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  1. Crosshair adjustment options

    As long as the selection of crosshair types is available to everyone then it's your choice what to use, from a pre-defined selection only. This satisfies those who want to change and offers no advantage other than maybe to you personally simply because it suits you better. Colour changes at least would be most welcome though.
  2. Really looking forward to the shooting range, I think it's much needed to be honest, for several reasons already outlined by Bom-Bom above. Being fortunate enough to have grown up in the seventies I shot a lot of practical pistol when I was much younger, 45 ACP, Beretta, PPK etc. Most of this done on a site with mock up building fronts with the old terrorist pop-up targets in the windows. No, they don't shoot back but they're great target practice. I'd love to see something like this implemented.
  3. Comprehensive Controls List

    I was wondering if you could split ammo.. now I know, thanks.