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  1. Throw away the VSS

    Kinda sucks it can only used the fixed scope and cant take a different one.
  2. Your servers are absolute trash

    H1Z1 started out similar to this, lag and desync but was resolved only near a year into being out. Hopefully they make the games response super snappy.
  3. Camera Improvements/Shoulder Switching

    H1Z1 was like this in the beginning it took forever to pick up stuff and open doors and get in vehicles. Then all of the sudden it was fixed. Im sure its no a connection problem.
  4. Character View Bug from Parachute

    I too have posted about this, seem to have been shrugged off.
  5. Game does not read the .ini file from APPDATA

    No more foliage removal.
  6. Server Lag Report Thread

    Had random lag and started with connection detection problem or whatever the new lag indicator says.
  7. Server Lag Report Thread

    Network lagg detected, joined and couldnt move then coold move then couldnt... Ugh.
  8. How about some sky scrapers? I mean not every building has to have an entrance but give it the feel of towering buildings 10+ floors high and maybe have a few that can be explored and maybe have rooms that are not accessible or something. The map now could be reworked to add in some of these buildings it just seems so cookie cutter styled with almost every town having the same style house, just wipe one of the towns and make an actual city of it. Im sure it would add more kill fun.
  9. I started a thread similar to this, and have had little to no response. I agree with you 100% the hip fire aim is kinda dumb imo. You basically just hold the weapon and fire for hipfire mode why have it be able to zoom as well. I cant zoom in with a real weapon from hip fire lol.
  10. Reward Crates

    I too think there should be different tier items for price of crates and be able to buy them at any given time other than it going up a box, let people decide what tier box they want to buy and have like 1-4 good items per box tier that people will try to get for buying that type of box.
  11. Why should weapons not be charged when dropping them?

    I personally dont think its bad to drop a weapon of which you have ammo for and it lets you keep all the ammo you have collected and dropping an empty gun on the ground. Saves time and time is life or death in this game.
  12. Toggle Zoom

    So as of right now, you can tap your mouse to bring up your scope. Hold it in for a 3rd person perspective zoom or just hip fire. I dont find the 3rd person perspective very helpful. Can we get a toggle zoom tick box in settings? Id like to Hold my right click to zoom in and release to go back to normal, If others enjoy 3rd person perspective zoom then let them keep it but let us "Old School Guys" have ours too.
  13. Night / Weather

    Need flash lights and NVG to add to weapons. Or even eyes.
  14. Ideas and Suggestions

    Agree with 5-7.
  15. Random Circles

    So I was just thinking about a new game method instead of continuing to shrink the circle make it where everyone must fight to get to a random circle and have an allotted time to get there. And make the circle pop up in random spots. And everyone who isnt in the circle dies a little bit at a time or until dead. Just and Idea.