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  1. i would drop kick a bag of kittens into a pool of lava if the vehicles would turn themselves off instead of idling and rolling around all the time making a ton of noise
  2. i wouldnt mind seeing this as another gamemode, would change up tactics a bit if you had the opportunity to respawn later in the round. maybe tie it to an ingame item to call in "reinforcements" like a radio beacon or something OR have all the dead players drop from the care package plane and then they have to try and get back to their teammates with no gear
  3. NixonsHead

    Carrying teammate on your shoulder

    i would like this if they removed the ability to be killed while "down" and not being able to move while downed. that way if you get dropped your friend has to move to you and then if you are in a bad spot you have to try and move together by being carried.
  4. NixonsHead

    Grenade death distance

    hmmm, do the grenades actually shoot out pellets/fragments? or is it just a "within x range do y damage" (speaking about ingame grenades) because if its actual fragments that would explain the random damage, kind of like how shotguns damage is completely reliant on how many pellets actually hit and where
  5. I play with a group that mostly runs TPP while i prefer FPP. when i play with them i switch to FPP and keep it there and don't have any issues, i actually do quite well. firing in 3rd is less accurate and switching from 3rd to first takes time to adjust, someone running in TPP may get the drop on you by peeking a corner but they still have to be able to out shoot/maneuver you.
  6. NixonsHead


    hmmm not a bad idea, it could be either a slide intiated by a key combo, or just a static animation when the game senses you are on too steep of a cliff. let it have a huge reduction in damage (if it does any damage at all) and don't allow the person to fire while sliding. this would still keep the risk/reward of taking a hill. you can get down more safely now but if someone catches you sliding you are in trouble.
  7. NixonsHead

    Ambient sound

    thats how ambient sound works, your ears get used to hearing that sound and you stop "hearing it". it should be in the background barely noticeable unless you listen specifically for those sounds, which are still there. i think the change is much better, as someone mentioned above, it was like having a vacuum running at all times.
  8. NixonsHead


    hard pass, the last thing we need to do is add more calculations to the servers anytime someone fires a bullet.
  9. having people with different play styles (slow and strategic vs combat run and gun) makes the game what it is. if EVERYONE hot dropped and fought in cities then the games would be extremely short and intense. if everyone dropped in little towns and camped, the game would be very long and boring. the circle forces campers to move, if they are "good" at moving they can move into circle and continue to camp. if they are bad they get caught out in the open and get killed or least fired at by the aggressive players. which then draws the attention of other aggressive players, or the opportunist who waits for them to stop and heal and takes 1 shot and gets the kill and then goes back to hiding. (personal favorite of mine). the mixture of play styles all thrown in together is what keeps me coming back to the game, every choice could be your last in that round!
  10. NixonsHead

    Lean jumping

    it should be extremely dangerous to jump around in a tactical shooter, there is nothing tactical about bunny hopping lol
  11. i wonder if something like battlefield 1s "sweet spot" for weapon damage to range ratio would work in PUBG. for those who havent played - each weapon has a unique damage chart for the different ranges. currently the m16 does say 30 damage per round up to 100 meters (merely an example) a BF1 range chart might look like 10 dmg per round from 0-50 meters, 15 dmg per round from 50-75 meters and 30 dmg per round at 100-150 meters. an smg would have the opposite 30dmg per round from 0-50, 15 dmg from 50-75 and 10 dmg from 75+ or whatever you want the numbers to be. TLDR: make each weapon class the best for its optimal range, and progressively worse at other ranges the further away you get from that optimal range.
  12. yeah that is definitely a soft spot in my idea, taking out the driver would either make the car stop, or keep rolling without a way to stop it, either way if you knock the driver the car is out of commission. maybe that is why they decided to have knocked people fall out instead of stay in the car? that or let the car drive out of control, that at least would be humorous lol
  13. that might work, if they put in vehicle pen then when you get knocked your character just slumps over in the seat or something, and the vehicle has to be stopped in order to get revived. that would be a decent compromise. at least that way as long as the driver doesn't get capped your team can roll on and revive your buddy who gets downed. i just don't see how a squad in a vehicle will be able to survive another squad lighting them up with this new patch. Its already fairly easy to melt a vehicle if you have 4 AR firing on it. but now each of those bullets that hit the vehicle will also start damaging the people inside? nah they are just gonna get sprayed down and either get a vehicle kill or the damage through the doors will rack up awful quick. and do the bullets ALSO penetrate to the person in the distance seat? IE bullet goes through the door > driver > front passenger? how penetrating will the rounds be?
  14. Vehicles are already death traps, I don't see the point of this. if someone is close enough that you feel comfortable firing on full auto, chances are you (or your vehicle) aren't going to make it out alive anyway. if they are far enough away that you have to take slow careful shots then chances are you aren't going to hit them. or if you are you are a good enough shot to hit someone in a moving vehicle, you should be a good enough shot to hit them in the head as that is what we have been doing for months now. assuming armor and limb damage reduction applies AFTER going through a car, you're looking at reduced damaged from the vehicle as well as the reduction from the armor or limb that is being hit.