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  1. They could at least keep it on the same day of the week so the player base is at least prepared. Usually it's Wednesday, or Tuesdays, occasionally Thursday, and this time Monday.
  2. MrHappyPenguin

    Delay of action with perfect ping

    If there's anything blocking your movement the action won't happen. It's not necessarily a bug, but it needs to be optimized. Worst case with vehicles it can just spawn you a few meters in front or behind. It wouldn't be game breaking.
  3. MrHappyPenguin

    SKS - Wrong Compensator getting displayed

    DMRs (SKS, Mini, SLR, MK14) can use the AR and sniper comps. This is intended. They made this change a few patches ago to balance DMRs. I don't see the point to having the sniper comp. Snipers in this game are bolt action, recoil is a not an issue. Removing the sniper comp and increasing the AR comp spawn rate would make more sense.
  4. I've noticed the servers in general are lagging way behind. It takes roughly 500ms for my character's movement to update on my friends client. We both live in the US with less than 100ms to the NA servers.
  5. MrHappyPenguin

    There's Barely Any Hacking.

    TPP has the most cheaters, and solo matches have the most cheaters in both modes. Play squads on either mode and you're extremely unlikely to spot a cheater. Yes there are still too many cheaters for being a competitive style game, but it's not like in late EA and early 1.0 when every single match had multiple blatant cheaters.
  6. MrHappyPenguin


    The servers are lagging way behind. Most of my kills are registered AFTER I reload.
  7. MrHappyPenguin

    Application Error After Exiting Game

    Just got this error again, but this time it popped up while joining a match.
  8. MrHappyPenguin

    ping marker removed! thank you devs!

    It's just the vocal minority, the same type who complain about TPP when they don't even play that mode.
  9. MrHappyPenguin

    Sounds and Game Consistency

    You're right, I can clearly see where the pellets land. 1. 1 or 2 hit. 2. Miss. 3. 1 or 2 hit. 4. Railing. 5. At least a half hit to the face. And then you act like desync is fine.
  10. MrHappyPenguin

    Sounds and Game Consistency

    That last shot was mostly a headshot. At least half the pellets hit them in face, and they were already damaged from the previous shots.
  11. MrHappyPenguin

    is it better now?

    Why would you buy an SSD if you're not going to use it? The whole point of getting an SSD is for the fast reads and writes, let it sit there unused. The tiny amount of writing PUBG does isn't going to shorten it's life. You'll replace it long before it dies.
  12. It looks the same for me.
  13. Does ping prioritization not work on NA servers?
  14. MrHappyPenguin

    is it better now?

    The client sided framerate is better and there have been a few QoL additions that were desperately need. Overall it's an improvement, but server wise it's still a steaming pile of rubbish. Even fighting a player within your own region with less than 20ms ping from both players there's at least 500ms delay between them due to the wonky server code.
  15. MrHappyPenguin


    Na, they need to buff the ARs. DMR + SMG is the most versatile combo atm. A slight horizontal recoil reduction on all ARs would work.