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  1. Doesn't necessarily have to have the same amount. I just like customizing. The more the better ya know? Don't know if they just hadn't gotten that far yet in development or if this was all we were getting. Either way, still loving the game. And looking forward to see it continue to grow. Will cross my fingers
  2. Honestly now that I think of it, all weapons should have at least 4 attachment slots. Just IMO though I guess, would just add more depth to the game id think. Makes me nuts you cant put more on an AKM. S1897 would just be so sweet looking fully decked!
  3. I would have thought adding more to the weapons would be a good thing, so many naysayers online, I forgot lol. Those are suggestions. Honestly if they were purely aesthetic I'd still love to have the stuff. And I think it would still be weaker than the S12k even fully decked as I suggested. And if you potato like me, another shot or 3 would be handy sometimes lol. And if you don;t have a choke yet, taking people down can take a lot of shots. Jus sayin
  4. Honestly I've never played R6 Seige, just a logical implementation I'd say, and would make the Pump more fun I think. And if you don't like the Pump, then you have a place to put a lot of attachments for another gun until you find an upgrade/AR. Help save inventory space while gearing up!
  5. Hello there, I don't know if this has been suggested before. If it has then let this be my contribution to the cause as well. Also I am not sure if this is something that is planned anyways, but let me get my 2 cents in. So I love S1897, don't know what it is but like the pump in this game more than I do most. Feels good, looks beautiful, but the thing only has 2 attachment points, which I believe is should have 4 and be a fully upgrade-able weapon. Shotguns are often fully customized in the real world for home defense and by hobbyists, and I think it should be in PUBG as well. Personally it would make me very happy, but would also help put more found attachments to use and would be a great gun to start building up if you found one early on. So what would that look like? Well let me show you. 4 Slots. I will list which attachment should go where and somewhat what they should do. Here goes. Attachment Point 1:--- Muzzle Attachments = Choke or Barrel Extender. Choke of course works as it currently does, Barrel Extender: +3 Ammo Capacity. (Aesthetic change: Barrel Extender makes the "Shell Tube" equal length to the main barrel.) Attachment Point 2:--- Grip Attachments = Vertical Fore grip and Angled Fore grip. Vertical Fore grip: Slightly faster firing speed Angled Fore grip: Reduces time it takes to switch between hip-fire and scoped views. (What it currently does) (Aesthetic change: Obvious) Attachment Point 3:--- Optics = Self explanatory. Should be able to put any optic on, although anything over a Red dot or a Holo probably won't help much, should still be able to throw it on there. Attachment Point 4:---Stock Attachments = Bullet Loops or Tactical Stock. Bullet Loops: Work as they currently do. Tactical Stock: Either works as it does for the M4, or slightly increase effective range. (Aesthetic change: Also obvious). This one could be the same item that is used for the M4 stock, so it will be useful for more than just one gun. So there's my hope. I'd love to get be able to build up my pump. I don't think any of this would over power it in the least but would make it a lot more fun to play with. I'll add some images of how it would probably look fully upgraded. Thanks for your time in reading and hope other like the idea as well. Thanks!