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  1. Now @Hit_Marka and @mart1n1 will basically be filling up 1pp servers for a living so they don't lose them.
  2. So I don't have to bother exiting rain maps AND I get to play against scrubs every game? SIGN ME UP! I like some of the things you've looked at for influencing behavior here, but this one seems like it's too connected to all the (as I consider them) pointless discussions about some theoretical future "ranked" and "unranked" modes and how you would divide players across them. I do think the increase in BP for playing rain and fog maps is a nice way to subtly incentivize playing these maps and allow the lobbies to fill completely instead of being 10-15 players shy to start, but it still begs the question of why we need to sweeten the deal for people that are playing a video game, something that is supposed to in itself be an enjoyable activity.
  3. Poor loot

    Yah loot has felt a bit off this week to me as well. I'm also feeling some heavy lag on the servers which I tend to assume is the cause of noticeable changes to loot over multiple games when they haven't made any balance passes.
  4. Yah the sheer number of crash types for this game is pretty bonkers. I get game closes with crash report box, game closes with no crash report box, black screen with memory error went I CTRL+ALT+DEL, and occasionally just for spice a game screen freeze. I guess I'm lucky that it doesn't make my system bluescreen too.
  5. Footwear vs. Barefoot

    I didn't realize that there was even a sound difference to other players if you took your shoes off. I originally did it because it I liked that it made my footsteps sound different to me than enemy footsteps. I think at that time people just heard you like you had shoes on normally, too, although i may be wrong about that. Instead of talking about DOT or balance passes and tradeoffs everyone should just take their shoes off until they rework the sound. Much easier than trying to figure out how much damage you would receive from running over concrete when getting shot in the arm is 21 (.012 discomfort damage per second for running on icky concrete?).
  6. I've been in this same spot where it's frustrating that people around me are so good at shooting because I'm only really good at moving intelligently. I did eventually get better at shooting. The matchmaking is light enough that I don't think it would be particularly fair to people at the tail end of the spectrum that have no idea what they're doing, they'd just be lambs to the slaughter for midrange players who would in turn die to the same players that are winning way too high of a percentage of their games. It does seem to me that they've let the kill rating have more of an influence in matchmaking, though, which is probably a better way of dealing with this problem for people that tend to place highly more often.
  7. Dead Teammate Should be Able to Mark Map

    I'd be for this. I've actually thought before that I wish I could mark the map while dead but I don't really play enough in teams (or die before my teammates often enough) that it had fully formed as a thing I wanted. It would just simplify a thing that spectating teammates are doing anyways.
  8. @Flamez000 There's no kill trading in the game, bullets that land after you've already died don't do damage. It's a design decision because trade kills are pretty obnoxious.
  9. We suck at this game.

    @Danisimo A couple things that might help you. First off, spotting enemies is key. If you're getting killed without getting rounds off I'd assume there's a good chance you're not seeing the brief flashes of movement that tell you to get to cover and prepare for an engagement. Being able to tell the difference between a tree and a tree with a guy peeking is very important, too. As @crabby2004 said, using optimal settings for clarity and spotting goes a long way towards gathering the necessary information from the screen. There's a range for preference but a general guideline is all settings on very low except for AA, Textures, and View Distance. For those three anywhere from Medium to Ultra is usually fine, it's more based on your own preference. I play with AA and View at High and Textures on Medium (on the test servers the AA also has a blurring Post effect so you don't want to turn it up). Going for a 1080p monitor with a good refresh rate will also be beneficial. The biggest thing, though, is knowing what needs to happen for you to kill someone. This includes positioning, accuracy, knowledge of gun damage and behavior, knowledge of the map, anticipating enemy behavior, and knowing your limitations. For instance; if I'm running through an area with light tree cover and know there might be enemies around I know that for me to win that fight I need to spot them, be able to get to cover, and be able to deliver accurate fire at maybe 50-150 feet. For me that means I'd want to stay on a path that passes by trees or rocks I can use for cover and that I want to have something that is accurate in single fire mode with a 4x scope on it. Similarly, if I'm moving through an area with lots of nooks and crannies I know that if I engage someone it will be at close range so I want a weapon with a red dot or 2x that is set on automatic because I might not have time to take cover so I have to be ready to deliver as many rounds as I can at my opponent in the shortest possible time. If all the pieces are there and you're prepared for your next engagement you're much more likely to come out victorious, if you know that all the pieces are NOT there, than you can be prepared to disengage if you get spotted or make a more optimal decision about how to proceed from that point. This includes knowing if you're just not likely to win a straight up 1 on 1. I would assume with practice you'd be able to get fairly close in shooting skill to others but even if you don't that doesn't mean there's not a condition that allows you to win a gunfight. I watch a streamer that has limited mobility so he plays with a mouse at 16000 DPI that he can move a small distance and a hat that allows keyboard commands, his conditions for winning a 1 on 1 fight in Solo are that he gets a supreme jump on a relatively immobile target at medium range or that he is able to use an automatic weapon to ambush an enemy moving into a building. Recognizing your limitations will help you put yourself into situations where you will be successful. If you're not able to shoot accurately, thinking about changing your DPI is a good idea. As @xTekx pointed out, many players of shooters will have 400 or 800 DPI. I personally use 2000 DPI but I'm certainly outside of the norm in doing so. I also have a very good setup that allows me to still be fairly precise (although I'm still at a slight disadvantage in ranged engagements if I don't have a 4x or 8x scope since I have my ingame sensitivity lower on them). If you're not able to quickly and accurately get your weapon aimed at an enemy it will be beneficial to adjust your DPI to a sensitivity that allows you to do so. You'll also want to practice killing people. Probably at this point you've learned the map, the weapons, the circle, the vehicles...but you don't have enough experience killing people. It makes a big difference being able to fluid move to cover, peek, heal, aim, control recoil, and all the other aspects of winning engagements. While jumping in populated areas can pretty quickly put you in to firefights, I personally don't like the randomness of early game fights nor do I see any point in getting better at killing people with a pistol. My preferred methods of getting practice killing people are playing against worse players and, preferably, playing against larger groups of them. One of the most beneficial things I've done in this game has been to play a few games on other servers and in other gamemodes when I'm not ranked in them so that I can play against people that are statistically less skilled. For instance, I can fight against other solo players in Solo who are probably about as good at gunplay as me and if I'm playing well maybe I'll have a 65% chance of winning that fight. If instead I go solo in Squad (assuming I'm not yet ranked in it) I can be engaging 2-4 people at a time, all of whom I'd have a 90-95% chance of killing 1 on 1. That just give me more time to actually be in fights with other players (instead of waiting to load into another game and waiting for the plane to get to the school) and a ton more practice with aiming, controlling recoil, keeping track of my bullets, making good calls on cover, and all the other fun gunplay stuff we want to be able to more or less do without thinking. I'll also be doing that with the same weapons I would be using to kill the last enemy in order to secure a win instead of a P92 or pump shotgun like I would be doing at the school. If you and your friend are unranked in Squad, consider going Squad as 2 with matchmaking turned off, or just get a few games on different servers where you're not yet ranked. Once you can actually picture what killing people will look like and execute the steps fluidly you'll be much more confident and effective when you come back to your normal queues.
  10. What is the best way to start?

    @gimiq Forums has some good stuff for fine tuning or optimizing your behavior, watching a streamer play on Twitch is really helpful for just getting used to the flow of the game. I like to watch BreaK and WTFMoses.
  11. Why can't I hit him?

    That would make sense, I wondered why he crawled around a bit and then just stopped in one spot. And him and his partner felt comfortable rezzing even though there were still shots coming in.
  12. Restriction Zone Timer

    I've seen the play on Xbox and that's probably a fair point except I think what you really want is faster looting and better controls for gunplay. The looting on Xbox is incredibly slow compared to PC, so it takes a while just to pick up basic gear. If you're forced to fight someone that's another 30-45 seconds lost.
  13. Why can't I hit him?

    Assuming there's even a mechanic for changes in drop for bullets that are not perpendicular to the pull of gravity in the game the effect would be a sliver of an inch for a shot at a 5 degree decline at 100m. It would not account for bullets disappearing when aimed directly at the center of a downed, stationary target. The only thing that would explain this to me is some type of severe desync, a glitch, or an unrendered object blocking the shots at the shooters end or the targets end. This felt a lot like the time where you'll be shooting at someone over the top of a rock and the bullets are impacting in the air a foot above the rock.
  14. Plane altitude

    About 1.7km in the old map if you auto-open, maybe assume 1.5 on the new map.
  15. The end is near... for me.

    Trading kills is one of those things that SEEMS like it would be a good idea but is a lot more frustrating when it's actually in. If it was in PUBG, assuming you were on each end roughly 50% of the time you were involved in a trade kill ("he got me but I took him with me"/"I got him but he still killed me"), the cold comfort of taking someone with you would likely not outweigh the disappointment of dying even though you won a fight. Slightly off the main topic, of course.