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  1. stream name = ratpak I have a discord and I play FPP servers only would say a little better than avg for someone on my 55yrs
  2. Something not right since update

    apparently we don't watch the same streamers.
  3. Cheating has killed this game

    Not worth it bud, just put him on ignore like a lot of other people in the forum have. I feel bad for the guy, he has issues.
  4. Something not right since update

    I know the recoil on the AK is different but as for the rest I haven't heard of such a bug. All all I have played is solo and all of those are 1v1 so..
  5. The game looks like PUBG on acid. Wouldn't play it if you payed me. Watched some and it's not happening unless you are 10ysr old maybe.
  6. Why i gave up playing PUBG

    If you stopped playing, why in the hell do you keep coming back and posting. Nobody cares that you quit. Now take your little internet ego and leave already.
  7. Crouch Jump Gone?

    It's literally in this forum..top section..NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS simply unbelievable here is the link to the forum section in case you can't find that https://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/71046-early-access-week-26-update-september-19th-2017/?tab=comments#comment-238206 I'm amazed you can turn on your PC
  8. Still waiting for Kar nerf....

    that's third person and it's cut off at the end we can't see what the player was kill by and by whom he was killed.

    Well done and funny, nice find!
  10. for real people WastedWall literally posted a tweet from PUBG twitter account concerning the issue. Can you read?
  11. A grown up conversation about cheats

    which game glitches. The guy breaks windows before jumping out because he thinks going through glass without making a sound is unfair. As much as I watch him I fail to see any abuse of glitches. You will have to enlighten me.
  12. A grown up conversation about cheats

    Grimmmz who was being badgered by chat (reddit folks) showed on video how fast he can shoot in single fire mode. He did it twice and told them to post that on reddit. Popular streamers would be insane to use cheats like that knowing they could get caught, loose sponsors, viewers etc.