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  1. Can enemies hear the grenade cook?

    Thanks for the replies !
  2. This has probably been answered before but cant seem to find it. So...can enemies hear the grenade getting cooked before thrown say they are on the other side of ur wall ?
  3. This...

    Very true but how about, ``insanely stupid lucky timed ?`` gotem
  4. Preformance issue in FPP

    My friend an i have played a couple of games in fpp. He's having insane preformance issues causing the game to freeze whenever he opens his inventory or drives in a car ( render issues?) yesterday the game threw him out because of network lag even tho the internet connection is somewhat stable. Anyone seen any thing like this in their game ?
  5. I died to a door ? what

    Happened to anyone else ? http://plays.tv/video/597f8bee032909c6b9/so-doors-kill-you-now-great?from=user
  6. My teammate's got an m249 which blew up the uaz that was covering the enemy. it's just... amazingly timed http://plays.tv/video/597d17cbb28ab30481/right-in-the-dick-d?from=user
  7. servers down?

    cant get into any servers for the past 15 minutes Moderator Update
  8. This was not a hit..?

    it could have something to do with what @SaltySeaWolf posted. thank you for the reply btw.
  9. This was not a hit..?

    good news found the clip http://plays.tv/video/5974ec15742e44968c/k?from=user
  10. This was not a hit..?

    hvnt returnet to the thread because ive been working all week yes the shot was taken right before this photo unfortunatly the video is now gone since i didnt save it on plays and automatically dissapears. Tbh i have no idea what happened but thanks for all the suggestions on what migh have happened
  11. This was not a hit..?

    i went frame by frame on my recording trying to figure out why i did not hit him. the picture shows the scope angeled as the recoil hits from firing. There were no blood splats on the enemy after the shot was made and he did not move from that position for about 1 .5 s after the shot. xplain dat note: i did not die before the bullet hit him, he killed me a few seconds later with his nade ( you see him throwing)
  12. So i bought 4 crates at the same time after saving up some points.... wtf