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  1. Reward for "TOP 1"

    For the "top 1", there must be a reward! Unique! Which can not be obtained by another way. For example, it can be a unique box. Or just a random unique item (even if it's a trifle) that you can brag about. You can make 3 varieties: For solo, duo, squad I think the idea was already offered. The idea is simple and seems very logical. I very much hope that new skins will be distributed in this way. But if not, I'll wait for it to appear. Still, "top 1" takes one person out of a hundred (for solo) and there is no reward as such. Thank you!
  2. Cheaters

    I do not want my favorite game to die because of cheaters! Shraud already suggested, raise the price of the game to 60 + $ Let those who get the ban for cheating, at least a lot will pay for a new account! Now the stolen account costs ~ 5 $. As far as I know, cheat + account is being sold for $ 20. Developers, I hope you understand that even if the new anti-cheat will fight cheaters, then the desire to earn money will force the cheats producers to develop new cheats! Just increase the price of the game and the demand will gradually increase! Because people will be afraid to lose their account. PS can not play now! Every fifth player plays with cheat! Look Stream!
  3. Remove the grass

    I'm not sure what I'm writing in the right section of the forum ... I want to ask the developers 3 questions. 1 Did you know that many play without grass? there are many instructions on how to turn it off. I've seen even on a streamer player who plays without grass. 2 if you know about it, then why not release a patch that will change that file, where it can be disabled? 3 As far as I understand, turning off the grass threatens the ban. If I play (in duo or squad) with a player whose grass is off and he gets a ban, can I be banned for playing with him? I heard that if you play with random players in a squad or duo, and someone uses them cheats, then the ban can get the whole squad. Moderators, if I wrote in the wrong section of the forum, please postpone my topic. Thank you!
  4. Decreased the award BP?

    I write through an interpreter, I hope it will be clear. Previously, for Top 1 was given 526 BP if you play in squad. (Points rank the team.) Now for Top 1 in the squad was given 200 BP. (Points rank the team.) Look at the third screenshot! It shows that the place - 1 of 22. Proves that it is squad.
  5. Awards / ratings

    I agree! This is not fair! Moreover, it is more difficult to win in squad!
  6. Awards / ratings

    1. I think many have already offered, but I will also offer ... In the game there must be rewards for winning! Any! At least visual! You must show off to your friends! At least on the warm-up other players should see how good you are playing! Could it be a stripe or shoulder straps? Which you can put on and everyone will see how much you are cool or remove and no one will know. But in any case you need some kind of surrender, you need some kind of challenge. 2. As an option, you can somehow differentiate the players, according to the position they occupy in the overall ranking. For example, some element of clothing that distinguishes players who occupy the top 30%, top 10%, top 1%, top 0.1% --- Now for a victory or for a good game you do not get anything other than self-satisfaction. I would like it to change!
  7. I'm from Russia and I write through an interpreter, but I hope you'll get me. Developers, please do not make the game easier! Do not do it for children! The complexity of your game is the reason for its success / popularity! You decided to add animation when dragging items. What for? Why not leave a few different types of picking up items? Those who have just started playing can click on F. Those who have more experience can press TAB and then click the right mouse button. Those who are even more experienced can pick up items very quickly by dragging. Why are you trying to simplify this moment? What will you do next? Will make the map more smooth? To make it easier to ride a car? To hide was more difficult? Can be added help with the aiming as in the GTA on consoles? Can you make the players highlight on the map? I beg you not to simplify the game! The game became semi-ill, not because of what it will be in the future, but because of what it is now! Do not make it worse! Thank you! PS This is the best game in the last few years!