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  1. Quasispec

    I can't spray.

    @charbel1011 A big change you can make is to make sure you have the space and mouse sensitivity so that you have enough room to comfortably move the mouse to adjust for muzzle rise. Once you remove the barriers to moving the mouse to keep your reticle on target a lot of it is just practice, instinct, and reaction. I hadn't played a shooter for quite a while and I'm pretty amazed at how good I've gotten at recoil control. For the most part I do it without thinking and just let my hand react to what the weapon does. Try focusing on a small selection of weapons and if you get the chance to do some spraying against the sides of buildings take it. Also watch for slight freezes while you're shooting, there's some performance issues I've ran into that will freeze you when you start firing which will mean that your initial downward pull isn't recognized so you spend the rest of your spray fighting the recoil from behind. I still see this issues with suppressors so I avoid them on automatic weapons.
  2. Quasispec

    team mates playing solo

    Yah I haven't seen any teamers in 1pp solo for quite a few months but it does happen. Like everyone else is saying they do tend to be less skilled players. The biggest challenge they usually provide is confusing your game sense because you'll make a plan expecting two people to be hostile towards each other as much as you but suddenly they're both focused on you even though they're right next to each other.
  3. Quasispec

    Sahnok needs MM!

    It can be rough not having much margin for error in gunfights when you move up in the ranks but a lot of the time I prefer playing against better players just because they're a bit more predictable in general since there's tactics that work better than others. Twenty random people in stupid positions will often be more deadly for me than the same twenty people being solid players so I only have to fight with like five of them.
  4. I've been noticing this on sanhok as well. In general it wouldn't be too bothersome to me except I've noticed that people in grass on sanhok often don't look like a person but instead like some random debris (even when right on top of them) and I think the noise penalties for moving are a bit too high at the moment. I recently got killed by a person that had dropped prone to wait for me when they heard me running up over a hill. I saw that there was something there immediately but I was frozen sitting there trying to identify it because it looked like a long light blue triangular piece that my brain interpreted as a piece of a boat until I was able to make out a helmet through a big mesh of grass and by then it was too late. It's a situation I wish I had a recording of so I could see whether I just saw it wrong or there were visual issues with how things showed that could be addressed.
  5. Quasispec

    Haters everywhere..!!

    I think ping bracketing was probably the largest single improvement the game has made since launch. When you get a match that's ping bracketed efficiently the games have very few major issues. Although I think PUBG is working pretty good on average right now, if a player has never had problems with this game they're either INCREDIBLY lucky or they just don't recognize desync, broken sound performance, and inconsistent ballistics. When I see someone say something to the effect of "I've never had any issues with PUBG" I just automatically assume that person couldn't recognize an issue if it was right in front of their eyes and highlighted. Even if there's people that aren't having any problems with the game whatsoever they don't really bring a lot to discussions about the problems we still do have in the game. To me one of the points of even having forums is providing a place for people to discuss issues they're having so that they can identify their problems more accurately, let the devs know what is still not working for players, and find ways to work around it.
  6. I think some more rocks and trees would take care of this. The sniper spots are powerful because you can look over areas where people have to run through the open. If you give the open a bit more cover then you won't always track people moving through it and will have a harder time finishing off another player. I'm a bit disappointed with all the buildings they added on Miramar personally. Besides just confusing movement through the map for my instincts that were developed earlier in it's development, it gives more static positions for players to be at and just just exacerbates the exposure when having to cross areas on foot in a hurry.
  7. Quasispec

    $9.99 For a Weapon Skin

    $9.99 for a weapon skin is exorbitant, but it doesn't really matter. I think it falls into the realm of the rest of the bad decisions the devs have made with this game except it doesn't effect my game experience in any meaningful way.
  8. Quasispec

    Cheating Discussion

    I'd say the only time I could watch a deathcam and know for certain their was a recoil cheat is when people shoot with the 8x rapid fire. I've gotten many times better at recoil control playing this game and will occasionally be spraying guys down at 50-75m so successfully that if there's even a bit lost on showing the horizontal recoil I know it's got to look like a macro on deathcam. I think it's the sort of thing that you can only say for sure if the control is incongruous with the rest of their play or when you see a visual pattern across a lot of bullets.
  9. Quasispec

    Cheating Discussion

    Not all of them. I think that's what makes ESP so pernicious. Last night I got killed by a person that I'm 80% sure was using ESP and an aimbot last night that could have, theoretically, just been a very good player as well. Just took a headshot out of nowhere while I was sprinting to flank an opponent. I watched the killcam and the guy was in a building about 250-400m away. He looked in my direction, scoped in, and dropped me all in about a 3-4 second period. That could be a very good shooter or a lucky shot easily enough. Rewatching the deathcam I noticed that he was doing lateral movements back and forth in a strange way (more of an electric slide than a standard wiggle for dodging headshots. Thinking about it I realized he was probably adjusting his angle to opponents to check for clear line of sight with an ESP program so he could take shots. Assuming I'm right on my deduction, that actually takes a decently trained eye to catch. Although I don't run into many obvious cheaters (maybe four that I had a high confidence were cheating in the last two months), the effect they can have on a person's enjoyment of the game is heavy. Out of my two games last night I had one where I got randomly killed by (probably) a cheater and a win. In my brain that's a kinda 'meh' game session. If I'd have just screwed up and died because I was being overly aggressive in my first game (which I was actually getting ready to make happen when I got killed) then it would have been an enjoyable session.
  10. Quasispec

    Cheating Discussion

    Deathcam has been nice for being able to identify people using cheats, but I'll also say that it's kind of refreshing when it shows you a player wasn't cheating, too. Last night I took third after popping over a ridge that I knew there was an enemy on the other side of, he was already looking right at me so we both went full auto and he won while I saw no blood at all. The deathcam let me see that he was cycling through about five points he thought people might come from (with two other players alive) and that I got him to about 20% health. It was nice to see that I just got beat in a head to head instead of going up against an ESP user.
  11. If you switch to just ADS and set it on Right Mouse Button it will ADS you when you right click a marker with the map open. This is happening with ADS set to hold, not sure if you get the same result with it set to toggle.
  12. @Psychoghost Gaming I think I've seen were there are bulletproof curtains in windows that don't render from range. It seems like probably the windows should have at least shattered though.
  13. Quasispec

    HELP Please! Game wont start!

    @Capo Schedule a disk check
  14. Quasispec

    Does PUBG have Matchmaking?

    It seems like the way they award points doesn't really consider ranks too much, so I'd assume when they say "ELO" they're just using it as shorthand for "performance points". Possibly the kill rating is influenced in some way by who you kill, but it seems like you just do decently in games to get points and they do the rankings based on points.
  15. Quasispec

    Problema N/A BP e sem Inventário

    We're theorizing this is a firewall problem in another thread. The game goes to different places for game servers and the character servers.