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  1. djeff193

    Remove the grass

    I'm not sure what I'm writing in the right section of the forum ... I want to ask the developers 3 questions. 1 Did you know that many play without grass? there are many instructions on how to turn it off. I've seen even on a streamer player who plays without grass. 2 if you know about it, then why not release a patch that will change that file, where it can be disabled? 3 As far as I understand, turning off the grass threatens the ban. If I play (in duo or squad) with a player whose grass is off and he gets a ban, can I be banned for playing with him? I heard that if you play with random players in a squad or duo, and someone uses them cheats, then the ban can get the whole squad. Moderators, if I wrote in the wrong section of the forum, please postpone my topic. Thank you!
  2. djeff193

    Decreased the award BP?

    I write through an interpreter, I hope it will be clear. Previously, for Top 1 was given 526 BP if you play in squad. (Points rank the team.) Now for Top 1 in the squad was given 200 BP. (Points rank the team.) Look at the third screenshot! It shows that the place - 1 of 22. Proves that it is squad.