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  1. Fix the damn broken game already

    when a game comes out in the the US, at a standard retailer it is going to be $60. PUBG came out at $30 through steam. I have been disappointed by a $60/30 title both but I have not been disappointed with my time and money investment in PUBG. My point was that in the US, PUBG is half the price of a "normal" game so even though its still in alpha, i wouldn't consider it a rip-off even if i wasn't thoroughly enjoying my time with it.
  2. Fix the damn broken game already

    also whats 30 "quid" in adult money?
  3. Fix the damn broken game already

    that would be a matter of perspective, I don't feel ripped off paying $60 for a game I feel is worth $60. PUBG is for sure worth the $30 i paid for it.
  4. Fix the damn broken game already

    in what world is $30 a premium? that's half the price of a standard full release title. the witcher 3 is 2.5 years old.....
  5. 7.1 headset

    I have a pair of old astro a40s with mixamp, i turned off the virtual 5.1 recently after reading through the forums and after a game or two of adjusting to the "different" sound i wont go back to V5.1 for PUBG. I loved it in the Battlefield series but as others have said, the game is built for stereo so running virtual surround just messes with the audio IMO
  6. Binoculars and C4

    also a former BF diehard. we will find a way to be asshats with traps and explosives, its what we do
  7. View of weapon in 1PP

    i feel like PUBG currently has a good spot for the "hipfire" firing mode, while the screenshots you posted would be a good location for the "shouldered" (hold right click) firing mode and then of course ADS is ADS. although i do like how the gun doesnt take up much of your viewing area, makes it easier to see what is going on in front of you
  8. Please, Get rid of RNG Loot

    you realize you are asking to remove one of the core mechanics of the game right?
  9. Assault Rifle Spawn?

    its so hard to tell in this game if its RNGesus or if its a loot table change. i did however loot all the apartments near school in a duo yesterday and an sks was the only long gun we found.
  10. i have noticed no change and am still doing just fine as far as kills/wins. quit beating a dead horse
  11. hyperbole much? asking for video proof of hacking/cheating is not shitting on the OP, its just requiring them to prove their claim. seeings how most of the claims of hacking/cheating are easily refuted/confirmed on video review, its not a crazy concept. i don't think anyone has claimed BE is a perfect system, simply that it is catching hackers so it is in some way working. could it be better? yes probably, hacking and anti-hack software are an arms race. new hacks are made and then the software is updated to combat that and then new hacks are made and the cycle continues. the only way to help this along is to record and report suspected hackers to BH so that they can expand their anti cheat systems. the same could be said of people who claim that they ALWAYS encounter hackers.
  12. agreed! maybe make the lootable clothes a whole different set of unique un-tradeable items separate from the reward crate clothes?
  13. someone else posted the idea awhile back that if you picked the item up ingame and then won with it, you had a chance to keep the item. i really liked that idea as it adds a nice little mini-game into the PUBG world. the downside being that someone who REALLY wants a piece of clothing is going to play like a bitch, the upside being the rage if you kill them hah!
  14. Straight pull bolt sniper attachment for K98/M24/AWM

    i think this would greatly alter the balance of the bolt actions. as it is right now the only saving grace to fighting them is that the ROF is low enough that if they miss the first shot or two you can locate them and begin firing back, increase the ROF and you make snipers even more powerful than they already are.
  15. Flippers as a solution to Military Island

    I'm really hoping they add a "gear/utility" slot at some point. give an option of maybe 4-5 items (binoculars, flippers, flare gun?, etc) and you can equip one to add some extra tactical choices to your gameplay. i think the flippers would go well here as it would give you an advantage to swimming but you then lose the option of using the other pieces of equipment. gear can be found rarely in the world or looted off other players like any other piece of equipment.