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  1. I was thinking about Machine Guns as a new weapon class, (The one that's already existing is transfered to this class) They get different ammo (found in 50 bullets per stack) and some unique attachments. Balancing wise they would deal slightly higher damage than ARs but would have huge stability penalty when fired while standing. To make them viable they would get a bipod as attachment that you can place on objects in front of you or in proning position on the ground (like in Battlefield or Insurgency). Then you are very limited in you movement, but therefore you can fire with significant less recoil and with very big magazines (thats why I suggest 50 bullets per stack). When eqipped you run slower than with ARs and it takes long when switching into aiming down sight mode. I think the weapons would fill a gap for medium to long range battles espacially against moving targets e.g. people who are crossing open fields or vehicles because you can shoot in auto fire mode more precise and for a longer time than with ARs. You are able to unleash a rain of steel upon your targets or give supression fire so your teammates can flank them. But of course you are an easy target for snipers when you have you bipod deployed. What do you think of this idea or do you have any suggestions?