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  1. Test server now live with month two update!
  2. https://twitter.com/PUBATTLEGROUNDS/status/866903510624763904 https://twitter.com/BattleRoyaleMod/status/866950705818423297 You all ready? cause I am! Stunt time Moderator Edit Re: Monthly Patch/Test Server. Please keep sending crash reports via the Crash Reporter. If you experience any issues with the patch please use the forums. (This includes crash reporter failure) All Feedback is valuable. Thanks all! http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/40-test-server-bug-reports/
  3. taskbar location causes misalignment of cursor

    I believe it's only playable right now with the taskbar at the bottom and I believe this is a known problem by the moderators.
  4. If they were to do something like this it'd be cool to do it even with bullets in case you are running into a house and someone is in front of you, you can just happily whip them.
  5. Indeed, however I believe they will still allow you to see previous season stats however I may be wrong so don't take my word.
  6. odd rendering: dirt rocket

    Hello, LimelightCog. As stated by the moderator; It is a weird bug trail from the bike and that it's a rare find and they know about it.
  7. Check this topic as it may have some information for you.
  8. Check this topic as multiple people have been posting on that may be some information that could help you out.
  9. Hello, Peenoys. Multiple posts have been made about this and from most of them that I have seen It seems to be due to computer specs. In future use this template when reporting bugs;
  10. New UI For the lobby soon?