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  1. Hi You got 15.000.000. sales and grossed 450.000.000... So why do u not optimize your game OAK.
  2. Wired or Wireless Mouse?

    Remember If you own a g 900 mouse to update the firmware to Software Version: 1.5.23 http://support.logitech.com/en_us/product/g900-chaos-spectrum-mouse/downloads
  3. The core of the game is broken, and they dont adress it, thats just bs... I think a lot of PUBG fans are waiting for a another battleroyal game without those issues. And then they will not be back... But then again bluehole have made a lot of money....
  4. Wired or Wireless Mouse?

    Im using a g900 and i had a g502... Ill never go back to a wired mouse
  5. Cheating has killed this game

    Hmm the gameplay is great, they can do something to the mid game, and something to healing up team m8ts in duos and squads... But the rest is a piece of shit... Cheater, desync, lag, client problems, glitches ect... They game will not be ready for release this year... And they will never ever fix it. They made optimizations one month in june, and the game is still garbage.. But the game play is great, and if another studio made the same without all the above ill never come back for PUBG.. Maybe a battleroyal in a western setting .....
  6. Thank you Epic and Fortnite

    Hmm i will love that more players go to play cartoon game, then maybe servers will not be soo stressed....
  7. Deeeeesync

    Hi This is bad, really bad coding...
  8. Can't walk/run until I jump.

    LoL i have the same thing, in the middle of a big fire fight And Dr Disrespect have the same thing tooo
  9. HI Close quarter combat is still a joke, i have about 130fps an i7 7700k and a 1080 ti with ssd... But when it comes to close combat, its the amount of lag that desids if you win or loose, not skill, not tactics.... Just lag OAK
  10. Ultrawide gains significantly extra FoV

    And what about 100,144 mz monitors, they clearly have an advantage... What about people with better cpu's, mechanical keyboard, high end mouse ect ect ect......
  11. 4 games and all end up here... I have played 488 hours of PUBG, and i never played an end circle in Zharki ???
  12. Ultrawide gains significantly extra FoV

    Yes as an 21:9, you gain additional Fov... Thats the reason u have bought a 21:9 display!!!!!.. If it is a big advantages, why do all the top players not play with it in cs and pubg ????? You can also reason that other players are much harder to hit, when things gets smaller, that's why I has an 21:9 player have my fov slider to 95.... IMO FOV is more a personal setting than a general, because if u are a good player, you will ALWAYS scan you environment left, right and up and down for players. And thats why i like bigger targets than bigger field of view!!! OAK
  13. Hi Its so fucking boring, that the circle often ends down south.... Why not north west or north east..... If you are engaged in combat early game, its soo fucking annoying to be punished by the circle every time, you go north.... OAK
  14. Skill 3pers vs FPP ?

    Hi Is there a skill gap between 3pers and Fpp, or is the game so different that its nonsens to talk about... I just wondered because when we play 3 person as a squad, we can easily get in top 10 and win, but in FPP we just get destroyed, raped ect.... OAK
  15. Soo why have any options for low, medium og high and Ultra settings then.... When people on low have so big an advantages. Shroud said waaaaauuu im really scared now because, players can hide in the shadows now, soo they are much harder to seee........ Like it should be.... Why build the hole game around low end pc's ???????. What about the rest.... OAK