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  1. BULLET PENETRATION- when will we get it?

    this is true...it will also go through metal... but there is a small chance depending on the hit zone on the actual bullet...it will get deflected depends on angle mostly
  2. do you have video of this said...wall hack? i think its mostly a desync issue
  3. Is the community turning toxic?

    there is thousands of people that play and don't post on the forums.....
  4. What is this game supposed to be?

    i don't see the problem here lol.... he heard you running up and waited for you around the corner......quit being lazy and check your corners
  5. Fun has officially died for me. Im done

    you guys just want an easy die...respawn...die ......respawn...die COD type of game... quit complaining about campers....this is a camping game
  6. Fun has officially died for me. Im done

    lol most complainers would like it so that everyone in the match would stand in a line....and head shot everyone to win they don't understand the use of tactics ...mostly guerrilla warfare.. every tactic used in a game of death is legit..
  7. Fun has officially died for me. Im done

    i was was dropped on an island and i had to kill everyone to survive and be the last one standing..... i would be a dick too...
  8. i wish they would add both maps at the same time....
  9. ez heart attack 101

    makes no sense
  10. question

    just play the game....best way to learn FAST.....
  11. question

    they are adding a training grounds in an upcoming patch i believe..
  12. question

    you cant....not yet anyways you will be able to rent servers in the near future hopefully...
  13. Black Background

    i liked the black background in the forums......
  14. When can we expect the new map?

    well they already made 2 maps......so they will be adding them probably end of month well at least the desert map for sure....the winter/jungle map shortly after
  15. first person only server coming!

    ohh fak...wait till they start complaining about 1st person..... waa waa i want hit markers...hit markers....waa waa