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  1. About changing UI and font

    This post is exactly how I see the new font. Huge and in your face.
  2. Feedback

    New posts within a short time frame are limited. Please wait 20 seconds before submitting. Forum editor is garbage. The auto formatting is a pita to use. Overall, I am unhappy with the current state of the test servers. Last weeks felt like an improvement and that Bluehole were going in the right direction, but this patch shows nothing has changed. Most suggestions from last week were ignored, and then new stuff has been added that was completely unneeded and hinders gameplay like HUD changes and weapon damage. Client configuration files are shared between the test server and live server. I use separate keys for vaulting and jumping on the test server, and disable the auto jump/vault since it's random what action it will perform. This also makes it annoying to test performance differences between custom configs and unmodified between the two versions. Since we cannot create our own custom servers, we cannot test the game. I would give a much more detailed reponse and most likely be able to provide a more positive review but when the only way to test is to hope you find X items it really takes away from the whole experience. We're playing on a test server in an early access game, but we do not have the tools to test with. We don't even have official stats for weapons and rely on 3rd parties to rip them from the game. Making sure everything is working as intended is key but we can't do that currently. The game is about to be released, we need a proper testing environment. Graphics: UI: Good: - New compass is easier to see. Bad: - Font is too big and out of place aesthetically. - UI elements are too big. - Items in your inventory are not to scale with each other. - The fullscreen map is garbage. Actually that's giving it too much credit. You can barely see the 100M lines and everything is washed out. - Mini map is even more washed out than the full screen map. - Icons on the map are too big. - Player icons positioned over top of teammates block your view and are unnecessary. - New health meters suck. I can't tell if a teammate has 74 HP or 76 HP. Display a numeric value instead. World: Good: - More trees, more structures. Bad: - Shadows are too dark. - Under saturated. Looks like a low budget WW1 documentary. - Unable to see details on any object. It's bright or dark, nothing in between. Blur: - EVERYTHING IS BLURRY! - Requires config edits just to be able to see. - Depth of field keeps focusing in and out, blurring objects I'm looking at. - I still can't see anything. - Seriously, this is worse than taking my glasses off. Client Performance: Good: - Way better performance than live. - Higher average fps than live. - Lower input lag than live. - Less stuttering than live. Bad: - Lower overall performance than the previous test server. - Overlooking large cities still causes stuttering. - The test servers always perform better than the live servers. Previousl patches the perfomrance increase did not transfer over to the live version. I have a feeling this trend will continue with how bad the last live patch went. Network/Server Performance: Good: - NOTHING. Bad: - Still the same old desync problems. - Constant teleporting/warping. - No ping limit implemented. Players can still abuse high ping. - Extremely low server tick rates. 30 tps is a minimum for any competitive game. These servers can barely do 7. Gameplay: Vaulting: Good: - I can climb over larger objects. - More spots are now reachable which gives more options for tactical gameplay. - Glass breaks when jumping vaulting through windows. Bad: - Animations are too slow. - Cannot crouch jump. Makes clearing small ledges extremely slow. - Can fit through windows obviously too small to go through. - One way only windows. Movement: Good: - Nothing. Bad: - Constantly bracing for impact after falling 1mm. - Bracing for impact when exiting a vehicle. - Climbing is sometimes impossible due to the above. - Still clunky and slow as usual. - First Person still has head bob. Weapons: Good: - New weapons? Bad: - Shotguns are still RNG cannons. - New damage system makes killing players even more RNG. Old system was simple and easy to learn while still rewarding accuracy. - New scope graphics block your view. Impossible to snipe with. - Weapons still jam randomly. - M16A4 should be able to use the 8X scope. Every other assault rifle can. The M416 model in game is the wrong weapon anyway. - Crate only new weapons. Impossible to test. Sound: Good: - Main menu music is a nice change. Bad: - Starting plane just doesn't sound right. It's too low. A muffled indoor sound effect would work better in this case. - Landing after parachuting is too quiet. - Vehicles Make too much road noise. Shifting makes way too loud of a clunk sound. - Weapons sound different but still wrong based on distance. - You vs another player shooting uses completely different sounds. - Zero directional sound processing. Every sound is hard left or hard right. - Redzone bombs are too loud and fake sounding from a distance. I live next to a military base.
  3. Great

    Here's my experience. With all the negative feedback I figured I would test it one match just to confirm. Can't even do that. Edit, finally launched but it took 10 minutes to send the report.
  4. Motion Sickness?

    It's the blur. No one in bluehole have ever played a video game. If they did they would never add this blur garbage.
  5. Bring back crouch jumping

    Have you played the Halo series? Seriously, you had a point, now you just sound crazy. Also, edit your posts instead of spamming the thread.
  6. Bring back crouch jumping

    Crouch jumping just at the right moment to clear a wall is a skilled reflex. You think bunny hopping in counter strike was intended from the start? No, but valve left it in the game because many players liked it and saw it as a skill. Now you're just making a fool of yourself.
  7. Anti Aliasing too much blur

    The AA in this game has always been a blurry mess for me. I only play with it only very low. They should add MSAA options or remove the feature. Reshade is available for those who want the filtering.
  8. Bring back crouch jumping

    Add crouch jumping as a feature. It's common in shooters and feels natural.
  9. V-sync locks your framerate to the refresh rate of your monitor. It has nothing to do with hitreg or netcode. They need to add a ping limit to the servers and add a cap to the lag compensation. The ping limit should be easy but the lag compensation is built into the unreal engine and not easy to change.
  10. That's what I'm getting at. With double barrel there's at least a clear indication that the rounds didn't load, but the other guns it's guessing game. I think it should be an automatic action when you switch to these weapons or after you finish the previous animation.
  11. 8X scope new lens design

    I hate using the 2X and 4X because of the thick reticle. It makes it nearly impossible to align your shots at range because the target is completely blocked. I wish I could use the old 8X reticle on all the scopes. If I could I would stick the old 8x on the UMP and Vector just for the clean visuals.
  12. Health Bar not turning red was a huge mistake

    The color was not the best indication of health to begin with. Show us the exact value in numeric form instead.
  13. Shadows are way too dark and unnatural, the current lighting on live is much better.
  14. But you don't even load a round until the entire animation and the 10 year delay after have passed. The moment you pull the bolt it should be ready to fire.
  15. Give us an In game option to turn off all blur effects.

    I understand most people are blind so the blur isn't visible to them, but for the rest of us it makes the game unplayable. Having the game constantly changing where it focuses is unnatural to how a normal human eye works. Your eye automatically tries to focus and strains because the game blurred the object you were looking at.