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  1. This is a 1.0 complete game?

    This is what a not as greedy publisher would call an Alpha release. What happened was the game became popular too fast while still in EA. The publishers moved their focus onto what could make more money instead of completing the game. Crates, PAY ONLY crates, super rare cosmetics, steam trading, consoles. Next thing I bet will be paid DLC maps and paid custom server rentals.
  2. I think my issue is I'm more sensitive to fps drops, stuttering, and input lag than normal people. The slightest stutter and everything feels out of sync. This is with any game. I can barely play console games without feeling slightly sick from the input lag. Under 100fps feels laggy, and even a bit higher depending on the game.
  3. I'm done. None of the basics work. Often can't shoot because it's delayed, when you can shoot the game stutters, and if there's an enemy nearby forget it you're never going to be able to aim at them with the stutter. After the last patch the game freezes while joining every other match with a CPU core stuck at 100% usage. There has been zero proactive development in regard to cheating. All actions taken have barely made a dent in solving the issue. The only thing they care about are selling lootcrates to the Chinese. It's pretty obvious when they refuse to address the lag issue by implementing a ping lock or at least auto connecting players to the lowest ping server.
  4. Same problem for me. Seems as though the majority of the playerbase are happy with poor performance since this isn't complained about much. It's been this way all throughout EA and continues to be a problem. I like the game, but there's so many of these issues that should never exist in a full release game. If I drop in a low populated area I get 144fps, but the moment 1 ENEMY player gets within 100M or so it stays under the fps limit and stutters until I kill them. Teammates do not affect my fps, only opposing players.
  5. Frag grenade explosion moves your character.

    Still not fixed or even acknowledged.
  6. Kill feed inconsistently displaying kills and downs for teammates.

    Still not fixed.
  7. Input Lag When Attempting to Shoot

  8. Stuck on black back ground with white pubg logo screen

    So the only "solution" is a copy/paste bot reply containing generic PC troubleshooting steps that have nothing to do with the game. Computers don't just magically break all at the same time.
  9. Started getting this after last patch. Can't refund on steam either.
  10. Cheating Discussion

    Battleye should block pubg from loading if reshade is installed. So I guess this whole anti cheat update is a PR stunt, nothing more.
  11. Default Server

    Been this way for months.
  12. Cheating Discussion

    You have it backwards. TPP the customers in the restaurant are terrible but at least you can enjoy your meal occasionally. FPP makes you vomit on the floor every single time with the headbob, distorted camera, screwed up FoV, and completely out of sync movement.
  13. POLL: would you buy PUBG 2 today?

    Lets use our hopes and dreams and make a proper BR game. It only has to have less cheaters than pugb and it will be a major hit.
  14. POLL: would you buy PUBG 2 today?

    Only if it's not an early access game, with all features working as intended, no loot crates, and all cosmetic enhancements available at the start, as in none of this unlocking crap. You bought the game, you have full access. Also, only if it's a PC exclusive and does at minimum 144fps all the time.
  15. PUBG is poop without ReShade

    Just because you and everyone else have terrible eyes and can't see a single pixel doesn't mean the rest of the playerbase can't see. I haven't used reshade for a few months and never knew about the zoom feature. I'm for blocking .dll injectors since allowing any is an open door for cheaters, but at the same time I didn't see reshade as a major issue. That's all I'm saying, but there's too many egotistical players who can't take someone's opinion. There's much worse ways to cheat such as .pak editing which can easily be blocked by encrypting the file system, a built in feature to the Unreal engine. Bluehole should be focusing on this, not their next set of loot crates which you is what is really happening.