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  1. The next big patch, what do you want?

    I want autofire bug fixed . Dunno why is it ignored for so long im tired that gun fires 1- 3 bullets then stops even though it's on autofire
  2. Why water is still not fixed ?

    Salty it's not true bullets are hitting ok if you're swimming i lit up the guy swimming today easy mode .... How ever if he starts swimming under water and even if its just 1 cm under water hes safe
  3. dunno but early combat is still shit and mostly luck who 'll get the lag or who not and internet is not the issue on my part
  4. aiming bug?

    Hmm yea happend to me aswell didnt notice it untill i watched your clip ! I thought that happend because i died but obviously not ? . Also have anyone notticed wierd patterns in shooting . For Example the guy is standing still u aim directly into him from like 20 meters from behind i shot and bullet missed even though i was aiming for his body not head . I would say if i'd fuck up and panic and ruin my spray pattern or anything but first shot at the standing still target misses from 20 meters what ?
  5. States of EU's servers

    Okay honestly servers ran smoothly for me but then 2 patches ago after patch things started to work horribly both NA and EU servers . Even after this update problems are even worse . What started to happen to me after this patch every start of the game when i run into house i press F to open the doors and it teleport's me like all the way upstairs or something like that . And it's not even bothering me . What bothers me is PVP early game interactions with other player on start is so laggy that it comes to point when most of the time u just pray that you dont lag or desync. The other day i kill 2 players with UMP running smoothly with autoshooting no bug . 3Rd guy comes across i start shooting with ump in his back. My gun snaps out of auto mode stops shooting the guy literally starts teleporting left and right and the next thing i know im dead . I mean i love the shit out of this game but things like that are killing my will to play . And what i've noticed yestrday i pvped with 1 guy on the start he shoots me with shotgun hits me and i kill him with UMP and im on full HP despite bloody holes in my body ???
  6. Server Lag Report Thread

    why are you all even bothering because game is unplayable atm fucking unreal
  7. Hello we need that option because music gets annoying with the time ! PLZZZZ
  8. Server Lag Report Thread