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  1. Quick (minor) fix for next update?

  2. My bad, pixel i'll read the rules.
  3. Vehicle idea 1- a vehicles only game mode where you ride with someone as a gunner or driver and they have unlimited ammo last car wins. NICE IDEA.- TURBO PROPELLED RACES.. MEGA- FLAME THROWER.. even if you kill your self.. COOL- DANCE EMOTES. TRY HARD- A plane that can catch ppl with its wing.. DOPE-BOSS HEALTH ULTRA-perks you can unlock after a certain amount of kills. HAPPENING- CREATIVE AUTOMOBILES.. Like a flaming paint job BIG TRUCK you can run ppl over easily with.. GREAT- A pair of gloves that grants you a mystery ability.. like lightning or fire.. or shadows from your hands..the item could be called player unknowns gloves Ending notes.. idk what you awesome guys over at player unknowns are working on.. but we wouldn't mind a zombie mode or MEGA BEAST HUNT MODE if you guys got it locked in the vault.. I praise you in this post You Masterful devs your game is lit and millions have and will enjoy playing it.. You guys can be great.. I know you can keep up the hard work on your Gem and may it be a true work of art by the end.. you guys can do it. We're counting on you. Much love and bless you guys Sincerely, AmadayusL