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  1. Nope. You are stating that no one should buy it. I’m saying that no one prepared to put up with it in its current state should. They are two different statements. I can explain it until the cows come home, it is however up to you to understand it.
  2. I'll repeat what I've said elsewhere in this thread. Bluehole do not get a free pass from myself. Bluehole made a deal with Microsoft so that Xbox gets a timed exclusive. Do you think that gives them any say over how Microsoft choose to market that title? Was it a marketed in the same manner worldwide? If you want to quote me, I'd suggest you do it correctly. I said I cannot feel sorry for people who cannot take some measure of responsibility for a bad decision. Xbox players should be buying the game IF they want to help make it better through it's preview phase. That does not equate to not checking if there will be any problems like NO LOCAL SERVER for instance. As I've made clear already, it's not like this was released on a different platform prior to the xbox preview release. It's not like the PC early access release hasn't been plagued by some pretty big problems. Not least of which is people playing outside their region. I've been fairly consistent I think, so obviously my mind is made up. It will stay that way until someone can provide a reasoned and cogent argument as to why I should. My head isn't up/in any of Bluehole's orifice's. I'm not blind to their faults as a company. The initial way they didn't deal with the hacking was woeful, more so the way they weren't more open with the community. It enabled a lot of bad feeling to develop to the point that every hinky death in game is likely to be classed as due to cheating. I don't agree with the loot system at all. The fact that the market exists is likely the cause of the majority of cheating and I am fairly vocal in my desire to see the market removed. What I can't abide is people constantly banging on as if everything that is wrong with their playing experience is down to the dev's. These people just come across as whiny, entitled individuals. They have a tendency to treat the game like it is a full release and demand that shit gets resolved immediately. Multiple threads on the same topic flood the forums rarely bringing anything new to an argument and for a lot, the idea of constructive criticism is a non starter. The bottom line is this: It's an early access/preview on BOTH platforms. If you're PC based the warnings are easily accessible on the store page. If you're xbox based it's not much harder to find out about the game prior to buying it. If you aren't happy with a guaranteed less than ideal playing experience whilst the game is in development, DON'T BUY THE GAME.
  3. Draconian measures aside, the biggest problem would be in keeping the data secure. You're talking about a massive amount of personal data that needs to be kept secure. Not only that, the player base is world wide so they would need to adhere to many countries different legislation regarding data protection. The overheads on keeping on top of all the legalese would be immense. It's not just a one time thing either as the rules tend to get adjusted over time so it would be a continual upkeep. There are instances where this kind of data is justified. Playing a game is not one of them.
  4. The company in this case seems to be Australia Xbox not Bluehole. I agree totally that marketing it so aggressively is wrong but equally, to target the wrong company is also incorrect. I've already stated that I hope the relevant servers are up soon. Can't feel sorry for people who can't take some measure of responsibility for a bad decision though.
  5. If liking a game makes me a fanboi then so be it. It wouldn’t be difficult for you to find out that I don’t blanket accept that bluehole are the dog’s bollocks. Of course, that would require some effort on your part but I guess it’s easier to just accuse me of thinking it’s ok for a corporation to take money from customers and then not deliver. Research is more than just reading press releases and patch notes. If the Xbox release was the first then you’d have an argument. However with all the press the PC early access has had, good & bad, you’d have to have lived under a rock to have missed it. If that didn’t make you think that maybe you should maybe check it out before you purchased it then frankly no reasoned argument will likely convince you. What you’re saying re Australia Xbox is truly low though. That I can’t get behind. That kind of advertising push is the kind usually reserved for full release games. That it was used to push an early access preview IS reprehensible. IMO, that should be cause to ask for a refund as the implication is that it would be playable in your locale. The Forbes article you link though is a pos. It’s written with the assumption that the Xbox version is a full release. Even in the article update he states that early access is no excuse for a game having issues and that console games should be held to a higher standard. What a crock. All games, at full release, regardless of platform should be held to the same standard. Early access is what it is. Don’t like it, wait for the full release.
  6. If that instance is not of their own doing. Buying an early access game, which has its issues, without doing the research and then bagging on the developers is ridiculous. unfortunatrly it seems to be a past time on these forums.
  7. Pubg'd

    You're lucky I guess. Not everyone suffers these issues. I have experienced it but it's by no means universal. I've not really experienced massive amounts of 'hacking' either but that doesn't make me blind to it's existence.
  8. Where to put xbox info?

    Just noticed some xbox topics have been moved to the 'General Discussion' forum...
  9. Pubg'd

    Being Chinese and outside AS is circumstantial. Quick google of the name and it's a surname so with a number suffix it's no different to one of my first email addresses. As main evidence it's laughable. 15 hits with barely any protection has already been explained as extreme desynchronising/lag - not unheard of on any regional server but seeing as he is out of his region this is the most likely explanation. Occam's razor. While there is no denying that there is a large problem with hackers - well, not really hackers are they? they buy the hacks, they are users - blanket accusations at each and every instance of something hinky is of no help to anyone.
  10. Your analogy is flawed in that in this instance there would have been a ton of negative reviews regarding the restaurant's other restaurant. It would be easy to see that there would likely be problems with the cutlery/service etc so it would be worth doing some research first. I will admit that Microsoft/Xbox live should have warnings about the lack of servers in his locality. Hopefully, considering when it was first available there were only NA and EU servers and now there is Asia, similar regions to the PC early access will soon be available.
  11. I'm certain I read that PU wants to give Erangel some love in the future. Reworking it to bring up the quality.
  12. You missed my point entirely. You bought a game on preview without doing any research and are pissed that it's not what you expected. It's not like it's difficult to do the research before hand is it? Knowing the issues this game has when playing on another region (PC and Xbox) there is no way I would have bought this without local servers being utilised. The only reason you could have for being pissed at anyone but yourself would be if this was a full release. This is totally a case of 'buyer beware'.
  13. So, you bought a game that has no local servers and are surprised that it doesn't offer a decent playable experience? And that is what qualifies as a 'shit show'? .......
  14. At the risk of sounding pedantic, the only person in this topic mentioning a headache was Quasispec in relation to watching a stream of someone playing it, not actually playing it. That aside, The logic that some people found it unplayable so therefore it isn't ready to be a preview release is the same as saying that the early access on the PC shouldn't have happened as a lot of people had issues they said made it unplayable. I will defend it as I enjoy playing it. I'll not sugar coat it because it has issues, as does the PC but as a preview release it is more than ready.
  15. Where to put xbox info?

    Me too. I mean, I prefer the PC version for sure but considering the xbox costs like £250 I don't think comparing the two versions helps much. It will take some getting used to the controller though