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  1. I have to agree, it does feel very repetitive once the novelty wears off. New maps will help at least, right now you can predict player locations towards the end.

    No such thing as camping, It's strategic waiting, there's a difference
  3. HTTPS for Forums

    What private information did you enter when you registered ? none, so what data can be intercepted that could cause harm to you ? Don't use the same password & username on multiple sites, zero risk at all, saying it's dangerous is a tad dramatic.
  4. To Reshade or not to Reshade?

    The pros are you can use it to gain an advantage.

    Impacting some players ? you mean all them who are not streamers and don't have access to server files
  6. New patch

    Never had a single crash, not even once, even though others i role with did .... until now
  7. Maybe because every PC is different, different operating system, different GPU models and even brand, so knowing what effects what is key to finding out. Me personally I have never once had this bug, some i roll with do though, I've never had a single crash, some i roll with do, we all have the same game version but different systems, see where i'm coming from ?
  8. He's using GeForce experience to keep the drivers updated, so it's all automatic and he's not clued enough to roll back, I can't be bothered to go over and do it for him.
  9. One of the guys I roll with has this issue, he also has a 1060 but with the latest drivers.
  10. Team Killing Penalties

    That's why we untick the option to have randoms join, that extra guy has no way to communicate. They probably think it's last man standing and think by taking you out it'll help.
  11. problem getting started

    TalkTalk, there's a reason they're so cheap .... My guess is you installed the disc that came with the broadband, so it hijacks the browser and detects the game as a website.
  12. False Hit Markers/Sounds

    I've had it a few times as have my mates, trying to find a connection as to the trigger, so far it's always happened after being shot and injured, as a fresh spawn or never taken damage i've never seen it happen, maybe that helps.
  13. Your first win

  14. The naked doctor

    I thought about a long wall of text but a picture paints a thousand words, my naked medic revived me at gun point.
  15. Car Only Game Now (Need Players)

    Tried to join last night, me and 99 others sat there for 10 minutes before giving up, the guy was streaming but must of been on another server.