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  1. Bug or hack?

    watch this clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/IgnorantUninterestedScallionTakeNRG
  2. Is there any hope of getting old replays out in any way anymore in the future? I've saved some good games, that i now cannot convert to videos anymore. Steam doesn't let me launch a non-updated game, so i was forced to update to a version that now makes my replays not be playable anymore. So now in this situation, is there any hope for something, like a conversion tool, or anything else that will make those replays ever be usable again?
  3. Holding fire while re-loading..

    My apologies! You are right, i just tested it again. I have previously tested this in order to see if it goes off in my inventory. But i did it in a car, so i guess the grenade did go off, but it was just way behind me and i didn't notice it.
  4. Holding fire while re-loading..

    It did go off before. Then people complained, and they updated it, now it doesn't. That's almost the opposite of an oversight.
  5. Holding fire while re-loading..

    Magically?? No, not magically, just programmatically. Like when you pull a pin off a grenade, and then you swap to your rifle, the grenade doesn't explode. A real-life grenade would, but the in-game one doesn't. There is no magic required for that, I 100% guarantee it.
  6. Squad members killing one deliberately

    That happens way more than it should in this game. But sometimes it's obvious that the 3 teammates i'd get, who end up killing me, are in a team and in their own Discord and i'm the only rando (it's evident either by their matching names, or clothes, or things they do). And it such cases the vote wouldn't go through.
  7. Holding fire while re-loading..

    He was referring to the game, not real guns.
  8. Fall Damage Immunity after Parachute

    You already know this is gonna turn into a bug, and there will be people with damage immunity for the rest of the game
  9. Since the game doesn't necessarily always let us throw grenades how we want to, e.g. you wanna throw it really far and really quickly (meaning you don't have to time to examine the throwing mode first), but instead the game throws it underhand just because that's how you threw it last time (which is a silly reason)... ...How about instead it goes like this: Clicking and releasing left-click throws it normally, while clicking and releasing right-click throws it underhand? The right-click by itself currently doesn't result in throwing the grenade, so you have to end up using both buttons, which is unnecessary, but furthermore it is slow, and also creates room for unintentional results.
  10. One instance of it: https://clips.twitch.tv/DaintyCrunchyChimpanzeeBCouch And another: https://clips.twitch.tv/BlushingEntertainingAirGuitarRitzMitz Judging by the first clip, a quickfix may be that the downed teammate repositions themselves... question mark? Maybe?
  11. I don't know if this has been discussed already, but anyway this is the situation that happened to me just now. I knock one guy I see another guy, shoot at him, and duck behind cover I get a notification that i have one more kill I get out of cover to loot (the second guy) because i think my shot obviously killed him He's actually alive and kills me, because my kill notification was just for the knocked guy who finally bled out. It's unclear in the chaos of fighting who died and why i get a kill. I feel like, at the very least, the notification for knocked guys bleeding out, could just be a different colour than red. But in either case, it does need to defer from "regular" kills, kills of people that i am actively shooting at.
  12. When we got to test the vaulting update, there were situations in which, while being behind an obstacle, i wanted to jump and shoot; but instead, my player would climb onto the obstacle in front of me, when what i wanted to do is a regular jump. Since we already have an option to dedicate a button to "vault only", i feel we should also get an option to turn off automatic vaulting on Spacebar. That way, we can completely be in control of what our character is doing.
  13. Themed servers (noir)

    Out of all the millions of players in this game, there has to be a LOT of fans of noir. And it wouldn't be far off to create it as a mode! Restrict guns to revolver, tommy gun, and kar98, restrict cars to only Dacia and boats, remove military backpacks, military vests, level 2/3 helmets, force clothes to tuxedos and suits, and force game colour to black'n'white. But together with this suggestion, there could be support for themes in general, and maybe there will be more ideas for really cool themed servers.
  14. #unknown

    Same here, happened today. I went to search if it happened to someone else, because I've never seen it before
  15. I don't know if other people would have the same problem, but for me it's extremely hard to understand (or call out) directions quickly, with the current compass. I feel like it would be much easier if we got an icon like this: Where the icon would rotate as the character does, and the top of it would always be the direction the character is currently looking. This way if someone is a little on the right behind me, I'll know it's the bottom-right thing on the icon, and I can read out what it says (N/W/S/E). I feel that's much easier than looking over at that direction to read what it says on top; or reading what it says first, then "converting" that to what comes on my right-behind... If you know what i mean.