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  1. That's what the bug report section is aimed at. Obviously this section can be used to talk about it but keeping track of the myriad of threads that arise around each bug (or 'feature' if you want a more positive spin) is nigh on impossible.
  2. The patch removed the double footsteps for me, one was barefoot and the other was booted [I did notice that the barefoot and booted sounds were also different timings which sounded like someone was close but then it would sync up again.] That said, waiting for the plane at the large Mylta Power site there is still some weird sounds going on. People sound like they are running next to me when they are at least 50m away and vice versa. Not uniform though. Does explain the odd kills where my target should have heard me moving before getting the drop on them and likewise when someone has appeared out of nowhere in relation to me. What they said though. No need to bitch about it. Report the bug and move on to the next round
  3. Favorite Handgun

    Fully modded it's basically a mini Uzi. It's a ripper up close, I always carry one when I can.
  4. This is the best idea on this thread actually. For any topic people are passionate about. Not only in making it easier to show the dev's the amount of similar minded people there are but it would make the forums easier to navigate without coming across multiple similar threads.
  5. I just addressed my view on this in reply to Vladplaya. I don't oppose the shooting range, I just think that it won't be as beneficial as you think. If the dev's decided to implement it you wouldn't see me posting a complaint that they wasted time on something that wasn't needed. It's got nothing to do with a 10 yr old mindset, although to be fair 'I don't like it so no one can have it' is more of a 5 yr old mindset. Totally agree with you on the time taken to put emotes into the game. I had a play with them the first game on the test server after the patch and I can safely say that was the only time I will be using them. Still it would be funny to catch someone while they are using them in game
  6. You aren't forced to do anything. You have a choice. You can rush the crate and risk a frenetic encounter with everyone else who has the same idea. Smoke grenades are fairly good for this. You could could bait the drop and just pick the bones afterward. Stun grenades are fun for this. The last remark is not worth the effort mate. This game is proof that things can always be made better. I get your point and I'm not ignoring it. I was attempting to point out that getting better with any of the guns in the shooting range isn't, in my opinion, going to drastically up your game unless you are tactically ace and just shit with weapons. What are you even talking about? How is adding a completely separate practice mode, changes any of the RNG elements in the actual game? Nothing is changed, you still get random weapons, you still position yourself to get a kill... It's a completely separate mode and the only effect it would have in the actual game is obviously better player's skill when it comes to shooting, because they will be able to learn faster without wasting time in frustration. Is that a bad thing in your opinion? What I'm talking about here was in response to your earlier post: If you start the game looking for a 'decent' weapon you are kind of missing the point of the game. It's not about finding that weapon, attachment etc. If you play it way it will be infuriating and frustrating and, as I agreed, freaking idiotic. The game clicked for me when I stopped playing like that and started taking stock of where and when to jump, (depending on the play style you want). Then making tactical decisions based on what I get from the initial looting. Pistol and no armour? bug out to a different area if it's contested or run the risk of getting owned but the guy that got the shotgun/AR etc. If you get the latter then you can hunt the guy with the pistol. It goes on. For me the skill (or lack of to start with) became second fiddle to learning how to move across the map without having to engage others with an obvious tactical advantage be it better weapons, positioning etc. My point was that you are never going to learn that on a practice range. Your inference here is diabolical mate. I don't want people to suck till they get better through trial and error based on luck, in fact as I noted above, until they get the rest of it sorted they will still suck overall until they get better at moving, learning when to engage etc. There are a literal fuck ton of people who are better than me at the game! That is not going to change, actually it is. There will be even more people better than me at the game as time goes on. At 47 my reflexes are noticeably slower than they were 5 yrs ago and it's only going to go further south the older I get. It doesn't frustrate me how long it takes anyone to learn this game, I hold no belief that there should be an apprenticeship of sorts to be served. Also I don't believe I have wasted my time learning the game. I have for the most part enjoyed it, and I have some sense of achievement that I've gone form complete tool to being able to win a few games. I never set out to give a reason for telling you to just play the game the same as every other player before has done. That you can't think of why I posted what I did earlier is not really a concern of mine but you are way off base in assuming it's down to selfishness or a deeper personal problem. Probably could have gotten there faster if you had a place to practice eh? And guess what, if there was a place to practice, but you didn't want to use it, than you wouldn't have to, and it would change nothing. So again, I guess that only reason why you don't want it, so others can't use it, at which point why the fuck would you care, you said it yourself: just play the game. Already answered this, just quoting it to show how fallacious your reasoning is. I never said I didn't want a practice range for any reason, least of all just so others can't use it. My initial response was 'just play the game'. Let's face it, if there was going to be a practice range, it would likely have been in place by now. The very fact it isn't shows that the developers of the game see it as either unnecessary or it would be effort they could employ elsewhere. Rather than harp on on about it, go play the game. You will get more reward doing that than flogging the dead horse that is posting about the lack of a practice range on the forum.
  7. You'll kick yourself.... Go get the crates. Oddly, that's how everyone else has done it after all. I agree, what you describe IS idiotic. This game is not about getting a preferred weapon and setup every time you play it. It's about using what the RNG gives you plus tactical positioning (arguably more important than the load out) to get the kill and/or win. I'm not a quick learner, it took me ages to get to my standard and I wouldn't say I was great. Personally, who gives a shit what the 'pros' confirm stats wise? Play the game.
  8. Just a thought, you want to quickly increase your skill with different weapons then drop into hot areas. If you get an unfamiliar gun and can't use it, you will die rapidly. Not a 'waste' of 30 minutes, and you'll learn the guns faster. Also teaches you what a shooting range won't and that is accuracy under stress.
  9. or just do what every one has done since the start of the early access and learn playing the game.....
  10. I've just played with no shoes and with shoes. To me it sounds as though I get both barefoot and 'shoed' sounds regardless of footwear. Freaked me out the first time and yeah it's a bit of a ball ache but it's been escalated so until it gets sorted I'll just be a bit more jumpy.
  11. Elite Controller

    Bought one about 4 weeks ago, pre owned, from Game. £94 was a lot to sink on a controller but better than £120 I guess. Still, when you look at the build quality alone it's worth it. Compared to the standard controller it's leaps and bounds better. Still trying to get used to the paddles, I tend to use the two lower rather than all four. I use them for lean left and right while ADS, it is easier than clicking the thumb sticks. Aside from the build quality and the paddles, it's easy to configure within the xbox settings and you can have two profiles loaded at the same time. The only issue I have with it is when I forget to switch configs and start playing PUBG while using my Subnautica setup
  12. This is true. Out of desperation while working away and staying at a hotel with crap wifi, I had a couple of serviceable games using my 4G mobile....
  13. I'd go with this. Picked up a pre owned one the other week. Immediately notice the weight and the build quality compared to the standard controller. I like the changeable sticks too. Running 4 paddles I find a bit fiddly, I tend to flub two paddles at times (I'm hoping that's just a case of retraining) but two paddles is heaven for the lean aiming not just on pubg but it makes a huge difference for me on rainbow six siege. I did have to muck about with the trigger settings a bit as driving cars on the default settings made acceleration a bitch and top speed on each vehicle was lower than usual.
  14. Aye, I’ll hold my hand up to forgetting sometimes English isn’t everyone’s first language Reckon that’s a big part of arguments here on the forums.
  15. Disagree fella. The argument that Reshade was allowed so the fisheye manipulation that makes a red dot into an 8x must also be allowed is purely an exercise in semantics. It’s a blatant exploit, no matter as much a cheat as using macro’s for recoil comp. As Reshade is nothing to do with the game, people can’t expect it to be allowed after such an exploit is identified (unless it gets patched out of Reshade) regardless of the personal preferences of the users wrt the in game graphical options. You could have the best looking gaming experience with it but that next replay where you get taken out at extreme range by a guy with a red dot and I guarantee it will be rage inducing.