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  1. Have the Ability to Lock Items

    You didn't recycle your PU bandanna for 18BP did you?
  2. Being shot by people when only their head is visible

    It's not visually accurate but with scoped shooting the gun is at head level. You don't really need much exposed to shoot. It's actually one of the reasons defilade is so strong in this game, better than leaning. Are you thinking you're seeing a glitch or wanting advice?
  3. Why do you discriminate?

    @iAmHaze I thought this was going to be about the regions that don't have Hobbit Mode.
  4. Can we get fat characters?

    Camo lawn darts but you drift forever as soon as your chute opens.
  5. can asus G501J gaming laptop run battlegrounds?

    @cucumberBOY You running 4k or 1k? I was of the opinion that 4k would tank the thing as well. @shadowlid I don't know how much it can be extrapolated but I see a TON of issues with motherboards on MSI gaming systems and far fewer with good Asus.
  6. How to fix window shimmering

    @jman That sounds like the weird effect that comes from low anti-aliasing. Turning your AA quality up can help with that.
  7. Can we get fat characters?

    Yah a bunch of short, thin, camoflage-skinned super athletes.
  8. RNG broken still

    @quartz Link us your stats if you could sir.
  9. RNG broken still

    That's the real issue with the bad loot games to me. I want to go shoot people after I get a 4x (or at least 2x) for my M16, I don't want to spend 20 minutes trying to find a scope or a level 2 vest or whatever piece of gear I can normally find in my first 5 minutes and will be at a serious disadvantage in gunfights without.
  10. Statistics/Leaderboard/BP Issues

    @soetspryt Stat updates are usually about a game behind unless the tracking goes down.
  11. Yah it's the adrenaline rush because of the stakes (you die and that's it) combined with the fact that you don't have to invest a massive amount to get going again. We like getting kitted up but we don't want to spend hours doing it like you do in a survival game (especially the crafting, which is something I saw as being a big advantage in this over H1Z1) and we love the stakes of not coming back to life which really amps up the excitement in tactical situations. I'd also say that although there is RNG and some people have better framerates on this game, there's an inherent sense of fairness to the game in that we all start from the same situation.
  12. Tobii eye tracker

    I don't need your damn eye tracker spying on my eyeballs!!!
  13. Goats and sheep!

    Go ahead and triple the amount of crap floating around in the air while we're at it.
  14. As soon as I got to that point in your post my brain went "man I'm glad I'm not bothering with 3pp".