance

    Im saying this isn't a game like battlefield, arma or anything that includes vehicles like that, therefore would not fit this style of gameplay.
  9. 1070 would be perfectly fine, I temporarily ran a 970 as my 1080 died. The peformance drop was ridiculous, constantly dropping below 60 and the lag was awful. I have a 1080 Ti now and it's amazingly stable but overkill for sure. The 1070 would be a great choice for performance and price, but if you really have the budget get a 1080 and futureproof for a good bit.
  10. New weapons, equipment and better balance

    I disagree, this isn't battlefield. It's a 'boots to the ground' straight shooter, a helicopter would be crazy for a battle royale. Only additional transportation that should be added are IMO is a Bicycle, would be nice for a very quiet travel method which is faster than sprinting.
  11. Can enemies hear the grenade cook?

    I believe pulling the grenade pin has an audible range of 2m
  12. Can my friend get ban by killing 1 person?

    If you're reffering to team-killing then yes Do not team kill: there is no excuse for non-accidental team kills .
  13. Protanopia makes the 4x blue, red dot/holo yellow + 8x centre dot is yellow.
  14. The mechanic is fine as is IMO, as for 'dying too fast' this only applies to close targets. I don't how many times i've downed somebody and have to use a further 4-5 shots to actually kill them. It becomes irritating to say the least but it gives them enough time to find cover. Plus if your teammate is actively dying then they are clearly positioned wrong or pushing without the rest of their squad. If you don't have time to 'save' your teammate then that's on you/them, this is a strategic game, you will get punished for being out of position or going in guns blazing. I've died several times by being too aggressive and entering a room while my teammate is even yet to enter the building. Just take things slower and think it through first.
  15. Mouse Grab

    You can use this as a temporary fix, Swap screen gives you the ability to lock the cursor to a single screen while gaming. http://dualmonitortool.sourceforge.net/swapscreen.html
  16. Crashed and banned?

    You'll have to follow the process like everyone else would
  17. FPP issue with gun raising!

    Jesus christ, you're all taking this out of context. If you replicate what happens in game the outcome would be the same, this game is not a simulator to replicate a humans thought process. There is nothing wrong with the gun raising up, it's the player who needs to identify how close they are. Count me out of replies, I made my points. I did not come to argue
  18. Issues Opening/Starting the Game

    Have you deleted all the local files? e.g. c:\user\<name>\appdata\local\tslgame Delete that folder^
  19. FPP issue with gun raising!

    the issue the op is stating is you cant shoot out of windows looking down at say a 45 degree angle as the gun raises up, IRL this wouldnt be an issue as you would alter your stance or rest the gun on the ledge. i do belive this is an issue that needs addressing one day its not a pressing issue as their are work arounds. Inside I've never seen an issue, OP was talking about shooting from outside.
  20. FPP issue with gun raising!

    Fair enough, I've never touched these games bar CS, but again that's different. It doesn't actively raise the weapon because of what you're up against, it just basically ignores the fact that you are rubbing up against something. There's nothing wrong with how the gun raises up to show that you are too close to an obstacle. If the ever introduce bullet penetration then this problem would be non existent, but it's It's current state I've never had an issue or died because of this.
  21. regarding coloured crosshairs/group

    It's colourblind mode > Protanopia
  22. FPP issue with gun raising!

    I'm not being a troll at all, I explained why it happened, that it also happens in 3PP. Being able to see something does not mean you can shoot if there is an obstacle between the weapon and your target. This is because of the camera angle, I don't know of any game which actually raises the gun?? You either end of spraying a wall/object or the player makes a simple decision to step back. The guy was too close no matter what it is. It's common sense.
  23. FPP issue with gun raising!

    Well yes but you have to understand that the camera is positioned in your head, the gun is significantly lower than your head. Just like if you were right up against a wall just because you see over it doesn't mean you can shoot. Take a step back before shooting or try to position yourself further back to begin with.