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  1. Compass Needs Color & Make Sizable!!

    There are different teams for different parts of the game. One dev team can certainly address this in their spare time which I'm pretty sure is a simple coding for an expertise in which they have :). If they can make crossshairs a different color, I don't see why they can't do the same to the compas.
  2. Network lag detected

    Same here, came to see if anyone else is having issues. There was an update earlier today I believe.
  3. How Random is the R in RNG?

    There's a spot in the Ruins where there's always a rifle. I don't jump there 100 percent of the time but I think it's safe to say like 90 percent of the times it's there.

    Something is already being done They made a new rule "No teamkilling" lol It's kinda funny, instead of like putting something IN-GAME to prevent/dissuade from teamkilling, they did the lazy approach and just added the rule to the list lol
  5. What's with all the negativity?

    I can't wait till they officially release the game though lol. If the negativity still persists, it's most likely the games fault. Right now sure, keep using the excuse that it's still in BETA. Nothing wrong with that, it's a valid point.
  6. I think the logic behind that is, if they "fix" it then your gun would be sticking out of walls and such
  7. But I like knockdown kills =/.. It's like killing the person twice lol
  8. Melee overhaul?

    Just any close quarters interaction in this game is awkward
  9. Favorite Weapon combo

    I use to love the UMP but I think they nerfed it or something. Hell it was even the first weapon I ate chicken dinner with.. Lol but lately, I've been winning with the uzi. Thing is friggin OP at close range ha, but I think eventually they will look at the statistics and be like "Hm... There are quite a lot of people using the uzi these days, we better nerf it like we did with the UMP" Annnyways, uzi and any assault rifle besides the AK lol..
  10. New Weapon Idea....

    Lol but cowboys use to do it, so it can't be all THAT unrealistic =D. Practical? No but like many other things in game. Would be fun to have dual wielding pistols. But it'll never happen. They decreased the fire rate of the 9mm pistol so a dual wielding will be the opposite direction of what they're trying to do in the first place =/
  11. mini14 - what do you think?

    I just got a few kills with it. I really like the sound of it, like a DINGGGGG lol.
  12. Shift+space crouch Jump Nerfed.

    Lol not sure if breaking a glitch is considered "one step back"
  13. Update or RAM Upgrade?

    Sad day if you need to upgrade ram. $300 of ram today is equivalent to $130 of ram last year =/
  14. Update or RAM Upgrade?

    I was exporting a video in photoshop, opening up 75 tabs in Chrome, and had PUBG opened. I was using 20gb/32gb lol. So unless you're a heavy multi tasker, 32gb is still fun to have =D