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  1. I believe the game is so fun because it accomidates all skill levels.
  2. What if everyone starts with 30 seconds of time where you dont take damage from the gas. It would encourage players to stay ahead of the gas in the early game so they could use the time in the end game where the gas is extreme.
  3. Aiming help.

    On the 4x don't aim with the tip of the arrow. Think of the arrow as a hat and place it over the targets head.
  4. Gun stops shooting?

    Lost a squad game last night because of this bug.
  5. Weapon will not fire/Select Fire Issue

    Positive its not on burst. I have been getting this bug since the beginning of early access.
  6. Weapon will not fire/Select Fire Issue

    If I shoot the UMP on full auto at a wall or the sky it never jams up, but as soon as I start shooting at a player, it will frequently stop firing until I relase and click down again. It might be when player A gets shot and the server thinks you are dead so it stops the gun?
  7. I have had this same problem. Seems to happen more frequently on the south end of the map.
  8. Guide For NEW PLAYERS

    On the zeroing thing. One small thing I can contribute. If you are using a 4x scope. Set it to 200m. Any target closer then that use 2x scope or one of the non zooming sights.
  9. Okay, Okay, I Give Up

    Unfortunately you need an nvidia card to run this game properly. The amd cards cant handle smoke and shadows in this game for whatever reason.
  10. Personally in a survival game I think first person is a LOT more realistic then 3rd person.
  11. 1st person information

    My squad is dying for 1st person servers.
  12. Character View Bug from Parachute

    Ok i solved the problem for myself. I took out the -sm4 in my launch commands which was reverting back to dx10. Havent had it happen yet. I left the cpu core command.
  13. Character View Bug from Parachute

    I can confirm this bug when you try and float out parachuting but not when you go straight down. Everytime i float out to the military base i get it. This bug forces you to fly straight down which is ruining the game. Plz fix asap.