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  1. rain is loud. if the sound of it could be lower.
  2. and you don't get ban??
  3. By submitting the clip to bluehole, do you mean opening a thread in the report section or is there some where else?
  4. I already have recorded multiple incidents where I was killed. I reported them with video evidence more than a month ago, but with no replies to them, so I don't think they have any benefit. Yesterday's incident was recorded. The team told me to come to pick them with the car. When I arrived, they started shooting the car, I backed up, they continued shooting until the car exploded and I died. then, they told me, bye bye and took my stuff. is it allowed to post the video here with blurring the names?
  5. I will try discord server hoping I won't get killed.
  6. Is it me or lately team killers are increasing in their numbers?? In the last month or so, I am getting killed by my own squad almost daily. I don't know if that is only me or it is happening with all. Any thoughts?
  7. BattleEye Blocking XXXXX :(

    I have the same problem. I have deleted the file dxgi.dll and tried to open the game. The game opened but it said the servers are under maintenance.
  8. BattleEye Blocking XXXXX :(

    I have deleted the file d3d9.dll and the game is working now with no Reshade, but it is working.