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  1. Sound direction still off?

    Are you sure you aren't hearing the crack of the bullet and not the gun itself? It can be quite disorientating.

    I disagree, currently playing in Estonia and there are NO LANDLINES in my town, I get excellent ping on all games, great dl speeds with a 4G router.
  3. Remove or "sledgehammer" nerf the rain

    If anything I would like a reduction in sound for the starting plane. I've woken my girlfriend up twice calling out tactics to team mates.
  4. Basic UI Tweaks & Community

    Hi there, Firstly, love the game and cannot wait to see your progress with how it is going. Below are some suggestions on some tweaks I would like to see to the MAIN MENU UI along with some basic implementations. Main Menu Inventory & Loot Crates At the moment, whenever I open a new loot crate I have purchased, I have to spend up to a minute straining my eyes or selecting loot to be able to see what I have received, if I have a new item, it is all well and good that I might notice that is what I received however if it is a duplicate of something I already have, it is a bit of a problem. Currently the number count is a very faded/transparent grey colour and it makes it rather difficult to see. What I would like is for either a *NEW* marker on the item, or a separate window showing up with what was inside the crate and if I would like to equip it. Party Leader Kick Option At the moment if someone leaves the team and forgets to...well...leave the team. Everyone has to leave to make another. An option to kick someone or something of similar affect would be fantastic. At the moment I do really like the fact that you stay in the team if your game crashes or return the game later and everyone is still as is. I don't think this needs to be changed. Stay In Group/Add Steam Friend Option I have found a few good groups and enjoyed our games when I match find in squad mode. If we forget to manually speak to each other and trade details over voice chat there is no way to find each other if the steam name is different from in game name. So the ability to stay in squad / add friends through the game client would be a great addition and make it easier to stick with people when you have had a good game. Thanks!
  5. Roger that

    I can't for the life of me understand what the hell you were going to do with that grenade.