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  1. Some of my kills get saved sometimes, and some don't... I don't know whose fault it could be, is it a Shadowplay issue, or a PUBG issue... I've had it happening only in this latest Test Server run. Does anyone have an idea for a fix?
  2. One instance of it: https://clips.twitch.tv/DaintyCrunchyChimpanzeeBCouch And another: https://clips.twitch.tv/BlushingEntertainingAirGuitarRitzMitz Judging by the first clip, a quickfix may be that the downed teammate repositions themselves... question mark? Maybe?
  3. I don't know if this has been discussed already, but anyway this is the situation that happened to me just now. I knock one guy I see another guy, shoot at him, and duck behind cover I get a notification that i have one more kill I get out of cover to loot (the second guy) because i think my shot obviously killed him He's actually alive and kills me, because my kill notification was just for the knocked guy who finally bled out. It's unclear in the chaos of fighting who died and why i get a kill. I feel like, at the very least, the notification for knocked guys bleeding out, could just be a different colour than red. But in either case, it does need to defer from "regular" kills, kills of people that i am actively shooting at.
  4. When we got to test the vaulting update, there were situations in which, while being behind an obstacle, i wanted to jump and shoot; but instead, my player would climb onto the obstacle in front of me, when what i wanted to do is a regular jump. Since we already have an option to dedicate a button to "vault only", i feel we should also get an option to turn off automatic vaulting on Spacebar. That way, we can completely be in control of what our character is doing.
  5. "Buy key" doesn't work?

    It is, yes. I actually already bought one key off the market place in the meantime, i still have one more unopen Gamescom crate, and the button still does nothing.
  6. "Buy key" doesn't work?

    I was trying to get my Gamescom crates open (had them for a while now). They say i need to buy keys, but when i click the big yellow "BUY KEY" button, nothing happens. I don't know if it was supposed to open a link in a browser, but it's just broken; or is there just something else i'm supposed to do, that i don't know?
  7. Are you implying you were hoping for them to ban someone who gets reported?
  8. I think this game is trying to not be too serious, and keep the appeal even when you're not feeling like try-harding. The pan is a good example of the meme side of this game. Because every once in a while you feel like having a meme game, and clothes let you have some fun dressing up, especially when you're in a team, especially when you're new. But it's possible that clothes are currently just placeholders, and will eventually do something. People have come up with some good ideas for clothes having purpose, and they could all come true once more important issues have been taken care of. After all this is the most popular game in the universe, it'll definitely keep growing.
  9. But playing safe doesn't get you a lot of kills. How do you guarantee yourself 6 "safe" kills every single game (or on average), without getting cucked by randomness in this type of game? I don't know, I'm just trying to draw conclusions from examples. I've found that (out of the streamers that i know of, and that i could then infer aren't cheaters) VissGames has above 6 kdr in solo. Does he get stream-sniped tho?
  10. Well then there's your answer - no you cannot. Because if one of the most skilled aimers, who is constantly getting stream-sniped by people who let him kill them for free, barely gets above 6, then regular non-stream-sniped players definitely won't. Maybe for the first couple of weeks of someone getting into PUBG with a brand new account from a game with a similar gun mechanic and while still caring about stats - sure, why not. But not in the long run, because the game is random enough not to let your own consistency give you consistent results.
  11. I understand what you're saying, and yes it would be ideal if the server would always be the one to validate everything. But that would then be exactly 100 times more heavy on the server's processor than it currently is on yours, plus all the other things that the server normally does, and you can see that your computer is already on the verge of running well. In result, the game would (maybe) be completely immune to hacks, but way more laggy.
  12. Did you mean bullet speed? Or bullet drop? Or both? And thanks (:
  13. Like with the recoil, and hipfiring, and ADS-ing, and leaning and all that? Which Battlefield would you recommend for most similar experience?
  14. I ran into this site: http://pubgdmgstats.com/. You can put any two weapons againts each other, with optional helmets and vests, to see what's stronger. The "winner" gets a chicken dinner icon to indicate the stronger player. But if you put UZI against the UMP (with no protection), it gives the chicken dinner to the UMP. Presumably this is because it takes less bullets to kill the player, because of bigger damage per bullet. But with the higher fire-rate of the UZI, if my calculation is correct, it would take 0.24 seconds for the UZI to fire its 5 body shots, versus UMP's 0.27 seconds to fire its 3 shots. They both need only 2 headshots to kill a player, so that is obviously also in favour of the UZI due to its higher fire-rate. So I need someone's opinion or confirmation on this. Shouldn't UZI be declared the winner here?
  15. Chuck Norris can kill the Red Zone. Chuck Norris can put an M16 on full-auto. Chuck Norris can carry 3 ARs. Chuck Norris can kill you with a smoke grenade. Chuck Norris insta kills you, even tho you have teammates. Chuck Norris can honk the horn on the buggy. Chuck Norris can shoot you underwater. Chuck Norris finds a level 4 helmet in every building. Chuck Norris performs stealth kills, by putting a supressor on his pan. Chuck Norris runs faster than speed-hackers. Chuck Norris was using vaulting in PUBG since July. Chuck Norris is the 3-time, back-to-back Blockbuster videogame champion. Bushes hide behind Chuck Norris. Chuck Norris gives energy drinks boost. Chuck Norris can shoot down the plane that drops crates. Chuck Norris swims faster than the boat. Chuck Norris finished a game with 101 kills. He killed all 99 players, the Red Zone, and the Blue Circle. If you try to flashbang Chuck Norris, you get flashed. And it lasts til the end of the match. When Chuck Norris runs out of AWM ammo, he loads it with 7.62.