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  1. How to not die to the circle?

    I personally find that the easiest way to not die to the play area barrier is quite simple. 1. When the plane comes in and you jump, you ideally want to be jumping either close to the beginning of the approach or half way through the flight. Anything further than that and you do run the risk of have a play area that is far away, and if you are loot orientated (you don't want to leave a village without looting every building, and then the same thing for every village along the way) you are just going to get caught. As soon as the play area is announced, plan a route, loot on the way, if you're not too far away, don't rush but don't play a dangerous game. 2. Once you're in the area try and stay in that gap between the blue area and the play area on the map. Puts you in a perfect position to pop of stragglers if they pass you on their way to the play area. Don't start running to the white play area until the blue barrier has reached the half way point between you and where it was previously (a quarter of the previous distance when you placed yourself half way). 3. If you get into a gunfight and the play area is closing in on you, you need to be positioning yourself near cover originally. Don't be running around waiting in the open, nor run in the open towards the play area if you can really help it. If you do get into a gunfight, duck behind cover, pop a smoke and just run for the next piece of cover and return fire if you feel like it is safe to do so. TDLR; Don't jump too late, don't be a loot whore, plan your routes whenever a new play area is announced, always position yourself near cover.
  2. Weapon combination?

    A) M416A (4x Scope, Quickdraw Mag, Flash Hider) with a SKS (8x Scope, Extended Mag, Suppressor) with a P9 and a Pan (obviously, good old pan) Quite often only attach the suppressor when the play area is small OR if I am in a stealth mode B) SKS (8x Scope, Extended Mag, Suppressor) with a UMP45 (Holographic Sight, Extended Mag, Compensator) with a Pan (again) With a gillie suit if I can find one in a crate while playing C) Scopes (Holographic, 4x, 8x), Magazine (Extended), Barrel (Flash Hider or Suppressor) D) Float around the edge of the play area, catch stragglers who are running towards the play area from the blue and stay well hidden
  3. I love the cars in this game.

    Speaking about cars being "amazing" in PUBG. Take a look at my friend, driving through walls (I'm ATLAS-MEDIA) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWNKqlTONPM
  4. So Pre Built Weapons?

    It's a short range weapon because it's a 9mm ammo weapon. Are you expecting to hit a 500m shot with the P92 pistol?
  5. New patch

    What bugs are you experiencing that you haven't been getting before the update?
  6. Lvl 3 Helm

    Talking about the Level 3 Helmet, did anyone find that you would hardly find it and then about 4-5 days ago it suddenly started appearing all over the place. Was that just me or did other people see this too?
  7. Hi there, I'm Alex!

    You haven't heard of his Service Revolver?! It's a gem
  8. Comprehensive Controls List

    Learn something new everyday! Didn't know about auto-run or the zeroing distance keys!
  9. why 3rd person in the first place?

    Completely agree with you, but I do feel the addition of 3rd person is great for a tactical advantage point of view.
  10. Hi there, I'm Alex!

    I aim to please
  11. Hi there, I'm Alex!

    So hi, my name is Alex. I go by the name "ATLAS-MEDIA" on PLAYERUNKOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS so if you ever see me, be sure to say hello that would be great of you! (I'll say hello back, I don't bite.. all the time) I play the game mostly with a group of friends, playing Squads or Squads but only three of us. It's only recently that I have begun playing on my own Solo, and it's been going a lot better than I thought. It must be because I played in groups originally that must have helped, means I'm always listening out for footsteps / vehicles / gunshots / doors / fall damage etc. Main AR: M16A4 (2x Scope, Quickdraw Mag, Compensator) Main SMG: UMP45 (2x Scope, Vertical Grip, Compensator, Extended Mag) Main Sniper: SKS (8x Scope, Extended Mag) Main Pistol: "Grandpa's Service Revolver" Main Vehicle: UAZ (Roofed Edition, not the tent thing) Secondary Vehicle: Dacia 1st Drop Location: Bunkers (Grid F4) 2nd Drop Location: School (Grid E4) 3rd Drop Location: Field Houses (Grid E5)
  12. Short Range Vehicle Strategy?

    I have tried the tactic in question, in fact it is my usual tactic when playing in Squads (Four Players). We only usually do this when we have a Dacia and a UAZ (roof version), we normally send the Dacia in-front about 250/300 yards with a Shotgun Driver and a Submachine Gun UMP45 Passenger, the UAZ then follows behind with two Assault / Sniper Rifle Players to be the "cavalry" as we like to call it. Only occasionally has this ever gone wrong, the only problem we seem to run into is: 1) Dacia flips over 2) The people we are ambushing tend to shoot the Driver of the Dacia pretty easily All in all though it's a clever tactic.
  13. M416 or scar?

    When I first began playing, I used to drop anything I had to pick up the SCAR because it looked great and felt great to use. However after playing a good amount of games, and checking the Wiki (link), it appears that the SCAR is the lowest of the current game assault rifles. I find myself playing with the M16A4 most of the time now, can't seem to get onto the AKM.
  14. My Confession

    Your confession is also my confession
  15. why 3rd person in the first place?

    I must admit everyone that I play with all like the idea of the 3rd person view. Admitting, not all of them use it. Some of them say that yes its beneficial for example when you're going upstairs in a building and want to know if someone is upstairs or if you want to know if someone is around the corner of a wall. This does remove some of the "realism" that people like to say is in the game. Myself, I switch between the two - first and third person. I always shoot in first person, never in third, however I do use the third person when travelling.