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  1. The main issue is that barret is not accurate enough to primarily be used as anti personel sniper. If you want a 50BMG sniper there are far better options. And if we want to use it as an anti material rifle, we would need a more realistic vehicle mechanics, not just hit points and car explosion when it reaches zero. It looks cool, but it has no place in pubg. Yet.
  2. jurajemajl

    Discussion: September Update

    agreed, but why would he lie about anomalies on spawn island? he has nothing to gain from this. Im inclined to believe him, hackers who want to keep customers must have cheats ready on patch day, and what better way to test your code than test server?
  3. jurajemajl

    Discussion: September Update

    how can you live in 2017 and be so oblivious. Just google it, search youtube, read hackers forum. Yes, many people claim every death on cheaters, but there are much more than BH would want us to believe.
  4. rather useless in a game that has no armored vehicles, and vehicles that we do have ether work or explode. As anti personel rifle its pointless and bad.
  5. *me every time i see barret as sniper in fps games
  6. Pls dont revert it back. Crcle ending 9/10 times inside the mainland is boring. Finally some of the coast towns see some action.
  7. PUBG truly has the potential to popularize different kinds of small arms, given its huge playerbase, and a gamer as the brain of the operations.
  8. Agreed, variety is the spice of life And dont get me wrong, i would like to see old guns added as well. Kar98 is legendary, but its time to introduce some other less known but still epic rifles, Mondragon? Ljungman? K31 swis watch of bolt actions, every snipers wet dream?
  9. Or an SVD. Like literally the rifle designed to give a squad a bit longer reach, the original DMR. Why have they gone with the ugly ass SKS i have no idea. Also, can we please, for once, have an assortment of modern rifles which are not strictly the same guns in every shooter game to this date. FNC (5.56) maybe something from SIG family, (5.56) or Daewoo K1/K2 (5.56) And lastly i beg you, please put some modern AK variants, AKM and AK-47 are 60 years old (67 from first production AK -47), it is so boring to play them in every game. Literally, every other version of the AK would be so much interesting AK-74M, AK-74S, anything from the AK-1xx line (both 5.45 and 7.62), why not the epic 107/108 wariant with almost no recoil (ok, that would be OP, forget it, but its so cool)