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  1. fobyac

    Lemme get this straight...

    You could infer that I suppose. I would go with they haven't decided how to implement the release of skins that are in locked crates on the PC to the xbox. There isn't a marketplace to trade them on and I rather think most people don't want to spend money on opening crates that are a gamble. Even the PC population aren't doing it as much anymore. Hence the price of the crates on the market. Ironically it will make the rarer skins more expensive on Steam but them's the breaks
  2. fobyac

    Lemme get this straight...

    Oh no, I understood. You stated incorrect information in an attempt to draw a parallel to Microsoft's views on selling skins. You did this across two posts however. I merely corrected your initial statement is all. Glad to be of help. Have a great day.
  3. fobyac

    Lemme get this straight...

    Whether the crate needs a key or not it's the same gamble when you open it. Most of the crates retail for £0.03 on Steam. I'm guessing people are buying them in the hope that they increase in price or are buying keys in the hope they get that 'good win'
  4. fobyac

    Lemme get this straight...

    Well I'm happy to be that 'one person' correcting bad info
  5. fobyac

    VSS OP

    Camping takes a while to learn properly. Lots more to it than just sitting waiting for someone to open a door, or walk close enough to the bush you are hiding in. A particular tactic doesn't make a bad player. Decrying said tactic as bad play is a better indicator. Most would just work out a means to counter it after all but if you'd rather make a generic statement about a situation, tactic or weapon then fair play. Can't seeing it making any difference mind.
  6. fobyac

    game too long and sometimes 'boring'

    Meh, change positions then. If you don't then you are doing exactly what irritates you in others. Or work with your team and hit them with 2-3 shots at the same time. No reviving that.
  7. fobyac

    Update settings

    Wrt the K/D did the leaderboards get reset with the patch? If so then you're likely getting lumped in with people with higher ratings. It will settle after a few days.
  8. fobyac

    Lemme get this straight...

    ^ This. Come on people, it's not difficult to look at other sections of the forum or use the search bar BEFORE ranting.
  9. fobyac

    Lemme get this straight...

    Nope. They stopped making them tradeable between accounts and they stopped the 3rd party site trade. You can still sell them on Steam marketplace.
  10. fobyac

    game too long and sometimes 'boring'

    You understand that Miramar was designed with sniping in mind to give a different experience to Erangel? Same as Sanhok is designed for more intense CQB. No point in having the same experience across such a limited set of maps.
  11. fobyac

    game too long and sometimes 'boring'

    Sanhok, in part due to the map size, has a much reduced circle time. I think it's 3 minutes for the first circle, not 5. Got caught out sooo many times when I first started playing. It also has a much more prolific loot spawn, kinda hard to drop somewhere and not get an AR and it seemed every other game I had a suppressed AR/DMR/sniper from the first or second building. Makes for a much more frenetic game. Only won once so far and that was luck that the other 2 smashed the crap out of each other and then the survivor ran around the corner in front of me to heal. Pretty much all it took was some harsh language to kill him
  12. fobyac

    VSS OP

    Persevere. Takes some time to get it dialled in but when you do...….. I can only think warmly of the salty tears caused by my kills with it on a silenced UMP/Vector 😈
  13. fobyac


    Intellivision was cool! There is a time and a place for retro, If I had the space I would get the old 2600 fired up just to point my son at when he complains about any game today
  14. fobyac

    VSS OP

    Too late to edit but I forgot to mention that the UMP is largely better than a VSS seeing as with the PTS changes you can fit a 6x on it, (actually not had the chance to try it yet on xbox but you can on the PC and no reason to think otherwise)
  15. fobyac

    VSS OP

    If you choose your engagements well it is a great gun. Same can be said of any of them really. It's a great ambush weapon but CQC? unless you have the extended clip and the reflexes of Black Panther or your opponent is not just a potato but an entire spud farm you are toast.