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  1. Bug Report: Crouch key binding "Z" keep changing to "Y"

    That's just it, I don't have Logitech's software installed...
  2. Bug Report: Crouch key binding "Z" keep changing to "Y"

    Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Where can this .ini be found ? Yes, it happens during play constantly.
  3. Bug Report: Crouch key binding "Z" keep changing to "Y"

    One thing I just realized... The G110's default settings for the special function keys maybe an issue here. Apparently G1 through G12 correspond to Function keys F1 through F12. Not sure if PUBG uses these keys or is some odd combination is forcing the mapping to be altered while in play.
  4. Bug Report: Crouch key binding "Z" keep changing to "Y"

    1) No... Using a logitech G110 keyboard but don't currently have Logitech's software installed or mapping / macros assigned. 2) No... I've found that in FPS games that mapped key are often very troublesome. Often its not worth the time to setup nor can mapped keys adapt to the battle as the situation changes. 3) Over the last 2-3 days, pretty much every day. Became painfully obvious while I started using the "alt" key more frequently to scan my surroundings. Please keep in mind that I've using the default setup for the key mapping. Note (1): Far as i know of Windows sticky keys have been disabled. Note (2): Razer Synapse (v2.20) installed for Razer Abyssus 2014 mouse. No macros or customizations assigned. Current settings: Acceleration "0" Sensitivity "400" Note (3): Using Windows 10 64bit
  5. Last four or five games I've played, the crouch keybinding of "Z" keeps changing itself to "Y". Once I've realize this has happened, I manually swap the keys back to their former state. Unfortunately, the why and how of this bug isn't obvious. Either this is a direct bug with the keybinding themselves or some other key combination is magically altering the defaults while I'm playing. (Frustrating as hell) Side Note: Saw earlier today that an an entire city was off in the water. (Rather just above it) This was located on the north/middle of the map and appears to be a graphical glitch of some sort. Should I see this again, I'll snap a screen shot and post it.
  6. States of EU's servers

    The dam potatoes make horrible routers.
  7. Weather and Night-/ Dusk fights

    As is, the game currently plays out as if its mid-day. On the rare occasion it might rain, which is nice for providing extra cover. Would it be possible to add more in the way of environmental challenges? Stronger weather effects and darker maps would go along way to adding to the immersion as well as providing cover. Thoughts and comments are welcome. -Smokewolf

    Nullscope, if your lag is that bad, how that fark are you able to play?
  9. why 3rd person in the first place?

    I'd much prefer to see 3rd person view removed from the game with the exception of spectator and kill-cams. 1) It's buggy. 2) It offers a point of view that's unrealistic.
  10. Hacking and Cheaters

    Most script-kiddies aren't rage hackers and tend to be discreet so not to stand out. Now that being said... In the almost two days of play I've had so far, head-shots are all too common place. Often I've been capped from behind a tree when there was no direct line of sight to or from the opposing player. Strong anti-cheat protocols need to be enacted while the game still has a functional player base. Please for the love of god, fix the games security issues. Otherwise It will be dead before full public release, that is unless you consider "early access" to be full release. In which case I'd expect the dev's to cash in and run. Followed shortly thereafter me finding a new home in the rubbish bin for this game. Side note: Beyond that It's total shit that someone can manipulate the in-game video settings to make enemies stand out from the back ground clutter. Had 2-3 people suggest this to me right off from the first team game i joined.
  11. States of EU's servers

    I've played this for a little less then two days and have seen enough head-shotting to know that there are a sh!t ton of script kiddies. Would love to see just once an FPS released that had strong anti-cheat technologies.