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  1. Suggestion Remove the scope from the VSS and give it a scope attachment slot instead Buff VSS damage (possibly decrease RoF) Increase magnification of "VSS" scope to 5.6x and make it spawn seperately Air drops that spawn a VSS also spawn a 5.6x scope Increase magnification of 2x scope to 2x (is 1.8x) Increase magnification of 8x scope to 8x (is 7.25x) Reduce magnification of 15x scope to 11.2x (is 12x) Consider creating a 2.8x scope in the future But why? I like the idea of having magnification grow exponentially: 1x (Red Dot, Holo), 1.4x(somewhat pointless because of hold breath on Red Dot and Holo), 2x (2x scope at 1.8x), 2.8x, 4x (ACOG), 5.6x (suggested "VSS scope"), 8x (8x scope) and 11.2x ("15x") VSS is in a strange spot where it is a rather weak gun, but buffing it is a hard thing to do because it comes with a (very good) silencer (including subsonic ammo) and also has a scope on it. This way the gun can be buffed without being a "broken" spawn for normal loot. At the same time it is less disappointing to find one in an air drop. The rate of fire may have to be nerfed to prevent creating an overpowered CQB gun. Optional Red Dot magnification stays 1.0x, 1.4x with hold breath Increase magnification of Holo to 1.4x, 2.0x with hold breath Increase magnification of 2x scope to 2.8x
  2. Scope magnification

    Make the Holo x1.4 If new scopes are made consider creating x2.8, x5.6 and x11.2 instead of adding "skins" for existing zoom levels Reasoning: Suggested magnifications fit nicely between existing ones. Holo having worse visibility than the Red Dot makes it a throw away after 2min most of the time.
  3. Add "coat" to pioneer crate

    Of course not the preorder version, but the one that can be found everywhere.
  4. Add small airdrops

    Basically three options I see: a) The current planes drop some along their path b) drones fly over the area and drop them c) drones just crash and can be looted
  5. Add small airdrops

    Possibly barrels/crates dropped by the planes already flying or dropped by drones etc.
  6. Add small airdrops

    But why? I think additional risk and reward gameplay is good Slightly less action in the early game (smaller loot spots become more viable) More action in the mid game General idea more frequent than current airdrops no “special” loot, but high quality not as loud (no extra airplane) Possibly barrels/crates dropped by the planes already flying or dropped by drones etc. Possible loot table Level 3: helmet, vest, backpack Weapons: SKS, Kar98, Vector, VSS (with ammunition) Attachments: Silencer (SMG), Flash Hider (AR, Sniper), Scopes (2x, 4x), Ext. Quick Draw Mag. Pan (camo)