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  1. Circle Changes

    When (likely 2021) everything is optimized this map is good for 150-200 players
  2. bad module crash?

    whats this? and why is the game so ugly for me? I have gtx 1080 TI.
  3. but in other games you find 5 level 3 backpacs and 3 scar L stacked on each other.
  4. or come on the live server untill the real 1.0 is released. cause its still better than what we have now on the live servers.
  5. why does this game keeps crashing the past few days and low framterate?
  6. you are saying that its bad because its early acces, but you don't have the problem, so your argument doesnt make sense.
  7. what does "its a great/or bad game" has to do with performance? people like you are dumb, you give your money to people and then say o well, just take it no need to give me anything in return or make it better. only thing you read on these forums is these dumb replies but no actual solution.
  8. can anyone explain why I have like 15-20 fps all day and yesterday (while other games work perfectly fine)? Why isnt there a comptetitor out there taking advantage of this? making a very good Battle Royal.
  9. first tell me why this is even in the game? it's only function is that it creates BS RNG. for example standing against a window, the camera goes into the head, blocking your view. absolute shit game, still after so many months of EA.
  10. cause apparently shooting a guy up close with a shotgun 7 times is not enough or shooting a guy with an m4 9 times. are these crate items? tell me?
  11. no fucking gun to be found

    again all fucking day no gun to be seen, doesnt matter where we land. and this game keeps crashing, today alone over 30 times.
  12. the depth of teammate is really bad. how many years do we have to wait for that to be fixed.
  13. Thanks for the research, i wish i was a coder