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  1. ratpak

    Parachute Bug FPP

    All I play if FPP and it doesn't seem to do it every game which makes it all the more frustrating. BTW I've hardly played at all since 1.0 because of all the bugs and rubber banding and lag. It's absolutely unplayable at times. so it's just now worth it to play at all.
  2. ratpak

    AUTO stuck on AS server.

    I'm in NA and it starts me is Asia also. Dev's need a map
  3. ratpak

    Discussion: September Update

    You are fighting a losing battle with these guys. Don't waste your time. They argue against common sense all the time.
  4. ratpak

    Community Mega Thread *POSTING RULES IN HERE*

    I made a public Discord channel for Old Guys. Feel free to use it anytime. This is a FAMILY FRIENDLY channel. https://discord.gg/XYHkznM steam name is ratpak I only play FPP, but feel free to use it for whatever
  5. Ditto, first time no buildings rendered and the ones that did where warpy. No it's not my PC. I5-6600k 16gb ddr4 2400 EVO 750 ssd Nvidia gtx 1070 overclocked
  6. ratpak

    Connected Waiting For Response....

    getting very old having to keep trying to connect to server
  7. ratpak

    Waiting for Response from Server

    seems there are quite a few players with this problem since last update
  8. ratpak

    Connected Waiting For Response....

    i5-6600 gtx1070 super clocked 16gb ddr4 2400
  9. ratpak

    Screen flicker since June 27 update

    do you have anything in the PUBG steam start up command section?