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  1. looking at the bullet trough magnification scope on full size rifle like kar is a stretch at best. OT how would one even change brightness of red dot? can color be changed?
  2. Chinese players

    a psa for everyone wanting to get rid of ch players from na servers. If you want ANYTHING done about this, you better start being way above current behaviour, no matter how good or true your posts are, if you are on the same level as the toxic laggers and cheaters are, NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE YOU SERIOUSLY. Do yourself a favour and add a little bit of culture to your posts, it will go a long way in getting what you want.
  3. Chinese players

    well if you want comunication you install disco or ts and team up with thousands of players like yourself. Thats what we, eurotrash, do if we want to play squads, we dont expect to be placed in the squad with someone who has a working mic, let alone speaks english ant yet, you will find 0 euro posts about this "problem" what are they doing on NA server you ask? well, whatever they are doing (some legit and some not so legit reasons) they are mostly using their right to play anywhere in the free world as a free human. Yeah, it might be a bit intrusive, but the rest world is already used to this freedom and democracy, you will get used to it fast. Ping lock, now thats something i agree with you completly, the sooner they put it in the game, the better.
  4. Chinese players

    its good to see that many NA players are working hard on keeping the american stereotype live and true. Noice
  5. The main issue is that barret is not accurate enough to primarily be used as anti personel sniper. If you want a 50BMG sniper there are far better options. And if we want to use it as an anti material rifle, we would need a more realistic vehicle mechanics, not just hit points and car explosion when it reaches zero. It looks cool, but it has no place in pubg. Yet.
  6. I would never gat any BP this way. This game is not about killing, so making BP restrictions based on kills is wrong. On cheating, the best way would be to have everything important and exploitable done on server instead on the client. WOT did this, and other than sam ugly ass mods, the game is cheater free for years.
  7. BH blocking VPNs??? Might as well just shoot themselves in the foot... Never gonna happen.
  8. ...and everyone else who wants or needs to play outside their region, while doing nothing about domestic lag abusers and cheaters. Seems like a half assed solution to me.
  9. So how is this different from obligatory region lock? A solution whose efficiency was debunked in dozens of topics by now.
  10. So all hackers will choose "dont use region lock". Brilliant.
  11. wouldnt ping lock solve lag abusers from china much better than just to dump them on "international" server? You didnt say, how will you force cheaters and lagers to actualy play on that "international" server? I have 0 friends from china btw.
  12. The same way they can afford buying pzbg every time they get baned.
  13. Yeah, dump it on someone else. You want to create a server where all cheaters and lagers will be (how will you force them to actualy play there is beyond me) and just call it international server? So people who really want to play with someone from other region will have to use infested servers, and quoting you, will be happy about it? Your "solution" actually solves nothing, just shifts the problem away from you. Talk about selfishness. Bravo!
  14. so your solution is to "drop it on someone else"? how convinient. Also, region lock will do nothing about lag abusers, and people who want to play anyway will just use VPN, as they already do. So to sum up, Region lock will not stop cheaters, they will just use vpn. Region lock will not stop lag/ping abusers, its far too easy to generate fake lag on your end. Real solution is ping lock, better net code and constant battle against cheaters. Region lock is like fishing with dynamite. Totally wrong tool for the job.
  15. where would those intermational servers be? wouldnt they have the same cheating problem as local servers?