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  1. Failed reward crate

    Has not updated any games since yesterday and today. Not updating the few wins i have, top 10s , and of course, crappy games as well lol.
  2. AMD Users FPS Potential Help

    Likely that CPU of yours is bottlenecking. It's simply not gonna be friendly with this game at all. Unreal engine isn';t the greatest with AMD components honestly. but yes i get 100% gpu usage and around 20-40% cpu usage with my i7 6700. amd is far worse off than intel is but for those who have these gpus and a decent enough processor that it wouldnt bottleneck so severely, then this guide and info will likely be of more help. I have 2gbs for pagefile for applications that press for it. PUBG seems to utilize or favor pagefile a'nd probably surrounding the memory leaking situations. This day and age you dont need a pagefile going forward unless an application needs it and sadly it sucks that it might. In this case, its either something on the side of windows, the memory leaking, or the app itself the game wanting to utilize pagefiling. it is what it is.
  3. AMD Users FPS Potential Help

    I would recommend downloading DDU and uninstall the graphics driver and wipe it clean. run ddu in safemode though. then install etc. if you go back to radeonpro again, try not clicking on restart driver or syncing but only change the values then close the application. openj it see if the values still exist, and then restaert the computer and check again. sometimes and more often since it hasnt been updated for the new cards, restarting the driver might cause it to bug the druiver or corrupt the driver. Its a possibility in this case which is part of the risks of course. https://www.guru3d.com/files-details/display-driver-uninstaller-download.html Hope this helps and for those who may run into the same issue as well. If you still have problems and dont feel comfortable tweaking things then no need to bother. Primarily just tweak the few things I mentioned and anything else is at your own risk. Entirely up to you and your comfortableness
  4. AMD Users FPS Potential Help

    I am testing between default and not default right now
  5. AMD Users FPS Potential Help

    Do you mean what I was getting fps wise before compared to now? I guess I am slightly confused what you are seeking. I apologize for my confusion
  6. AMD Users FPS Potential Help

    ha did ya? cool man! now i recommend looking into underclocking and undervolting if you havent gotten into the realm of OC your gpu. if you have then you know all about this kind of stuff and im sure you did changes for OC only but non-ocers can still do it to see similar and often, very slightly better performance even. Hope this all helps and gets you more dinners.
  7. AMD Users FPS Potential Help

    No I never made any videos or wrote anything down. Simply relaying information from trial and error from different tech and nerd forums as far as solutions and getting more bang for your buck in games and performance. At least with I did, I have substantial fps gains compared to my friends who have the same card. I figured I would share this since alot of the AMD side of the community is feeling a little lost.
  8. AMD Users FPS Potential Help

    I can't actually edit the original post idk why. But i also wanted to add in the importance and discussion on AMD power limit and underclocking your gpu and the voltage. Sounds counterintuitive but tl;dr less heat, similar or better performance, cooler gpu etc. Tons of guides online about it at least. I recommend examining those as well. The reason I am mentioning the power limit and underclocking and undervoltage is because it has helped to solve alot of microstutters and stuttering and fps drops and thermal throttling that has been going on with AMD cards lately. At least for me, I have had very little stutters lately as well. I get 120-135 in fields at 1600x900 as of right now. starting island is 40-90. plane=30-50, jumping will have fps stutters sometimes but around 60-90. cities and towns around 60-100.
  9. AMD Users FPS Potential Help

    haha I apologize. I wrote this insanely fast but for that value just put 1. In game will honestly be different per system dont ever copy someone. use msi afterburner and use the in game overlay to see the impact on gpu and cpu and fps. alter your settings on that basis. It will be completely different per individual and their systems but for me personally? I gained an average of 20-30 fps.
  10. AMD Users FPS Potential Help

    It won't let me edit the post but there are individuals who have also went to global wattman and simply turned the power limit to +50 meaning 150% draw power to help prevent problems. This will use alot more power and electricity and will generate heat etc. Use your own risk and experiment if it will help with stutters as others have talked about at AMD.com
  11. AMD Users FPS Potential Help

    Some info about my computer: I7 6700, rx 480 8gb msi, 16gb 2100mhz ram Risks: You need to understand that attempting to make changes that I am recommending will not hold myself or anyone liable and you are to doing this at your own risk. Nobody is liable for anything that may happen in the unfortunate or unlikely event that something does. That aside, I have been encountering micro stutters and random problems as an AMD user for some time now. In fact, even with these changes, I still do but that has to do with the server and optimization on the server and client as well as the engine and game level that is beyond the scope of what can be fixed. Radeon settings: I am at 1600x900 resolution on a 144hz benq xl2411z monitor and I achieve 60-120 in towns, 40-70 in plane, and 70-120 in fields. This is solo mind you and squads may be a bit less but around the same. You should use MSI afterburner and change all of your in game settings and monitor changes when looking at CPU and GPU usage and FPS. For me, the game uses 100% of the gpu with spikes down to 0% which is probably an issue either with the game or a limiting factor of the card I havent researched into as of yet that maty be causing stutters for users as well. So I personally, found that effects and texture on low, everything else on very low has produced the best results for fps for me. I also use reshade but only for lumensharp, technicolor 2, and colorfulness. Lumen is less fps ding than adaptive and you can simply up the strength to get the same result. tech and color give vibrance and life. for pubg settings in picture. TURN SHADER CACHE OFF. Sounds counterintuitive but for this game, with memory leaking and issues surrounding the games use, i personally have found it is better to have it off and lead to higher fps gains. slight fps gains by messing with tesselation x16 and lower, and performance texture. launch options? Either nothing, or the following: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -high -refresh 144 -Malloc=system TBH, just useallavailablecores is fine. malloc is hit or miss. do not use -sm4 thats more optimal for nvidia users where as amd is better at newer direct3d anyways. ----------------- NEXT, and the main one, Nvidia has "pre-rendered frames" and people have been wondering about this for awhile now. AMD had a third party software called RADEONPRO which hasn't been updated since 2013. As in, for the most part, it doesn't work now. WIth crimson, there is no option to change what the AMD version was known as, "flipqueuesize." flip is pretty much a legacy command but i change it anyways. The focus is D3D. How do we change AMDs prerendered frames? By a registry change and this is why the risks come into play. Use at your own risk but I can tell you that it works for my rx 480 8gb and I notice lower input lag and higher fps in all games. http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?t=403389 Download the program. It is a registry changer. Tweaking anything else is up to you but thats even riskier. Once the program is downloaded, open the .exe. Click the GPU drop button menu and choose your gpu. Hopefully it shows up. It should at least. Go to the UMD tab. You will see default and current values. FlipQueueSize usually doesn't work but change the current value to "0x3100" NOW THE MAIN REAL COMPONENTS THAT IS MAIN3d Main3D_DEF "" Main3D "1" Main3D_SET "0x3100" Restart driver will restart the driver and flash your monitor. Your monitor will go pitch black once or twice and should come back. Always backup and protect yourself before doing so in case the driver flash causes prioblems. That's the risk. Otherwise, now you should feel more mouse responsiveness than before, and you should experience more FPS. Next but interesting option to consider: unparking your cores. Not necessarily something you need to do but those who want to experience with it you may. It wont damage your cpu and you can research why it wont if you desire. http://www.coderbag.com/Programming-C/Disable-CPU-Core-Parking-Utility This is your own experiment as well not necessary but might help. Naturally, set your power option to high performance. if you haven't. That is, your power plan settings. Lastly, this can actually be said for everyone, Nvidia included. PAGEFILE. Straight from an actual Windows dev himself, His name is Mark if you know who I am talking about, Pagefile is not necessary and is redundant to put to use if you have the RAM. Pagefiling is virtual memory and deals with your RAM disk or your HDD or SSD. HOWEVER, applications and windows still utilize it regardless for a few things. We are told two things: to either disable it completely or allocate around 1-2x your total system ram for pagefile use. Disabling is correct and acceptable to do. The only problem is that if any applications demand use of pagefile then you will be forced to use it. There are programs that do AND windows should have a small buit of pagefile not for RAM use but for crash dumping etc as well. In a sense, just allocate around 500mb to 2gb and you will be fine. If you have crashing of programs then up the pagefile slightly to allow those appliocations enough pagefile to utilize. I dont want to go in depth but pagefile increasing really comes down to commit charge %. Conclusion: disable ot allocate only 500mb to 2gb. Not worth being over those amounts 99% of the time. Of course: Update your AMD drivers at https://support.amd.com/en-us/download Hope this helps in the mean time until things get figured out.
  12. Waypoint Marker Improvements

    Yup, which is what I stated above. This will be useful with use and in consideration of the map marking system at this current time. Another simple addition: key based marker removal as well.
  13. Waypoint Marker Improvements

    Yup, I noticed a few others had ideas like this. I thought of a good solution for the entire aspect of it. I think it would be a very practical and useful addition to the game. You would only need this addition along with the current marker system and it would work out 100% well. I think that would probably finalize the entire marking system so devs can focus on other aspects of the game as well.
  14. Waypoint Marker Improvements

    The map marker system is working fine and it is useful. The colors are great of course. Here is a suggestion that I don't see other games do but in the case of this game, would be increasingly useful for squads and teamwork based games. How does it work? 1: right click mouse once to get scope. 2: aim your scope to a spot 3: click button that you designated in your controls to change your map marker to pinpointed location from scope. Why is this useful? To pinpoint enemies if need be. To locate or point out where a weapon or item is in a house. To pinpoint a location to move to. To give members directions and shot calls etc. This would improve the tactical aspect of the game and would improve teamwork aspects that, during difficult moments in the game, you don't have to bring up the map and risk getting shot in the head. I mentioned this in a popular discord and many said they like the idea. The problem is, do we limit it to only buildings? do we limit it to an "invisible laser" that would pinpoint the location? Im not a game art developer and I am unsure of how difficult this would be. From a game art devs point of view, this could be easily integrated depending on the system and coding they have in place. Let me know your thoughts. -trivenge, the coolest cat at the lunch table clearly