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    This is actually happening to me too. I get in a gun fight and it lags just long enough for me to die. Probably the netcoding.
  2. Team indicators

    Yes, please change this. I would like the death symbol of team-mates changed too; make less visible or just gone all together. I've had it, more than once, happen that the enemy is standing in front of or behind a dead team mate and I cannot see the enemy because of the symbol.
  3. Downed Suggestions

    Please no COD.
  4. Claymores

    Read the post above yours.
  5. Claymores

    ^ Like dog man said, not good for this type of game; Also, promotes super camping and doesn't require any skill to get a kill (place and forget). Also, in real life, claymores have a trip wire, a detonator switch, or a timer, they do not have a proximity sensor.
  6. Add new Snipers.....

    I like the Dragunov idea, but the Barrett, as much as I love the actual weapon, would be hard to balance (IMO). Body armor doesn't stop a .50 Cal...and the Barrett has hardly any recoil and is semi-automatic. The gun would be the most ridiculous weapon in the game. The gun kills you, even if you get hit in a limb. The Barrett .50 Cal produces ~6x the kinetic energy of the 7.62 NATO. If there was such a body armor that could stop a .50 Cal, you would still die from the impact.
  7. Having to quit a match is not fun..

    All I see is a lot of crying because the choices you made went against you. You don't have to drop a specific place, you don't have to loot certain items, you don't have to engage enemies, you don't have to "save your team", you don't "have to quit". You chose all those actions and they all come with consequences. If you don't like the game, you can quit, you already quit matches because of the blue zone. I personally have not quit matches because of blue zone, and I've had terrible zones on the other side of the map like EVERYONE ELSE. It is random, it is fair, the game is skill based in the sense of aiming, engaging, moving, decision making.
  8. New Recoil On ARs Is Too Much (AK especially)

    Cheaters will be cheaters.
  9. New Recoil On ARs Is Too Much (AK especially)

    Are we talking about in game or IRL? IRL, AK kicks, but not like people think, easily controllable. M16, M4, Scar all have....such small kick, you don't notice. The 5.56 series guns feel like I'm shooting a gun filled with springs, the kick is almost non-existent, no clue how you could miss the target. It seems the kick in game is for "Balance" and so, I agree that they should be slightly lowered. I have been getting sprayed by SMGs from quite a distance, lately, and losing when I have an AR. I'm not a god when it comes to aiming, but when they can full auto and kill you almost instantly and you need to pray for good RNG AR kick, even single fire, it seems a little un-balanced. ARs are more rare and higher damage; therefore you should win a fight vs SMG at almost all range. (Again, not god aim, just saying they should reduce the recoil on ARs slightly) Or maybe I need to start executing (getgud.exe).
  10. Premium for PUBG and Premium servers?

    Harassment right there ^ Also, did you just assume my gender?
  11. Premium for PUBG and Premium servers?

    I guess you don't know what harassment is. " the act of systematic and/or continued unwanted and annoying actions of one party or a group, including threats and demands." So by that case, your post is harassing me. Also, again, its not the servers, its the net coding. And to suggest you paid for your car and then need to pay a premium just so it runs properly is ridiculous.
  12. Damage immunity in the blue...

    exe.moreskills and you will be fine. The blue is unforgiving and random for everyone; also, you're not supposed to fight inside the blue. More people die to gunfire than the blue, not the other way around. There are so many issues with your suggestion, including, but not limited to, coding, players sitting in blue fighting just to stay alive longer (just a little damage at a time gives you 10 seconds for free), promotes bad play calling.
  13. Premium for PUBG and Premium servers?

    Do you work for EA? I just want to say, I hate your idea and I hate you...no seriously, I do. They don't need "better servers", the issue is the net coding is not optimized properly. Also, to suggest players fork over more money, and $100!!!! at that, you must have some pretty deep pockets or you milk mommy and daddy for things you want. Why would you charge your player base a premium if they want "better servers", unless you're EA...or maybe Ubisoft? I make a car and sell it to you, but it runs like shit (because of me, not you) but if you pay 300% more money to me, after purchasing the care, then I'll fix that car so it runs well.
  14. Good Job Collecting All That Armor!

    You are correct about the being able to fight, but it will knock your ass to the ground. It is described as being hit in the chest by a sledge hammer. Over all, I think the armor in game is fine the way it is.