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  1. The game hit 1 million players today

    Wow, that's insane! And I guess it will just continue growing Congrats to the whole Bluehole team! Good job =)
  2. And the new gun is...

    Looks nice! I wonder how it will feel.
  3. FIX your game

    First of, welcome to the forums! Secondly, how much RAM do you have, and are you running the game on a SSD or HDD? You could always visit the General Help section if you are experiencing any difficulties. Also, please remember that the game is still in Early Access and it is not yet fully optimized.
  4. What comes before n00b?

    Haha I heard JD right away when I saw your name! "Eeeeeeeaaagleeee!". Never experienced an eagle myself, but who knows, maybe one day!
  5. New Player

    Hello and welcome to the forums, Tyler!
  6. Energy Shield protection

    I agree with this! Interesting idea, but doesn't feel like it really belongs in the "normal" PUBG universe.
  7. Finally got my WWCD!

    Yeah I understand.. I will let you know! I rarely go for the solos though since I find them veeeery difficult! And I enjoy playing with friends a lot more, so there's that as well, haha.
  8. My friends say that I am too aggresive

    Welcome, Kashus! I haven't managed to kill anyone with the pan yet.. How many pan kills do you have?
  9. One Armed Gamer

    Welcome to the forums, Batler! Don't forget to share your videos/stream around here in the forums, it's always fun to see new people sticking around =)
  10. What comes before n00b?

    Hello and welcome to the forums, Eeeagle! (Is that a Scrubs-related reference by any chance? ) I'm sure you will get used to the mouse/keyboard setup pretty quickly!
  11. How many times have you won?

    Around 10 I believe =)
  12. Hello

    Hello and welcome to the forums, raxcium! In order to be able to post everywhere you have to reach 10 posts. Once you've succeeded with that you will be able to post a topic anywhere =)
  13. new player

    I do! Or well.. I did! Currently busy with other life stuff. But I hope to be able to sit down in front of a desk and play PUBG once more soon enough!
  14. new player

    You have to reach 10 posts in order to post everywhere. You are almost there! =)
  15. Are you playing anything else besides PUBG?

    I've been away for quite some time, amazing to see that this topic is still alive! Interesting to see and read all different kind of games you guys are playing! I'm glad some of you still manage to enjoy other games besides PUBG