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  1. Kar98 Headshots

    50 cent was supposedly shot 9 times. He lived...
  2. Fix shotguns

    I personally would not recommend the experience. I rate 2/10 would not do again.
  3. Kar98 Headshots

    In an attempt to make looting ammo easier the developers just designated these rifles 7.62 but they have different damage models. Hence the revolver vs say an m24. As for why is the K98 a 7.62 probably because the dimensions of an 8mm are 7.92 which is close enough to a 7.62 (1/3 of an inch difference)
  4. Fix shotguns

    Ever been shot by an ak47? Because I have. And yeah my armor stopped 5 of the 6 bullets... level 3a plates are rated for 7.62x51 NATO rounds. Ak47 shoots 7.62x39
  5. A Different Crate Drop

    I believe devs said they don't want mounted machine guns I think they should add a few more LMGs then just hand out of a UAZ and it serves the same purpose
  6. New Desert Map Train

    Balance would be the issue. If you hop in a UAZ me and a buddy can blow that up in short order. I have no idea how many bullets it takes to stop a train but I assume it is a lot.
  7. Kar98 Headshots

    A Kar98 is an 8mm round. Specifically it is 7.92x57 it actually packs a greater punch than the 7.62x51 NATO round or .308 a standard combat helmet does not stop a .308 round so it would not stop an 8mm mauser bullet neither. Also the face is considered the head by the game and a level 2 helmet does not protect that.
  8. Rare Handgun Drop

    I don't like the idea of using the 300 win mag ammo for that gun. I can live with "7.62" ammo being used for several 7.62 rifles but if you want a hand cannon it needs to be like a .50 desert eagle and maybe a s&w500 both can use .50 ammo make the desert eagle fire faster than the magnum but give the magnum a 2x scope or something like that.
  9. Better reward system for earning battle points

    The game rewards top 10. Kills eh you get a few points for kills but I think the BP system is fine
  10. Fix shotguns

    You realize 1 large grid is 100 meters on the map right? A shotgun should be able to reach out almost that far. The small grids are 10 meters your shotgun is zeroed for 25 meters 2.5 little grids... So why being a couple houses away makes you think you are safe from a shotgun I'm not sure besides COD has you thinking that you have to gut check someone with a shotgun to make it work. As for camping it is a legit strategy, this is a survival game killing is secondary to surviving. If this was a team deathmatch style game then yeah cry about campers. But at the end of the day I will take a choked o/u and sit at the top of some stairs in the circle and defend my newly found home and enjoy my chicken dinners.
  11. Fix shotguns

    Shotguns have been discussed in depth in other posts. But basically a 12 gauge hits at 75 meters harder than a .308 (7.62x51) by a factor of about 2. So while this may not penetrate the vest, (the force of a 308 commonly breaks ribs and causes internal bleeding.) So a shotgun at 20 feet vs an armored target your ribcage will probably shatter crushing your lungs and heart. Another way to think about it is a shotgun generates 2-3000 ft/lbs of energy at the muzzle. A 20 lb sledge hammer swung at 10 feet per second will net about 1000 lbs. So if you feel confident in your armor myself and 1 or 2 buddies will come over and you can lay on the ground and we will swing our sledgehammers at the same time and hit you in the plate. How quickly will you stand back up and shoot me with an ak47 I will provide you with?
  12. Gravity & BWOD (Blue Wall Of Death) on kill leaderboards

    Bluewall would be #1 always because it claims usually about 20 per game and never dies.
  13. Basements and caverns - what do you think

    "Well you don't have to be Stonewall Jackson to know you don't want to fight in a basement"
  14. Terrible Air Drop Decisions

    I am saying me personally. I use an UMP most of the time in final circles.
  15. Terrible Air Drop Decisions

    A Tommy is useless end game? Most of my last 3 circle fights are fought with an ump... not saying I am great or anything but I have several chicken dinners. I think snipers are most deadly early and mid game. Late game goes to ARs and SMGs and the occasional shotgun