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  1. Binoculars and C4

    also a former BF diehard. we will find a way to be asshats with traps and explosives, its what we do
  2. Please, Get rid of RNG Loot

    you realize you are asking to remove one of the core mechanics of the game right?
  3. Straight pull bolt sniper attachment for K98/M24/AWM

    i think this would greatly alter the balance of the bolt actions. as it is right now the only saving grace to fighting them is that the ROF is low enough that if they miss the first shot or two you can locate them and begin firing back, increase the ROF and you make snipers even more powerful than they already are.
  4. Flippers as a solution to Military Island

    I'm really hoping they add a "gear/utility" slot at some point. give an option of maybe 4-5 items (binoculars, flippers, flare gun?, etc) and you can equip one to add some extra tactical choices to your gameplay. i think the flippers would go well here as it would give you an advantage to swimming but you then lose the option of using the other pieces of equipment. gear can be found rarely in the world or looted off other players like any other piece of equipment.
  5. i play mostly in squad games, i can think of half a dozen reasons to drop from a lobby that has nothing to do with the weather.
  6. Damage immunity in the blue...

    hmm i disagree, i would argue that in most situations that turned out "unlucky" there is a point in your decision process where you should have made a different choice or where the enemy made a better choice. yes luck is definitely a factor, but i think proper decision making holds much more weight. it may be bad luck that an enemy squad is running ahead of you to the same house as you to beat the blue and find cover.....or it may be that they made the right decision and started moving before you did. or that they spotted/heard you and decided to find a defensible position and wait it may be bad luck to be pincer-ed between two enemy squads.....or it may that one of them heard the gunfight you were having with the other squad and made a decision to come running. the thing i like about this game is that nearly all of your decisions can have game ending/winning consequences but you never know until that decision fully plays itself out.
  7. Challenges for BattlePoints Rewards

    I'm a huge battlefield fan and I love the medal system from bf3 and bf4. similiar to what you are proposing, you gained XP (BP in this case) for completing mini challenges and then in your stats it tracked how many times you completed these challenges. another layer that would be cool to add would be either unique gear reward crate that you get when completing a set amount of challenges, or some sort of patch/medal/emblem you could put on your avatar ingame to showcase what you have done. some sort of cosmetic reward to make your guy truly unique.
  8. Damage immunity in the blue...

    The whole premise of the game is the zone that punishes you when you have poor time management/awareness, your idea would limit the penalty of people who are "bad" at the game. take this as you will, if you are constantly dying to blue, you are bad at a key part of this game. if you somehow find yourself in a gunfight that you MUST fight in order to escape blue, that means you either planned poorly or the other team planned better. you also have a 5 minute headstart on how "lucky" you are in regards to circle. that means you need to make a decision ASAP on if you try and loot or look for a vehicle or start running. that may mean you spend the next 4 minutes running, but the "luck" of the circle is avoidable early/mid game if you are willing to sacrifice gear/loot
  9. Encumberance

    i love the idea of encumbrance based move speed. would add in some interesting tactical options if you are way behind on the circle and have to start dropping gear to run faster
  10. Pin Drop, My Location

    I'd really like for the pin system to be expanded in general. ideally being able to put down up to 3-4 pins per player that each has a number in it (green 1, green 2, red 1, red 2) so that mark an item for a teamate while still keeping a marker down for the next town/ enemy spotted location. its an ok system now, but could use a little polish to make it even more useful.
  11. Sprinting indefinitely and general ninja antics is bullshit.

    this is just a re-hash of the same old "gameplay vs realism" dynamic. concessions will have to be made in realism for the game to be actually enjoyable, unless you are specifically playing a hyper realistic simulator(which we are not). are you upset that the ammo you pick up in boxes is somehow stored in a backpack and then magically put into a magazine that you pull out of your ass to reload with? most likely not, you forgive the unrealistic nature of it because it makes the game actually playable. To me this is one of those things, i'm ok with my guy being able to run forever because you spend so much time running. I'd much rather see realism added in ways that ENHANCE the quality of life, as opposed to detract from it. having to stop every 2 minutes to walk to regen stamina sounds like a chore
  12. MAke pistols more useful in drive-bys

    hmmm, i would still take an smg or a rifle over a pistol when doing car to car combat. when youre spraying with smg/ar you are at least (hopefully) hitting the car and doing damage to it. pistols definitely need something done to make them useful though.
  13. Sprinting indefinitely and general ninja antics is bullshit.

    they are good suggestions, but i feel like you get into a cascading set of changes "change this, then change this to balance that, and then change this to balance that" it believe it ends up creating more work for no other reason than to make running more realistic.
  14. Sprinting indefinitely and general ninja antics is bullshit.

    the problem being that if you make it so you cant run as fast/as long and thereby giving no other option but to find a vehicle, and then add more vehicles to make that method viable, you remove the option/allure/risk of going on foot. its already pretty risky/stressfull going on foot sometimes, as you stated you can spend a fair amount of time running on foot if you get screwed by circle and vehicle spawns. while i dont "enjoy" this aspect of the game, i respect the fact that once you realize circle screwed you, you need to decide to loot or start running and or looking for a car. i feel like your idea would push it further into the "whelp time to find a vehicle and zoom across the map" as opposed to keeping running a viable option
  15. Sprinting indefinitely and general ninja antics is bullshit.

    then you potentially force a squad to grab a vehicle instead of moving on foot which is quieter and sometimes the better choice. cant have have a running simulator with slow running!! lol