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  1. Any Good Final Circle Tips?

    Probably the two biggest things in final circles to me are to try to put yourself in positions where you'll have cover for movement so that your paths to move will give you spots you can engage safely from and to do everything you can to locate the other players without letting them know where you are, especially with five players or less left (in Solo, Duo and Squad will have different numbers for what's endgame). Once you have everyone located the easiest thing to do is try to let number two kill number three and then clean up, but you can play aggressively as well because you can anticipate where you'll be engaged from after you finish a firefight based on player locations and circles.
  2. I think you could make a pretty good argument that the .ini files are user files, but your perspective is reasonable. As other people have pointed out, since we had this discussion they've done what other games do and restrict the local changes that a user can apply to the game so it's moot now. @Eric4Prez When we were talking about this some people didn't even have the hardware to spot the eyesore DoF they applied to the weapons and have since removed. Saying you should just run the game and play assumes that they've actually made the game work correctly, and that is still not the case.
  3. Luckily people who have no clue what they're talking about don't make the ban decisions then.
  4. Game "quieter" than others?

    I just reinstalled hoping to fix this. The game is much quieter than other things. If I'm watching a stream in between games I have the volume set at around 20-35% so that it doesn't blast out my eardrums when I unmute it.
  5. Cheating Discussion

    I'd say the only time I could watch a deathcam and know for certain their was a recoil cheat is when people shoot with the 8x rapid fire. I've gotten many times better at recoil control playing this game and will occasionally be spraying guys down at 50-75m so successfully that if there's even a bit lost on showing the horizontal recoil I know it's got to look like a macro on deathcam. I think it's the sort of thing that you can only say for sure if the control is incongruous with the rest of their play or when you see a visual pattern across a lot of bullets.
  6. Xbox Newbie needs some major pc help xD

    @DidIHurtUrFeels Probably the most no brainer keybind change I could recommend is to switch your primary weapons form 1-2 to 3-4, makes it much easier to get the correct weapon out. Besides that you just need to think about what you're using often and make sure the button is easy to get to and comfortable to use in combinations. Sprint, crouch, freelook, lean left and right, and inventory (and of course ADS and fire) are keys that are pretty important to be able to use fluidly, so if any of those buttons seems like it's going to be difficult to use in the current position I would consider what might work better. For example, opening my inventory to tab loot (which is a must) was occasionally throwing off my movement so I changed my inventory to Mouse 4 so that I could leave my left hand to control movement and pick up items on the move. For mouse sensitivity you can make a lot of things work, but most players that are trying to be as accurate as possible will try for 800 DPI (or lower) and go with a larger surface so they have room to make larger movements. I use a fairly high sensitivity but step down my in game sensitivities for higher magnification scopes so that I can make more finely tuned adjustments when I'm firing at longer ranges and trying for more precise shots. Standard thing to try for with gaming posture is back straight or slightly reclined, center of monitor slightly below eye level (which in most situations requires raising the monitor) and arms able to hang straight down and create a right angle at the elbow.
  7. I got on to play my first session since the patch and ping bracketing and so far the games have felt pretty nice. Gunfights that I lose have been pretty clearly situations where I make a mistake or get outplayed and I've even been able to change focus after I've put enough rounds towards a target that I know they're dead. The games feel clean in a way that I've only been getting sporadically since 1.0. I did notice the leaderboards weren't loading, so possibly they're resetting and the matchmaking is off. Usually that will add a bit of extra room in gunfights and make rounds feel better. So far things are looking pretty good, though.
  8. 2000 DPI, 35-50 in game sensitivity on a corsair MM600. You can make fine tuned aim adjustments even with high sensitivity if you have very little resistance from your mouse pad.
  9. Lots of people taking breaks or not playing as often. Accumulation of ranters in the forums that have more energy to post than people that are quickly losing passion for the game. For myself personally, bullets have been almost random since 1.0 so there's no way for me to go into a game and do all the right things and give myself a higher chance of winning so it feels like every game is just trying to be in good positions and hoping I both get good circles and crossing my fingers that my bullets happen to perform better than those of my opponents. Hard to be excited about that.
  10. Probably a good call to have thrown the Twitter feed in the forums here. I'd never bother going to look at it and I know they end up talking about a lot of current things in Twitter posts instead of the forums. Good thinking to whoever came up with that.
  11. Removing features on updates?

    They're also adding features. I don't think the explanation of trying to sell off is correct even though that would be an OK reason to have a separate corporation handling the game. My biggest reason for thinking that they're not trying to turn it over is simply that they passed the best point to have done so most likely. I've just assumed that they either don't have enough people to address a lot of the problems correctly or don't have people with high enough skill levels to do so. There's also an aspect of having so many things to work on that you just address the things that can be implemented most easily first because the time investment versus benefit is highest with them.
  12. Am i the only one?

    Yah when I had Geforce Experience running I got stutters and the beginning of a firefight tended to be a frequent spot for them, having Freestyle running as well exacerbated it.
  13. VibranceGui is safe?

    @XkamiX You shouldn't have any issues with it, I've been running it since they blocked Reshade without any issues. All it does is change the setting mentioned above when you run a game, it's just faster than doing it manually.
  14. There has been talk of a bug that has rounds ignoring armor. There's been a few videos posted where it seems like this might be happening but I can't confirm it's the case.
  15. I'd say this list pretty much covers it.