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  1. PLEASE make the plane QUIETER

    It is so damn loud, I have to remove my headphones and I can still hear it too much with them laying in my lap, and my testicles even complain. Thx much and Godspeed!
  2. It's starting...

    Never been intentionally TK'd before, and now it's happened twice in two games. The children have arrived, but where's the forgive / punish button? Please, think of the children...
  3. Please don't add any obnoxious skins...

    I don't disagree with what you wrote. I just hope at the very least there is a "hardcore" mode that removes all the colorful stuff so the playing field is even. Anti-social players can't stand a level playing field, it's like garlic to dracula to them, so if they add all the stuff that makes them money but allows me to turn it off somehow, i'm happy, but a game mode where the clothing colors are as they are today would be best imo. To add, certain skins are banned in LoL competitive because they create balance issues. That is a real danger if you let players customize every article of clothing to every possible color. So there's the competitive angle to think about as well, good points.
  4. Hacking and Cheaters

    I hate how script-kiddies are called hackers. It's like calling a terrorist who bought a rocket a rocket scientist.
  5. Skins are fun and profitable to be sure, but please take a long hard look at how CS:GO does this. It is my fervent belief that by adding in the types of skins we see in H1Z1 that allow full body customization, you will cause two massive negative side effects with no virtually no-upside. 1. You will attract unwanted behavior Nothing seems to trigger kids to act like complete assholes than having an avatar that looks like a complete asshole. CS:GO recognized this long ago and only allows guns to be customized. Something about allowing players to completely change their whole appearance into whatever super-villain they want to represent seems to give them all the license they need to hide behind their anonymous creation and be complete anti-social morons. 2. You will attract unwanted players Similar to #1, certain players who are at the extreme ends of the ADD spectrum (a condition I can sympathize with) get bored very easily with games that look more realistic, or better yet they won't pick them up at all. Please keep that look going, you are off to a great start. H1Z1 and Payday games both have a huge problem with attracting anti-social players. The biggest risk is to your newbie population who will run into these kinds of anti-social players and will stop playing early and as such you'll lose word of mouth advertising. If you absolutely have to add these in, please, please please add an option (default for your newbie's sake) to not show customizations that OTHER players have on, except for maybe guns / melee weapons.
  6. I've died several times to close quarters combat because the other guy seems to just twitch left and right in a chaotic fashion. The biggest problems are that a) there is no fluidity to the movement, the players literally just seem to warp left to right and it's a crapshoot if i'm going to hit them before they hit me. Guessing the tickrate is too low to allow fluid movement. Secondly, the player's animations do not give any cues as to which direction they are going to strafe to. Maybe this is also a symptom of the tickrate. I love strafing in the heat of battle, and I do it myself all the time, but I hope you're aware of how erratic it is in PUBG compared to other games. Keep up the good work.