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    I actually had some darned bad rounds tonight. Some of it was just desync level bad fights and bad hit reg but I also had at least one ESPer in a game and watched a flying motorcycle in a stream tonight. It feels like the old classic beginning of messed up rounds before a major ban wave to me.
  2. @Silmarillis It depends on your setup and how much effort you'd like to put into changing your control. If you have a lot of space for your mouse you can go 400 or 800 DPI with an arm control. If you have less space or prefer wrist control you'll probably want a higher sensitivity. I use 2000 DPI, 55-49 ingame sensitivity on a teflon mousepad. That probably won't work for everyone but the important thing is that when I want to aim at something I'm able to cover the angle difference automatically because I have a lot of practice and all movements are comfortable for me.
  3. Quasispec

    Cross hairs

    You can change the crosshair color in the options menu under the gameplay tab. Most of them don't stand out a massive amount but there're some that are better than default. What you'll find is that most players (at least in 1pp, don't know how much this applies to 3pp) ADS for all but the most sudden gunfights.
  4. Quasispec

    Haters everywhere..!!

    I think ping bracketing was probably the largest single improvement the game has made since launch. When you get a match that's ping bracketed efficiently the games have very few major issues. Although I think PUBG is working pretty good on average right now, if a player has never had problems with this game they're either INCREDIBLY lucky or they just don't recognize desync, broken sound performance, and inconsistent ballistics. When I see someone say something to the effect of "I've never had any issues with PUBG" I just automatically assume that person couldn't recognize an issue if it was right in front of their eyes and highlighted. Even if there's people that aren't having any problems with the game whatsoever they don't really bring a lot to discussions about the problems we still do have in the game. To me one of the points of even having forums is providing a place for people to discuss issues they're having so that they can identify their problems more accurately, let the devs know what is still not working for players, and find ways to work around it.
  5. I think some more rocks and trees would take care of this. The sniper spots are powerful because you can look over areas where people have to run through the open. If you give the open a bit more cover then you won't always track people moving through it and will have a harder time finishing off another player. I'm a bit disappointed with all the buildings they added on Miramar personally. Besides just confusing movement through the map for my instincts that were developed earlier in it's development, it gives more static positions for players to be at and just just exacerbates the exposure when having to cross areas on foot in a hurry.
  6. Quasispec

    Why does people...

    I assume they're friendly types that want to make my life easier. I'd be OK if everyone was running around in neon while I have my muted greens and tans. :p
  7. Quasispec

    $9.99 For a Weapon Skin

    $9.99 for a weapon skin is exorbitant, but it doesn't really matter. I think it falls into the realm of the rest of the bad decisions the devs have made with this game except it doesn't effect my game experience in any meaningful way.
  8. @sgt_gh0st Yah but the server has to update your client that the door has been opened and if you're dropping packets that might not happen.
  9. @sgt_gh0st Deathcams and replays are not accurate even though most of the time they're close. You're just seeing lost data from the servers. I think I've seen a couple posts where you seem to be seeing some more extreme desync so you may be experiencing packet loss or a very tenuous connection to servers.
  10. Quasispec

    Please bring back trading to Steam!

    Way more people have posted in this forum asking to cut down on item related incentives for cheating than have asked to be able to "allow their friends to give them items" or whatever the reasoning is. I don't have a strong opinion on this but if this is something that indirectly reduces cheaters effectively I think that trumps the reasons people want to have trading.
  11. Didn't they have to fix something with NA servers both not ping bracketing AND other regions defaulting to NA (and thus adding higher ping players to NA games)? That seem like a fix that will really have a drastic change on the feel of the servers. :p I was happy with my games tonight for sure, everything felt solid. Of course I won two games so my perception might be a little skewed.
  12. Quasispec

    Mission: Die in the redzone.

    Yah it doesn't seem like it's terribly productive to have a bunch of missions that aren't things that you can accomplish with only a bit of extra effort while also going for a win or having a superb round. If anything you could make a run through the redzone sort of mission like "survive 10 seconds in an active redzone OR die to a redzone".
  13. Quasispec


    I said that where?
  14. Quasispec


    Yah you have to take being reported with a grain of salt. I use the reports if I think there's a high chance someone is cheating hoping that maybe that's their 10000th report about attacking without line of sight or whatever, but you can't expect anything to be done with them. I'm also sure that almost all players that have actually gotten some kills have reports under their belts even if they're legit because people are angry or they see the kill in a weird way that looks suspect. If a streamer is in the process or reporting you when you stop by to say GG you could just say "no I wasn't cheating, what looked weird with it?".
  15. I think the API is split in some weird way with the introduction of sanhok.