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  1. It's a good thing that you can switch shoulder camera position and thus being able to switch the crosshair from right to left position back and forth, as it is manadatory for the gameflow in 3rd person games. Now in Battlegrounds all players are righties and from the gameplay standpoint right hand corners are prefered to left hand corner, since even if you switch to the left position the characters weapon remains in his right hand. Thus the weapon peaking out faster on the right than it does on the left side. This creates a barrier for the gameflow imo My suggestion would be to equalize both sides, so the the weapon pokinghas the same timing on both sides. In games like APB: Reloaded or even ME: Andromeda characters visually switch the weapons between hands while switching the crosshair position. With this every corner would be equal and every participant would get left hand combat training, just as they recently learned to climb. Thanks for reading.