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  1. nVIDIA Freestyle

    inb4 someone calls it a cheat. Definitely going to give it a try.
  2. aren't they still using Amazon AWS services?
  3. Name and Shame the scum I say

    As I said in the PM, if you posted this video in the wrong section of the forums you deserve a warning. You have been in the this forum long enough to know the rules.
  4. Name and Shame the scum I say

    You are NOT supposed to post videos of supposed cheaters in this section. There is a problem when innocent people are called out, because their name is out and a lot of players will assume they are guilty when they are not. I report every video posted I see in these forums and thankfully many of those posts have been deleted.
  5. Name and Shame the scum I say

    Maybe because most of the videos I have seen posted aren't people cheating, it's the poster not realizing how bad the Death cam and replay function is in the game. I think if you post a video of a suspected cheat and throw their name out there and they are not a cheat you should be banned for 7 days! That would cut down on most of these moronic cheat video posts. Also videos are NOT supposed to be posted in this section. Apparently their are a lot of players not intelligent enough to understand that concept! Post that crap on reddit where it belongs.
  6. Well seeing how GOVERNMENTS can't prevent hacking you really expect game developers to be able too? Get a clue and join the real world.
  7. But hey I was wrong right guys! NOT!!!!
  8. Steam refund

    I don't want a refund, You have never seen me post wanting a refund. Please don't lump me in with your whining compadres and please try and make sense when you post, it will help a lot... k thx. It would just be nice to have a reasonably intelligent game forum to go to.
  9. Steam refund

    If you all get a refund, let us know by not coming back to the forums.
  10. What is this happend!?

    ya the guy has a serious .96 K/D he must be a cheater!
  11. recoil macro? the damn gun was bouncing all over the freaking place
  12. If people think this player was cheating than anyone who kills you is a cheat. His stats don't scream cheater as they are about the same as yours. You used in game replay/death cam and they suck. I can shoot that fast. Another stupid post!
  13. You have proof of this, please post link or verification other than a your statement.
  14. I don't think they can even access that part of their Steam account. http://www.pcgamer.com/steam-community-access-has-been-blocked-in-china/
  15. what do you think?

    which is leading to mass hysteria in the forums and unending stupid posts and videos in the forums! DON'T USE THE REPLAY OR DEATH CAM PERIOD!!! Get a third party program like OBS or Shadowplay. The in-game recordings are pure trash!