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  1. GPU utilization

    I dont know what my GPU is running at. I have a GTX 1070 stri. Since a few patches ago, my fps will periodicly drop to 60 when alot is going on, like driving though a redzone with serveral squads shooting at us. Twice ive had random fps drops to 10-20, once while standing behind a tree, and once while i was texting while being prone in a bush in the final circles. Both times lasted 10sec at most, which absolutely could have killed me, but i actually think the game is performing very well for an EA game even if you compare it even to some triple-a titles, and i dont think the rant is really fair, it is after all, early access.
  2. Hard to really check it out right now since im on my phone while my 4 year old is "playing" ms paint. But it does look interresting and probably is something i would strongly consider using.
  3. The things you enjoy the most in PUBG

    Ive got another one related to this Seeing 2 or more squads engage and murder eachother, slowly moving up on them, having one guy lobbing serveral grenades at them while the rest cover all the exits. Guaranteed to have amazing loot after looting +8 other players, and that can completely change how you play the rest of the match
  4. You are not really supposed to get anything in them in the first place. I think i have 11 tanktops. Also the increasing price doesnt increase your odds of getting something good, its just a soft cap they added to how many you can buy weekly to avoid inflation, price resets every monday.
  5. Silent walking

    I think what happens is that you are simply too focused on something else, ive had people run up on me with an s12 out of nowhere, and i have often rushed people, expected them to know i was coming just to find out they are sitting with their back turned looking in some random direction. I sort of think theres a general issue with footstep sound and direction. In other games i would never think a person was further away than they were, i often find myself listening for footsteps knowing they are atleast a couple of meters away from me, suddently they are standing on top of me doing things with a shotgun.
  6. helmuts?

    Not even Helmut can protect you from the german engineering that is kar98k. I think im okay with Kar98k oneshotting everything but level 3 Helmut. Its as good for me as it is bad, atleast.
  7. first person only server coming!

    Theres nothing to understand. Its people basing their opinion on what they feel instead of comin up with something to back it up, the amount of ad hominem and tu qouque in your arguments are more than enough for me to know that you have nothing backing you up in any of your claims in this thread. I dont need you to agree with me. You like 1p, fine i dont care, but dont pretend that the reasons you stated are the reason you like 1p even make the slightest bit of sense, they dont and everytime that has been pointed out, you have felt the need to lash out at people
  8. first person only server coming!

    No ive read most of it I didnt find a single well written argument in that entire thread. Its just reddit doing reddit things, writing long posts without providing anything to back them up.
  9. first person only server coming!

    Me and juragamamanaga were arguing what was the most balanced and fair for everyone, you have not provided anything that make me doubt my statement even the slightest. Quite the opposite.
  10. first person only server coming!

    Quality argument there my friend, you really convinced me this time.
  11. first person only server coming!

    The defender has the advange all the way up until the attacker is close enough to use vision to gain knowledge, the defender can pop at any give time and take shots at the attacker. There are serveral ways the attacker can deal with this, he can smoke it out, he can continously lob nades at the defender, and outside of solos, supressing fire can keep the defenders below the crest until the attackers are close enough to either flank, or go balls to the wall with them. Both the attacking and the defending person/team has their advantage at different times, and knowing when you have the upper hand is what makes you win games. In first person, the attacking person has very little way of knowing that the defender is there in the first place unless they peek early. In first person, the attacker will not be able to use vision at any point to gain knowledge. They can still smoke it out, lob nades or use supressing fire, but it will be alot easier for the defender to just shift one meter to any side and take shots again at what has to be a stationairy attacker (who realisticly will be dealing with shots taken at them from serveral other directions by other teams unless its late game). The attacker will have no choice but to eventually rush down the crest, and hopefully look in the right direction when they do so to spot an enemy they can shoot at. In squads and duos, pretty much everyone has to do this at the exact same time, if 2 players jump down a crest with 4 people hiding behind it, they are going to die 100% of the time unless the defending team goes full potato aim. This can only make 3p more balanced, because it enables the attacking team who are already in a bad position, which they can be because they have been held up in fights earlier, bad rng or whatever, atleast a slight chance to come back into the game if they know how to tacle the situation. The defending team still has the advantage, and they should, they are in a better position and should easily be able to fight off the attacker, but the defending team does not automatically win the engagements because of pure situational RNG that allowed them to sit in that spot in the first place. The attacking team will be able to take that position from the defending team, if the defending team does not know how to handle the situation, and in that way the more skilled player always wins. Because being able to handle different situations is a skill learned by playing the game. So i completely disagree with you on this.
  12. first person only server coming!

    1p only: Only the camper has anything to work with 3p: The attacker has vision, the camper has vision AND sound. The attacker, nonetheless, still has vision to work with. Seems more fair to me, so im not sure what you are getting at
  13. Reset stats

    Wouldnt it be easier to have seperate sets of stats? Seasonal and just overall? That way people who care about stats have a better time tracking how much they improved since the last reset, and people who dont care can keep on not caring about it. From a competitive point of view i THINK this would also be a good thing, since only having one set of stats pretty much force you to keep doing one thing that works for you to reach top10 rather than try alot of different things to practise new stuff or just to have fun.
  14. first person only server coming!

    I can do both
  15. first person only server coming!

    I think 1p camping below the crest of a hill is biased towards the person camping, because he can sit stationairy while listening for foosteps of the "attacker" who has no way of knowing theres a person hiding down there in the first place. Camping below the crest of a hill doesnt give you any reason to peek at a person until you know for a fact, because of sound, that he is either BY CHANCE directly on top of you, or that he is to whatever side of you, in which case theres a good chance he is not looking in your direction. In either case the person camping is going to have the upper hand because he can use sound to his advantage, the person approaching can not-. If you pop your head up at a person approaching you when its not the most profitable thing you can do, you are not a very effective camper. And im going to play 1p aswell, ive said that serveral times. And i dont think im attacking anyones opinion, im pointing out that their arguments make very little if any sense at all when they want 1p to fix problems 1p cannot possibly fix. Also, North Korea is not exactly know for attacking other people opinions anymore than leading world powers who invade a new country every year to force a system upon them or to remove a leader who does things differently than they do themselves, quite the opposite, so i think that is a very weak argument (or diss?) I also dont think this forum is the place to argue over politics, theres other places on the internet you can do that and i would appreciate if you kept it outside of the game forum.