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  1. fobyac

    Mouse displacement issues

    Absolute star man! I was going mental I must have clicked 'OK' on the windows pop up wrt scaling without realising it. This has now de-throned the MS Word paperclip for most annoying 'help' function in windows
  2. fobyac

    So Pubg is coming to PS4 ..

    You mean the skins that have no benefit in game so there is no need to buy them at all if you don't want to? Same tripe was peddled when they released PC 1.0 and started development on the Xbox version. Oddly, optimisations and improvements to the PC gameplay happened as well as the Xbox development. Can you see the parallel yet?
  3. fobyac

    So Pubg is coming to PS4 ..

    Same could be argued of the PC full version and xbox preview. Full release doesn't mean finished. It means it's at an level they consider to worthy of full release. The development doesn't stop with 1.0 after all. End of the day the console variants are always going to be poor shadows of the PC version. Well, until they make a console that can be compared to a gaming rig. NB: Not a 'PC master race' argument, if I had the dollar I would have a PS4 as well as the Xbox and PC. Consoles just do some stuff better imo. Unfortunately, PUBG is not one of them.
  4. A VSS rampage is also rather satisfying
  5. This is better than a win in my book. Always brings a smile. Granted, the adrenaline kind of makes it the sort of rictus grin of the Joker from Killing Joke but still.....
  6. fobyac

    Why PUBG is Dying

    Split across 18 modes? That assumption is surely faulty. I mean, an even split between 3rd/1st and then solo/duo/squad is a bit of a reach. The same on the split across 9 regions. Assuming that everybody played in their own region (itself a crap assumption....) Then there would be a large disparity. half a million is still a lot of players, enough to justify the work they’re doing on the game. Not had a play around on the training zone yet but that has to wipe a lot of the negative posts from the forum. The cheating problem will always be there to some degree and compared to what it was it’s a lot better. Same with the desync, though playing on the EU servers I’m not expecting to hit the issues that seem to plague the NA ones. this game isn’t dying, it’s not increasing like it used to but it’s far from dying.
  7. fobyac

    Sanhok rewards - time limited?

    From what I can see the only time limit on the rewards are the bonuses to XP and BP earned throughout the mission timeline. No skins have a time limit.
  8. fobyac

    Dumping Good Attachements

    This I do all the time unless I don't have a DMR/sniper. The AWM is a great weapon but it is also really distinctive and if you haven't got a suppressor, to paraphrase Kelis, the sound of the shot brings all the plunkbatters to the yard
  9. tl;dr at £30 for the preview and no increase or need to buy a full version on full release I don't feel hard done by purchasing bits n pieces in game. The caveat here is that they really do not serve any beneficial purpose - in fact some have a downright negative impact (bright yellow tracksuit anyone?). The moment the microtransactions head down the road of pay to play/win, then it's time to move on Valid point but still, even as a dog shit early access it was the freshest thing to come along in an age. For £30 quid...…………….. Anyone remember BF4 full release? Absolute codshit for ages afterward and that set you back the best part of £50 BEFORE you paid for the season pass to get the rest of the maps, not counting pre orders. PUBG have made some bad decisions in the road map to full release, on PC as well as Xbox but they've made a lot of progress overall. I mean yeah, sometimes it was 2 steps back for one forward but you should have heard the furore when they put in their own post processing which effectively cut out the lower end pc's people were using.
  10. fobyac

    Level 30 Sanhok Pass

    meh, I don't think the levels have more xp requirements the higher you get. Granted I've not logged in yet, I'm going on the PC version. How long does the pass run for?
  11. Did they ever make an in game announcement regarding the FPP being fixed? I never saw anything and whilst it made the forum, most players don't frequent it. Hopefully now Sanhok has been released more people will come back and make it easier to get a game.
  12. I've bought a few bits on the PC and on the xbox. Normally I wouldn't bother but with what I paid for the game, (60 across both platforms), I've more than made my money back through selling skins on Steam. Outside of that, the amount of gametime I've had across both, from buggy early access to - let's face it - buggy v1.0 is ridiculous. Has to be 4-5 times as much or more than BF1 which was like a Chinese takeaway. Delicious but ultimately unsatisfying and leaves you feeling tarnished.....
  13. Should keep all your BP's and items already earned.
  14. iirc PC has no skins for the VSS, SLR, M24, Beryl, MK14, QBZ, QBU, or melee weapons (apart from the pan which has 3 I think. The target, silver plate and gold plate) Currently, (I believe), you can only get the gold and silver plate M416 by buying it at £9.99 each from within the game.
  15. fobyac

    camper or predator

    QFT +1