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  1. For those who win games fairly regularly

    For duos, and mostly applicable to solos and squads, it's quite simple really: Get a car at the start of the game and drive away from the flight path. My go to spots are Severny, Primorsk, Lipovka, Mylta Power/Substation, Novo if mili circle. I tend to stay away from Georgo, Pochinki, Zharki, Kamesh, Mili, Rozhok, School, Apartments, etc. If I am driving away from the flight path and the circle goes extreme to the opposite side of the path, I will loot small compounds in between instead of my original destination. Always be flexible. Dependent upon loot, I may stay and loot outside of the blue, or get in and take no damage if I can't find sufficient boosters. Then, make sure to preserve your car, and hop between small compounds that are relatively centered when you are pushed out of the circle. Scout from a distance. Make a loop around the compound if you need to and look for any signs of occupation. Even if you are completely sure it's safe, approach from an angle that prevents a camping player from spraying you down from an advantageous position. When holed up, decide how you want your compound to look from the outside, and put yourself in the best possible position to take out incoming players. Always be gathering info. If you are good on loot, make your compound look occupied, and shoot at incoming cars early to scare them off to prevent a confrontation. If you are lacking scopes, ammo, etc, lure players into a fresh looking compound. Wait for incoming cars to drive into your trap, and take their hard earned loot. Rinse and repeat until you're in a compound in the top 10-20. At this point, it becomes a question of if you should keep your car or not. This is really situation dependent, and there's no easy answer. Essentially, if the circle has a possibility of shrinking down to, or forcing you to run through, an area with minimal to no cover, you may want to keep your vehicle as mobile cover. If there is sufficient cover in the entirety of the circle, you may want to take the rest of the game on foot. Winning then at this point comes down to game sense, terrain positioning, reaction time, and mechanical skill. Good luck, - 30%+ win rate, ~90% top 10 rate
  2. Cheater or What?! This guy doesn't die.

    You missed most of your shots and then he shot you twice. Cut and dried analysis really...
  3. Ranking system?

    A top10 rate of 90% is unlikely in solos, but is very achievable in duos and squads, as are win rates of 70-80%.
  4. Map restrictions are too fast

    If you died you made the wrong decision. Making a fast decision doesn't mean you made a good decision. They need to be both fast and smart.
  5. Is it just me...?

    Okay, let's see the clips then.
  6. Map restrictions are too fast

    A few patches ago, the final circle restrictions were already slowed down. Matches also take up to 36 minutes to fully play out. We do not need extra time added onto that. You need to make faster decisions to get into the circle quicker.
  7. Is it just me...?

    This isn't a bug guys, you are simply missing seeing these players as they are parachuting. The devs have not recognized this as an issue over the course of the thousand times this has been posted, and there hasn't been a single shred of evidence to back the supposed bug up. It is very hard to see players that are right on top of you, above you, or behind you when parachuting, even when using first person to check around. There is also the possibility of players driving to your location before you, running to your location after you, or long chuting so far above you, they land a whole 30 seconds after you.
  8. For some reason you can't edit posts that are 10 minutes old, so I'm gonna double post. This is the largest exaggeration I've ever seen about the loot distribution. I would bet my left nut that you will find at least 1 AR, a backpack, a helmet, and a vest 100% of the time if you loot the entirety of any city.
  9. Devs catering to the lowest common denominator kills games. You can't design a different game for the shitty players than for the high level players. At this point I think the game is sitting in a pretty good spot. Some slight circle modifications might be nice. Some slight evening out of the loot distribution so you don't find 3 AKMs on top of each other could benefit the game. I don't believe much else needs to be done though. Polish, bug-smashing, and content addition should be the devs main focus. You're obviously doing something right if your game is gaining 30k+ players every week for several months straight. Oh and by the way, the loot hasn't undergone any sort of major modifications for the past 3 months. "turning down the loot" doesn't exist. These are salty players looking for excuses for their bad games.
  10. I'm copying my post from another loot thread because this keeps coming up: If RNG truly dictated winners and losers, we wouldn't see top players winning many MANY matches in a row, with overall winrates above 50% in solos/duos. Learn to adapt.
  11. I'm pretty damn sure either a new SSD, OR 16GB of total ram will solve that issue.
  12. Looking for a skilled and nice dude

    Why a smurf account?
  13. Question on Flashbangs

    I have a pretty good feeling flashbangs work with 1. proximity to your player character and 2. line of sight to your player character, whether your character is actually looking at it or not. So I'd imagine you'd be safe in that situation. Nobody has done any in-depth testing of it yet though.
  14. Match Making

    I can't say I've ever seen the ranking system dish out weird scores like that. Typically it goes like: low-ranked player + top50 finish will net you points high-ranked player + top10 finish will net you points mid-ranked player + 50-100th place finish will net you negative points high-ranked player dying immediately at 99th place will net you huge negative points very high-ranked player + top10 finish without any kills will net you no points Any kills on top of those placements will help offset or add on to your final score. As you climb in ranking, the ranking system seems to hold you accountable for early game deaths. It expects you to be able to consistently survive into top placements. I can't imagine if you're at rank 100,000 that a single bad finish will offset two good top10 finishes. Are you very highly ranked?
  15. Are Smoke grenades client side?

    I'll put what I've said in previous threads about smoke grenades. It has been stated by the devs that the smoke is rendered client side, but that they sync the positioning of the smoke across all clients in the server. I doubt the accuracy of the syncing though, as I've seen many instances where players seem to be able to shoot at others through smoke as if their view was unobstructed. Watch this particular engagement from Aculite: https://youtu.be/F2OUwkPfZi8?t=4m18s These issues should be fixed in the future though: