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  1. The main issue is that barret is not accurate enough to primarily be used as anti personel sniper. If you want a 50BMG sniper there are far better options. And if we want to use it as an anti material rifle, we would need a more realistic vehicle mechanics, not just hit points and car explosion when it reaches zero. It looks cool, but it has no place in pubg. Yet.
  2. 1. Play fpp. 2. Turn off ingame chat. 3. Join discords/Ts to fill your squad with people you understand. 4. Take a break from the game if its degrading your mental health. 5. Wait for fixes and improvements, they will come and at no cost to you, the player. 6. ??? 7. Profit.
  3. Release the Game before it dies.

    2mil+ concurrent players will melt away in 2, 3 months? yeah, when hell freezes over and pigs fly. There are games which have much less players in total, and they exist for years.
  4. Release the Game before it dies.

    i have dislexia as well, i also have a common sense to spell check some words i suspect i writen wrong (i checked how to write dislexia for this post) You need to up your posting quality, most people, me included, will not even bother to read that mess you call a post.
  5. I would never gat any BP this way. This game is not about killing, so making BP restrictions based on kills is wrong. On cheating, the best way would be to have everything important and exploitable done on server instead on the client. WOT did this, and other than sam ugly ass mods, the game is cheater free for years.
  6. This game is awesome

    a positive topic, nice! I am, just like OP, a bad player, but i love the game. Yes, sometimes i die to a cheater, sometimes i die to desync, but mostlly i die because i suck ass. In spite of this, im having fun, and only because this game allows noobs like me to win and kill, I just need to adjust my tactics a bit. Region lock people dont want to see or just dont care that their solution is void. The game WILL improve, we just need to wait. Unfortunatley, the loudest people are entiteld spoiled whiners.
  7. BH blocking VPNs??? Might as well just shoot themselves in the foot... Never gonna happen.
  8. i agree with you both that this method will have an impact on the number of cheaters. I however dont think it will be effective enough to justify the time spent on doing it and consequences it will trigger. Your goals are noble but your methods are wrong. Think of it as putting a band-aid on a open wound. Sure it might make it look better, but it wont fix it as propper stiching and dressing.
  9. Yes, if 10% of cheaters got their cheats by looking at the kill feed and/or ladder board im mickey mouse.
  10. Not true, 30 seconds is all i needed to find a youtube pubg cheat advertisement that was posted on 27th October with 4.7k views. Quite fresh no? Also, that same user has 5 different cheat advertisements in last 30 days. Hint: use filters while searching and select newest videos
  11. How will baned strings stop them from being on the top of the list? If im searching for a hack and i happen to check the PUBG ladder to find my go to hacker, i would just google his name, i doubt it would matter if he has qun, kun, 9un, or magic unicorn in his name, google will find it.
  12. ...and everyone else who wants or needs to play outside their region, while doing nothing about domestic lag abusers and cheaters. Seems like a half assed solution to me.
  13. So how is this different from obligatory region lock? A solution whose efficiency was debunked in dozens of topics by now.
  14. I hope a big studio buys them

    BH didnt stop working on the engine AFAIK. Yes, no wonder fortnight works better, its more simple, less demanding and is made on in house engine.
  15. You seem like a strange person, but if someone wanted to cheat PUBG, they would certainly not play the game until they got killed by a hacker so they can remember his advertised name. People know about you tube, google, reddit etc. Advertising in pubg is the least efficient way of attracting new customers.