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  1. Character View Bug from Parachute

    Hi again! I discovered a new bug that I've managed to happen twice now. It all has to do with the parachute landing as far as I can tell. Basically what happens is a weird chute landing results in the third person camera being angled in a weird position, basically it latches a meter to the right of the character instead of where it should be. Notes: First person, aim down sight and vehicles seem to work as normally. But what happens when this bug occurs is that the camera attached to the playermodel is ahead of the player, so you can see through any object if you stand close to it. Computer specs: Intel i7 4790 16 gb ram AMD R9 390x2 Video: Hope you can fix this, 'cause not only can it be misused a bunch but also it's so awkward to play with! Hate it. //Esoeth
  2. Crash report - Doesn't work

    You can see the pictures of the crash reporter here: Edit: Theres three pictures you can scroll through.
  3. Crash report - Doesn't work

    Hi Caesar! My specs are: Intel(r) core(tm) i7-4790 CPU @ 3.60 HGz AMD Radeon R) 390x2 Win10 64-bit 16 GB ddr3 memory It haven't crashed again yet, even after around 20 games since I posted this. But I'll take a printscreen if/when it happens again. //Esoeth
  4. Crash report - Doesn't work

    Hi, I'm not sure if there already is a post regarding this, so I'll make one just incase. My game crash every now and then from various reasons - Memory leak being the main accuser. But today I thought I'd send a crash report - I got an error message regarding the software being unable to contact the server. I clicked it away to keep playing, but I'll update this post if/when I get a new one with pictures and such. //Esoeth