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  1. How hard is it to buy a game in another region? my guess is, really fucking easy.
  2. You keep saying that, but you are still here.
  3. They might not use vpns now (chinese use vpns already), but they sure will if region locking comes. Also, its so easy to create artificial lag on your end making region lock useless. Ping lock and/or decent netcode is the solution. Until then, better learn to share your favourite sand pit with other kids.

    while the idea is not bad, this is a non issue. The game doesnt revolve around kills, so... potatoe, potato
  5. AK74

    I know that, im comparing ingame sks stats with ingame m14 ebr stats. If they changed curent SKS with an M14 skin, no one would notice. I dont know why you keep repeating that, im well aware of how silly the game separates ammo types.
  6. AK74

    I know they dont share ammo, but they are from same period. SKS stats are more in line with M14 tbh so ballancwise it would not change a thing.
  7. Games between seasons don't use MMR at all?

    Your sample size is way to small to make any conclusions. That aside, they said that MM is not 100% as intended.
  8. Cheating has killed this game

    so now you waist 100% of time by moving down teammates who might or might not be cheaters. Wow, you really got your priorities set.
  9. When bunny-hoping out-plays proper room clearing

    Yo do realize that market is saturated by twitch shooters and that PUBG is aiming to be on the more realistic side.
  10. AK74

    they are close in performance irl. The game cant completly emulate differences like ergonomics, ballance or gas system. OT: I would love to have modern AK variants. Its kinda boring how 9/10 games decides to put AKM as the low tech choice. An eastern biased gun list would be nice. I hope they will do something similar when new map comes. They should move current gun list to that map, and have a new sovbloc list for current map. M16A4 -> AKS-74 SCAR -> AK-12 M416 -> AN-94 M24 -> SV-98 SKS -> M14 M14 EBR -> SVD AKM -> M16 (not a1, first version) Etc.
  11. When bunny-hoping out-plays proper room clearing

    Yeah, but this isnt an arcady shooter. There should be some inertia to movement, not this shit.
  12. Remove Footstep Sounds

    no, but... a temporary ear ringing from firing very loud guns close to your head would result in making footsteps harder to hear. I know we wont ever get this, but a man can dream.
  13. When bunny-hoping out-plays proper room clearing

    didnt want to open a new thread, but this falls under the same "retared movement that should be changed"
  14. How can loot still be this broken?

    yes, please record and present your statistical evidence for your claim. In my experience, players remember negative parts of their experience much better than positive. They also tend to exagerate said negative parts often making them seem bigger than they really are.
  15. rain is too loud !

    so much this If it wasnt so constant i could live with loud parts, but being so loud all the time makes me exit to lobby almost every time.