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  1. Epileptic in a car

    As many of you have experienced this, seems like the Flinstones are trying to put the breaks on like old fassion. Oh wait.... guy seems to be epileptic somehow lol. Epileptic2.mp4
  2. You can't do much in big towns. I've set the game at lowest settings and I still have 30 fps or so. There are too much graphics to load and render so for now, I try to avoid big cities when there are too many players.
  3. Best settings for mid range PC?

    and how many fps does it gives you with those settings?
  4. Screenscale I've set it to 100. Some have tried 115 and seems less blurry. Don't go under 100. I tried it many times and it's blurry like hell. If you want to go lower, I think you need to lower your resolution.
  5. Correct. Mine is a I7-4770k + GTX 970 + 16GB RAM + SSD
  6. Best settings for mid range PC?

    Try medium settings with Shadows at very low. Yo might play with 70 to 100 fps now.
  7. I'm currently testing medium settings with Shadows at very low. Decent 70 to 100 fps. I would recommand it instead of simply playing with lowest config. That being said, my VRAM is at 3gb when playing with those configs.